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CoverCat 20 Page Brochure 171113cc


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CoverCat 20 Page Brochure 171113cc

  1. 1. Specialist Coating Applications Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Internal and External Pipeline Coating
  2. 2. PROFILE Service, Hire and Technical Support w w w COVERCAT CoverCat is a unique brand manufacturer of specialist coating application equipment originally formed in 1984. Since 2011, the new owners of the CoverCat brand and product range are actively carrying out an expansion drive to new and existing clients worldwide. CoverCat has now opened a facility in Thailand and is providing a fully equipped range of machines for the PFP, Industrial Painting and Pipelining Industries from a new site in Rayong, Thailand and will service south-east Asia from this facility. Our aim is to market, supply and support the specialist coating application industry through a choice of agents and distributors and to create further strategic alliances with manufacturers of complimentary products. We are extremely grateful to our customers past and present for their support and it is with this in mind that we set out our product range for the future with new goals to further improve and expand our range of equipment and services. At the outset, in 1984, the company supplied Industrial Paint Spraying Equipment, offering both Sales and Hire options with the added benefit of on site or in-house servicing capability and this is still a valuable part of the service we provide. CoverCat designed and manufactured its first Original Equipment Design of Plural Component coating system in 1988 and created the name CoverCat for all future products. We now have a 30 year history and 25 years of Engineering design to support the client and dealer network. CoverCat provide a complete service to Spray Coating applicators and their clients by offering to undertake a wide range of activities for new or existing equipment: •Application Partnerships •Research & Development •Design •Manufacture •Testing •Training •Support CoverCat equipment is known and used world-wide by customers who require a reliable and repeatable quality of application for both high and low solids coatings: •Ship Building •Pipeline Renovation •Off Shore Maintenance •Petrochemical facilities The CoverCat range of standard systems are available either directly or through a nominated distributor. We are also represented by several authorised factory approved Agents. CoverCat is also experienced at producing special or unique systems designed and manufactured to individual customer requirements. We will always strive to recognised the need to be at the forefront of spray technology and continue to invest in research and development to create innovative solutions to meet our clients needs on a world-wide basis. Our new CNC manufacturing facility ensures this will continue into the future DEMONSTRATIONS, TESTING AND TRAINING CoverCat will be pleased to arrange demonstration equipment in Europe, Thailand and throughout South East Asia and also further afield worldwide by special arrangement. CoverCat is able to carry out demonstrations on site or in house. Please contact our offices to make arrangements. A comprehensive training program is recommended with the commissioning of any system. At each stage of the training course a large emphasis is placed on the importance of preventative maintenance. A numbered certificate will be issued to everyone completing the training course. •Installation •Conversion •Refurbishment •On-site Service •Hire/Rental/Leasing •Oil & Gas Industry •Water & Waste Water 2
  3. 3. CoverCat Factory Lining Equipment w w w COVERCAT CoverCat Pipeline Engineering has a range of standard designs of Internal Pipe-coating machinery. We are also proud of our design philosophy in utilising standard components from our range together with custom made parts and off shelf items from a wide variety of suppliers within the engineering, electrical and control industries. The range is extensive, from a simple 2 man operated in situ pipe-coating machine used in a domestic drain and sewer to large in-house plant with 120” (3metre) diameter and 60feet (18 metre) length tubular sections. The unique CoverCat Containerised Pipe Plant system is built into a set of 9 containers and is capable of internal and external blasting and coating or any combination of these. This may be linked into other CoverCat HMI Flow Monitoring equipment to provide a fully automated coating thickness and speed control with print out and download functions. The boom may changed to larger sizes to accommodate different coating head and specifications may be adjusted to individual requirements. A range of pipe handling and pipe support frames are available to allow manual or automated handling of pre coated and finished pipes as required. Coatings may be provided to the system from CoverCat Single and Plural Component Systems or may be adapted to existing coating plants 3
