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Fritz rotela


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Fritz rotela

  1. 1. Immigration Song by Led Zeppelin Members of the Team: Fritz IgnacioRotela Ulises
  2. 2. Immigration Song Led Zeppelin (1970) Ah ahwe come from the land of the ice and snowfrom the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. the hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands to fight the horde singing and crying: Valhalla I am coming! on we sweep with threshing oar our only goal will be the western shore. ah ahwe come from the land of the ice and snowfrom the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. how soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore, of how we calmed the tides of war. we are your overlords. on we sweep with threshing oar, our only goal will be the western now youd better stop and rebuild all your ruins, for peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.
  3. 3. This song is about the Vikings who moved tothe west of Scandinavia to look for newlands.
  4. 4. They liked fighting in hordes meanwhile they sang and cried.They were going to Valhalla (Valhalla was a big and majestic hall in Asgard*, where the Vikings who died in battle went; they were chosen by Odin, the governor of Asgard) The only goal for them was to arrive at the western shore. *Asgard was an antique city from the Nordic mythology.
  5. 5. The fields conquered by the Vikings were soft, quiet, and green.They wanted them because the lived in cold lands, with a lot of ice and snow. The Vikings conquered new lands fighting against the original inhabitants who lived in those lands. After that, they became in the overlords.
  6. 6. The unique goal of the Vikings was to arrive at the westernshore. They would not stop killing toachieve their target; so they said the local farmers “You have to stop fighting and start to rebuilt all your ruins”.
  7. 7. The final message of the song has a special meaning:‘’For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing’’, they sang. This means that you have to enjoy the day although the bad things, you have to put as little trust as possible in the future.
  8. 8. Historical Background - Vikings HistoryThe Vikings have a great role in the European history.They conquered a lot of regions as the British Islands, Normandy, etc. Throughnorth rivers they spread over the Baltic sea and Russia. eighth century ninth century tenth century eleventh century denotes areas subjected to frequent Viking raids but with little or no Scandinavian settlement
  9. 9. The Viking age: The terror of the northTheir brutal attacks around the world terrified all Europe. They sacked theLindisfarne monastery. Monasteries were the main Vikings’ objective becausethey accumulated a lot of possessions, food, and shelter. The first Viking expedition around the Mediterranean sea dated 844, when the Vikings set fire Seville.
  10. 10. The end of the Vikings’ age came with the fall of the king Herald the Ruthless, whodied on Stamford bridge battle in 1066.The actual stereotype of Vikings show them as blond or redhead, tall, and withbright eyes.The stories represent them as barbarians, bloodthirsty and with helmets with horns(because they were possessed by evil spirits).
  11. 11. ConclusionWe like this song because the Nordic mythology is an interesting topic. And we loveone sentence, one line of the lyrics most of all: the end of the song where we thinkthey tell us we have to enjoy everyday, day by day without worrying about bad things. References: