How to train your dog to be obedent


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How to train your dog to be obedent

  1. 1. ==== ====How To Train Your Dog To be Obebent ====The rule for successfully training your dog to be obedient requires three main components:patience, consistency and positive reinforcement. Dog owners who successfully practice how totrain a dog have established a clear path of communication and thereby strengthened therelationship between the dog and the owner. One of the most important tips on dog training is forthe owner to communicate their expectations through repetitive practice. Training your pet to beobedient can be accomplished at home, at a dog obedience school, at a dog boot camp or somevariation thereof.The best approach towards finding the ideal dog obedience school or dog boot camp is to seekreferences from your community pet specialists such as your veterinarian or pet store employees.When considering enrolling your pet in some sort of obedience training program it is important thatthey are at least 16 weeks old and have received all vaccinations since they will be in anenvironment with other dogs. After obtaining references for positively reviewed dog obedienceschools or boot camps then owners are encouraged to observe a class. Dog boot camps referredto as kennel board and train often receive mixed reviews regarding effectiveness. Such bootcamps where your pet lives with the trainer for a certain period of time are sometimes criticized forbeing unrealistic in providing real world distractions that exist at home. Nonetheless, the methodused by the specific instructor is the best indicator as to how your dog will be treated and will beexpected to respond. Training a dog to be obedient should be performed in a manner that teacheshim the behaviors that are favorable without excessive punishment.Usually, dog obedience schools and dog boot camps can successfully train your pet to behavethrough the use of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement techniques used to train themare based on the concept that using motivation such as treats or praise allows your pet to connecthis behaviors with your expectations. Dog obedience schools or boot camps that base theirteaching methods on physical force or aggressive yelling should be avoided at all costs. Theconsistent practice of the positive reinforcement established while your pet is enrolled in a dogobedience school or boot camp should be continued even after the program ends. An important tipfor dog owners is to continually practice the training method used by the program instructors inorder to maintain the obedient behaviors learned.Dogs that have already developed unfavorable behaviors such as incessant barking, whining orstealing food can also benefit greatly from enrollment in an obedience school or boot camp.Instructors employed by dog obedience schools or dog boot camps are often professionallytrained to understand the underlying causes of disobedient behavior. Their approach towards howto train a dog is simply to understand that the your pet has needs such as companionship,exercise, food, etc. One of the most helpful tips on dog training is that the owner must assert theirauthority over the dog especially when the dog incessantly jumps on people. Training your pet tobe obedient is crucial in order to establish a loving relationship and it doesnt matter whether your
  2. 2. dog is a young puppy or has already developed disruptive behaviors.Training your dog to be obedient is crucial, try visiting & discoverdifferent dog training techniques the right way yourself at home.==== ====How To Train Your Dog To be Obebent ====