  4. 4. CoverCat Factory Lining Equipment w w w COVERCAT The CoverCat Pipeboom 600 (above) is a self contained drive and boom system capable of internal coating application in pipes from 2” (50mm ) to 24” (600mm) and upto 60feet (18metres) in length. Boom sections are typically 20feet (6metres) long. Larger sizes of pipe upto 98”(2500mm) are coated with the CoverCat Pipe Boom 1000 is a larger scale version of the unit above and is suitable for lining pipes in the range 20” (500mm) to 120” (3050mm) Our highly trained and skilled engineers work along side support staff and where necessary special sub contractors in assembly of our systems. The machines are linked into our CoverCat HMI Flow Monitoring equipment to provide a fully automated coating thickness and speed control with print out and download functions. Boom units may changed to larger sizes to accommodate different coating head and specifications may be adjusted to individual requirements. A range of pipe handling and pipe support frames are available to allow manual or automated handling of pre coated and finished pipes as required. Coatings may be provided to the system from CoverCat Single and Plural Component Systems or may be adapted to existing coating plants 4
  5. 5. A range of special coating application turbines are available to suit the in situ trailerr and lining rigs from 75mm (3”) to 1000mm (40”) Larger and Smaller diameter pipelines require other CoverCat equipment CoverCat IN-SITU SPRAY LINING RIGS w w w COVERCAT The Turbine head is connected to the Lining Rig through an umbilical hose assembly carefully constructed and Kevlar braided in lengths up to 750feet ( 250m) CoverCat manufacturers in-situ spray lining rigs to individual requirements for a number of customers and can offer the option of modifying, refurbishing or upgrading existing equipment for the application of various component products. For further details, contact CoverCat The Lining rig is controlled by a specially developed computer system using CoverCat HMI software with remote support by digital modem. The System and software is fully CE and DWI compliant. 5
  6. 6. w w w COVERCAT The only system in the world capable of coating internally around bends from 1.5D in sizes from 6” (150mm) to 40” (1000mm). The PipeSnake is an articulated self powered drive system capable of negotiating bends and climbing vertically up and down in complex pipe systems in need of renovation and repair. The system is remotely controlled and may be inserted up to 300feet (100metres) in to the host pipe through a series of bends and may even accommodate tapered sections., CoverCat 900 PIPESNAKE Articulated Snake with Multiple Drive Units for negotiating tight bends & inclines, fully reversible The Pipe Snake has been developed to fulfil the need for a pipe coating & inspection tool which was able to negotiate tight corners, in any direction, and able to climb and descend inclines. The PipeSnake and a new Pipe Mole are being made available as inspection and repair tools for areas of special configuration and where access may be a problem. The machine is designed to work in wet or hazardous areas. CoverCat Small Bore Lining We offer a number of systems for lining small diameter pipe in-situ within buildings and other sub surface work areas. Lining can be carried out in vertical and horizontal pipe and also in bends, tees and intersections upto 200metres (600feet) at each lining. The minimum pipe size is 40mm (1.75”)in straight pipe and 2” (50mm)with single and multiple bends upto 90 degree configuration. Combinations of several systems may be arranged. 6
  7. 7. w w w COVERCAT Small bore lining from 40mm (1.3/4”) in shorter lengths to 30mtr (100ft)may be carried out with the 202TP CoverCat 302TP Pipelining Machine Compact transportable lining machine for vertical and horizontal pipelining applications between 50mm(2”) to 600mm (24”) applications The 302TP is supplied in 2 main parts consisting of the pumping and metering unit and a winch and drum unit The plural component system can be used with either epoxy or urethane materials with gel time options from a few seconds to several minutes. It is designed to allow use with most high solids solvent free materials. The robust steel sub frame and aluminium structure is strong and secure and may be mounted in a trailer or bolted to a local support structure. A CoverCat HMI computer monitoring system is fitted to operate the system providing real time and recorded data for QA and QC purposes. CoverCat 202TP Small Bore Lining This innovative system for lining small diameter pipe in-situ within buildings and other sub surface work areas. can be moved easily and transported by a light commercial vehicle or trailer if desired. The minimum pipe size is 40mm (1.75”)in straight pipe and 2” (50mm) with 45 degree bends Hose length is 200mtr (600ft). The drum is sized accordingly. The standard hose is 40mm (1.3/4”) diameter and is heated to maintain material condition. There are multiple lining head options The 202TP may be easily transported in a building and has 2 x component material tanks with capacity for 50 ltr. (15USG) of material. A PLC controller is connected to the machine allowing an automated winch to control retrieval speed. 7
  8. 8. w w w COVERCAT The capability to line difficult section with only one end access from 50mm (2”) diameter and typically upto 200mm (8”). The machine is capable of coating internally around bends from 1.5D in sizes from 75mm (3”). CoverCat 102TP Pipe Coating Machine Fully portable manually operated Lining system. The CoverCat 102TP is a small portable machine which can be operated by 1 person. The machine is powered by a local electrical supply and uses only a 110V electric motor of 1kw capacity. The pumping system uses a hydraulic power pack on a separate cart unit with 2 material tanks for A and B component materials. The hoses assembly is upto 15mtr (50 ft) length on the standard system and may be extended upto a limit of 30mtr (100ft). Lining is monitored via a CCTV camera package supplied as part of system. Lining materials are ejected from the high frequency turbine and the still picture below taken with a special camera to show what happens to the material flow. CoverCat Turbine Lining heads 8
  9. 9. CoverCat 452F High capacity PFP application Machine CoverCat 350F, 450F Skid units and 351F, 451F ATEX PFP Units The original and popular skid mounted systems for Passive Fire Protection The CoverCat 351F and 451F System is skid mounted and comprises of digital temperature control and other higher level instrumentation for the most rigorous applications. These units are typically used on Offshore platforms and other critical locations. Hose lengths to 60 metres plus remote mix manifold •Easy to Maneuver and operate •Manufactured for use with heavy duty fixed ratio coatings •Air powered, hot water heated hose and flush •Avoids handling and manual mixing •Increased safety - no solvent addition •Improves mix quality and spray quality •All equipment on one cart unit •Single power cable from 3 phase supply •Lift Frame, forklift pockets and a 4 wheel cart w w w COVERCAT CoverCat produces the largest 450 series units for application of high volumes of PFP materials in the largest of fabrication facilities The system uses 3 phase electrical power at 220V or 400/440V ( to be specified). Hose lengths to 60 metres plus remote mix manifold Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Application Equipment Solvent Free Epoxy Intumescent Plural Component Spray A Component (Base) B Component (Catalyst) A Component (Base) A1 Pressure Tank A2 Gear Motor, 2hp A3 Water Heating Jacket A4 Temperature Gauge A5 Component A Metering Pumps A6 High Pressure Gauges A7 Over Pressure Relief Valves A8 High Pressure 3.2kW Heaters A9 Return Ball Valves A10 Feed Pump B Component (Catalyst) B1 Pressure Tank B2 Gear Motor, 2hp B3 Water Heating Jacket B4 Temperature Gauge B5 Component A Metering Pumps B6 High Pressure Gauges B7 Over Pressure Relief Valves B8 High Pressure 3.2kW Heater B9 Return Ball Valves B10 Feed Pump Metering System M1 CoverCat Metering Pump M2 Hot Water / Flush Tank M3 4kW Immersion Heater M4 Circulation Pump M5 Flush Pump M6 Hose Bundle M7 Mix Block Head M8 Static Mixer Tube M9 Spray Gun A3 A5 A5 A2 A9 A7 A7 B5 B6 B7 M1 M5 A8 B8 A6 M2 M7 M8 M4 M3 A1 A4 B4 B3 B2 B9 M6M9 A8 A6 M4 B1 CoverCat PFP System A10 B10 9
  10. 10. w w w COVERCAT PFP Equipment Detail CoverCat 450 Air Motor Hot Water Tank Control Panel Lift Frame Material Tanks Inlet Manifold Level Control High Pressure Heaters 34:1 Flush Pump Cart Mounted Feed Pumps Gear Motor CoverCat Y40 Yoke System CoverCat 350 Metering Pump High Pressure Gauges Heavy Duty Wheels 452F 352FX 352F 302F Metering Unit 450 (18”) 350 (14”) 350 (14”) 300 (12”) A tank (SS) 132ltr (35usg) 65ltr (17usg) 65ltr (17usg) 65ltr (17usg) B tank (SS) 65ltr (17usg) 65ltr (17usg) 65ltr (17usg) 65ltr (17usg) Feed Pumps 2 x 200/50 2 x 200/50 Separate 2 x 150/40 1 x 150/40 1 x 150/20 Max Distance 90mtr 60mtr 45mtr 30mtr Elevation 30mtr 20mtr 15mtr 10mtr Air Supply 300cfm 250cfm 200cfm 150cfm Power 380/440V, 3P+N+E 32A, 28kw 380/440V, 3P+N+E 32A, 26kw 5 x 230V 16A 380/440V, 3P+E 16A, 12kw 10
  11. 11. CoverCat 352F The CoverCat 352F System is compact, mobile and simple to use being most suited to small and medium sized applications and can replace Single Pack application where solvent addition would have been necessary. Key Benefits include: •Easy to operate and service with solvent free application and low wastage •Produced as a contractor friendly machine for fixed ratio PFP application •100 feet (30metre) hoses to remote mix manifold can be extended to 150 feet (45metre) w w w COVERCAT Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Application Equipment Solvent Free Epoxy Intumescent Plural Component Spray CoverCat Mix Ram And E-Mix Units Hydro-pneumatic mixer for Heavy duty coatings and PFP materials. Mounted on a cart unit with simple valve controls for mix speed elevation and operation. The E-Mix is an enclosed ATEX Rated version of the Mix Ram •Easy to Maneuver and operate all equipment on one cart with forklift pockets •Compact and portable with steering •Suited to many material applications •Increased safety - no solvent addition The unit with the simplest operation possible of our Plural component systems using hot water heater for materials tanks and hoses. Suited to most PFP materials with ratio changes made between 1;1, 2:1 2.3:1 and others very easily carried out. A fixed ratio displacement pump, 2 x heavy duty feed pumps and a 50 foot hose bundle with mix block gun and tip are included. CoverCat 302F CoverCat 352F X Cart Mounted Spray System Cart mounted system for larger applications. This unit is a general purpose PFP system and is used where up to 45m hose length is required. Feeding pumps are mounted on the main cart and a central control panel uses a single point power disconnect point. CoverCat 350 Metering pump, 2.3:1 as standard, 52:1 ratio and 6.6 lpm (1.8usg) at 15 cycles/min Cart Unit has forklift pockets and spill tray. A lifting frame may be added Stainless steel Tank have double wall cones 65litre (17USG) and have viewing windows CoverCat 352FX 11
  12. 12. CoverCat 302 range of Compact single gun units Compact Cart Mounted System suitable for use in confined areas The CoverCat 302 has been designed specifically for use where access in confined areas, through building access doors or walkways is required. Also used on Roof areas and on sites where rough ground is common. The unit is intended mainly for single gun application of a range of low to high solids plural component materials. It can be used with a remote mix manifold and hose extensions for fast cure materials including Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings. Heavy Duty and Multi Gun Spray system for Low Solvent, High Solids, Plural Component Paint Spraying with Multi-Gun capabilities CoverCat 352E The CoverCat 352 is a heavy duty spray system typically used in shipyards, heavy industrial or construction facilities where several spray guns may be used simultaneously from one unit. The machine may be used with remote mix manifold applications for fast cure and 100% solids materials. The unit can be placed upto 60 meters from the Spray gun(s) using umbiilcal hose assemblies in multiples of 50feet (15m). Paint supply may be 5 gallon (25Litre), or 55 gallon (200litre) drum. w w w COVERCAT CoverCat 302E CoverCat 452E The Bulk Supply Spray System High Solids, Plural Component Paint Spraying with Multi- Gun capabilities The CoverCat 452E is the largest most powerful plural component spray system made by CoverCat and has no equal in capacity or capability. A high volume, heavy duty spray system with cart mounted 55 Gallon (200litre) Component Feed drums. The System is regularly used in Shipyards and supplies upto 6 Spray Guns on individual hoses to 500feet (150 meters) from the unit. It has been extensively employed in Shipyards in the USA with great effect. The heavy duty cart with Lift Frame Option is highly portable. It is a self contained unit requiring only air and power supplies to enable operation. Typically cart mounted but also available on frame or skid mounting for installation in the clients own vehicle or facility. Fixed Ratio Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A standard range of products with upgrade options. 12
  13. 13. CoverCat 306VR A range of Adjustable Ratio Paint Spraying Machine CoverCat offers a fixed ratio Spray machine with a simple mechanical adjustable ratio using a cantilever yoke system. The ratio is fixed at all times during use and so provides accurate ratio control without the concern of any electronic or sliding scale adjustment. To change ratio between products simply release a clamp screw and move the pump to the correct pin located position and tighten the clamp screw. This means that operator error and other factors are virtually eliminated and a simple ratio test allows the system to be prepared for any new product. Various heating and hose options are available. Pressure Output up to 5500 psi (360 Bar) and delivery to 1.25 gallons (6 litres) /minute are achievable at normal stroke rates. CoverCat 206VR A small plural component machine for low viscosity materials w w w COVERCAT Specialist Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A range of productsfor specific applicationswith upgrade options. Similar to the 306VR though on a smaller scale the 206VR is ideal for smaller applicators not using high volume and heavy duty coatings. Typically these would be in commercial vehicle, aircraft and furniture industries. Again, as with the 306VR the 206VR uses a fixed ratio system with a similar adjustable sliding yoke system with pin positions for settings commonly used. Pressure Output up to 3500 psi (200 Bar) and delivery to 2.5ltr/ min. (0.8gpm) are achievable. CoverCat 300PW Pressure Washer ATEX and CE marked The ability to have a completely air powered pressure washer for use in special areas or where no electrical power is permitted is the ideal environment for the CoverCat pressure washer. We use our 300Air motor with a stainless steel pump assembly. The single piston unit has large intake valves and may be used with both potable and ground or surface water. It is ideal for removing waste and debris and has been used for cleaning offshore platforms with saline deluge water supply to good effect Pressure Washer Output up to 5500 psi (360 Bar) and delivery to 10 litres (2.5usg) /minute are achievable at normal stroke rates. 13
  14. 14. w w w COVERCAT CoverCat HMI Control Systems Integrated touch screen computer control and data logging system CoverCat has developed a computer control system for use in special applications and pipe coating to monitor and control equipment for ratio, temperature, pressure and other factors including environmental conditions, date, time, location etc. The system can be connected to any Plural component metering system of any type and will accept data from a number of instruments. Any pulse or analogue flow meter may be used though we do have our own recommendations. Upto 20 inputs of both digital and analogue may be attached and upto 10 output channels are available to control various function. In the case of Pipe coating this would be Ratio, pressure temperature, flow, thickness and variance. Alarm functions at 3 level and all input / output options are integrated. The system may also have a cellular modem and network compatibility connection to allow remote monitoring and service. Specialist Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A range of productsfor specific applicationswith upgrade options. The CoverCat Underwater Applicator has been developed for high volume solids coatings and has been successfully used on a number of high profile applications as part of the CoverCat application system. Underwater application of solvent free epoxy using a unique applicator with minimal waste and spillage 14
  15. 15. CoverCat Genuine Replacement Spare parts •Safety is our primary concern •Easy to install •Economical replacement costs w w w COVERCAT CoverCat Plural Component Hose Bundle assembly and Remote mix manifold with whip hose and spray gun and reversible spray tip CoverCat uses the highest specification wire and Kevlar braided hose with a 4:1 safety factor for maximum user protection Specialist Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A range of productsfor specific applicationswith upgrade options. We strongly recommend and support the use of Genuine CoverCat replacement spare parts and accessories. We offer Warranty of 12 months on all new equipment and spare parts and this covers replacement of any and all items which may be found faulty due to manufacturing errors or failure however small this maybe. We are very proud of our quality and will endeavor to achieve zero error but as with any equipment some faults may occur and we will do all we can to support this and ensure that this does repeat itself. Specially selected and quality checked parts and accessories for all CoverCat machines are always on stock for your continuous round the clock support CoverCat CNC Manufacturing In House Facility A well equipped machine shop with CNC and NC equipment including a HAAS VF3 machining Centre and a Dugard CNC Lathe. Manual machines include a Turret Mill and 2 Centre Lathes with additional equipment and tooling. All are operated by skilled engineers.. 15
  16. 16. CoverCat Projects A fully equipped CAD suite enables CoverCat to design and build new systems in virtual reality using sophisticated 3D technology CoverCat CAD Suite w w w COVERCAT Project Design and Concept Study A superb state of the art 3D CAD CAM manufacturing and design suite allows detailed analysis of all designs before manufacturing. Experienced and skilled engineers are able to quickly and effectively design and test new machinery whilst also monitoring existing designs. CoverCat offers the ability to carry out a concept study without the need to contact many suppliers for an integrated solution. We use our extensive library of systems and components and a wide experience of many years of engineering experience to construct concepts for the most cost effective solutions and subject matter in the coating and material application industry. 16
  17. 17. w w w COVERCAT Specialist Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A range of productsfor specific applicationswith upgrade options. Notes 17
  18. 18. w w w COVERCAT CoverCat CNC Machine Shop CoverCat Inspection CoverCat PDI and Testing CoverCat Assembly 18
  19. 19. w w w COVERCAT Specialist Plural Component Spray Coating Equipment A range of productsfor specific applicationswith upgrade options. A Few of Our Many Customers 19
  20. 20. CoverCat USA 5 Broad Ave, Ossining, New York 10562 Tel: +1 914 762 8700 Fax: +1 914 762 1202 CoverCat Equipment Limited Head office and design facilities located at Primrose Hill in Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, UK CoverCat holds a full range of components and a comprehensive stock of spare parts and consumable items for all CoverCat equipment for collection or delivery world-wide both direct to clients and through nominated agents and distributors. Combining all this, we offer On-site Service, Hire and Technical Support, Maintenance Contracts and also Operator Training if required. This represents a complete support package and one stop shop for our clients requirements in this specialist field of a highly technically capable industry. CoverCat Pipeline Engineering Ltd. CoverCat Pipeline Engineering Ltd was established in 2001 to provide a full range of pipeline coating equipment for new pipe plant applications principally for use in Petrochemical and Industrial sectors, providing coating plants with spray systems for both internal and external applications. CoverCat Pipeline Engineering has set about the task of designing new lining equipment which will reliably and consistently apply high quality linings in Factory applications. Fixed and portable installations are available. Our teams are all highly experienced and resourceful and will be pleased to handle your enquires however large or small. We offer cost effective and innovative solutions. In addition we offer our customers the option of modifying, refurbishing or up- grading existing coating equipment, or of converting equipment to alternative component products for differing applications. CoverCat equipment is available worldwide through a network of authorised agents and distributors w w w COVERCAT CoverCat Equipment Limited CoverCat Pipeline Engineering Limited Authorised AGENT /DISTRIBUTOR: CoverCat (Thailand) Co. Ltd., 50 Watchaklukya Road, Huaypong, Muangrayong Rayong, 21150. Thailand Tel: +66 (0)38 685 247 50 Tel: +66 (0)8 6415 8113 Tel: +66 (0)8 1940 9833 Head Office: CoverCat Equipment Limited CoverCat Pipeline Engineering Limited 5 Orde Wingate Way, Primrose Hill Industrial Estate, Stockton on Tees, TS19 0GA, U.K. Tel: +44 (0)1642 672 661 Fax: +44 (0)1642 677 130 20