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A Trained Dog Make a Happy, Proud Owner


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A Trained Dog Make a Happy, Proud Owner

  1. 1. ==== ====Dog Training Made Easy - Sit,Stay,Fetch ====Dog Training Ebook Review - SitStayFetchSo being a Dog-lover I first came across SitStayFetch while browsing on Clickbank andSitStayFetch appeared to dominate the Clickbank Dog Training section! Its only major competitionwas from Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online - another quality dog training system, but DoveCresswells system only had 30% of the Clickbank popularity!And SitStayFetch is jam-packed with dog obedience training information, including how to solveover 25 dog behavior problems, real-life case studies, the best dog training techniques, an emailconsultation with the SitStayFetch team, and loads of photos that will help boost your learningFor the quite reasonable outlay SitStayFetch totally over-delivers with Bonuses! SitStayFetchextras include:Bonus - SitStayFetch Audio BookBonus - A Quick Guide to Dog AggressionBonus - All The House Training Methods & TricksBonus - Dog Grooming Made EasyBonus - Tips On Security Training Your DogBonus - Secrets To Becoming The Alpha DogBonus - Private Email Consultation to Help YouResolve Your Specific Dog ProblemsDo you have a generally disobedient dog?Does your dog embarrass you in public?Are you sick of excessive biting, barking, whining, etc?Are you sick of dealing with dog aggression issues?Do you want to know how to fix virtually any dog training or behavior problem?
  2. 2. Or, perhaps you just want the best relationship that you can possibly have with your dog...SitStayFetch covers dog obedience training fully and even answers your dog training questions,covering specific dog behaviour issues, like how to deal with a dog eating poop or digging or a dogthat is scared of the leash and much more! And SitStayFetch goes way beyond basic dog training:The Chapters of the SitStayFetch Ebook itself cover:DOG 101: Its A Dogs LifeA. Dog Ownership and YouB. Selecting Your Puppy or DogC. Selecting a BreederD. Dog GroupsE. Responsible OwnershipF. Review of DOG 101DOG 102: Caring for Your DogA. Bringing Your Puppy or Dog HomeB. Diet and NutritionC. Canine Growth StagesD. Toys for Your DogE. Safe and Fun Toys to BuyF. Choosing Your VetG. Review of DOG 102DOG 103: Training Methods RevealedA. Types of TrainingB. Secrets to Training Your DogC. Crate TrainingD. Obedience Training and Age
  3. 3. E. Selecting a Dog TrainerF. Review of DOG 103DOG 201: Secrets to Understanding Your DogA. Understanding Your DogB. Dog SensesC. How Dogs Communicate Using ScentD. Guide to Body Language and SignalsE. Guide to Facial Expressions and VocalsF. Wolf InstinctsG. Review of DOG 201DOG 202: Dog Problems SolvedA. Aggression ProblemsB. Aggression: Treatment for DominanceCase Study: Aggression with Strange DogsCase Study: Food Bowl AggressionC. Biting and NippingCase Study: Fear BitingCase Study: Nipping and Hand BitingD. Coprophagia (Poop Eating)Case Study: CopropohagiaE. Chewing and Other Destructive BehaviorCase Study: Chewing and Destructive BehaviorF. Digging ProblemsCase Study: Digging
  4. 4. G. DisobedienceH. Fear of the LeashDOG 203: Commands to StartA. Come (Recall)B. Sit Stage IC. "Okay" and "No"D. "Hold" and "Leave"E. "Sit" - Stage IIF. "Sit and Stay"G. "Down" (Drop) - Stage IH. "Down" (Drop) - Stage III. "Heel" - Stage IJ. "Heel" - Stage IIK. "Heel" - Stage IIIL. "Stand"M. "Wait "N. "Seek" (Find)O. Training ProgramP. Review of DOG 203DOG 301: Dog Whispering UncoveredA. Defining Dog WhisperingB. Dog Whispering: About the MethodC. Dog Whispering: InterventionsD. Dog Whispering: Corrections
  5. 5. E. Dog Whispering with Common CommandsF. The Trouble with Dog WhisperingG. Review of DOG 301DOG 302: More Dog Problems SolvedA. 2 Dogs in the HouseCase Study: Introducing a New DogB. AllergiesC. A Death in the FamilyD. Bad BreathE. Cat ChaserCase Study: The Cat and Car ChaserF. FlatulenceG. FleasH. Hot Weather and HeatstrokeI. JealousyJ. Jumping on FurnitureK. Jumping on PeopleCase Study: Jumping Up on PeopleL. Separation AnxietyCase Study: Separation AnxietyM. WormsN. Review of DOG 302DOG 303: Advanced Commands and TricksA. Advanced "Sit and Stay" Stage I
  6. 6. B. Advanced "Sit and Stay" Stage IIC. More "Sit and Stay"F. "Beg"G. "Fetch" (Retrieve)H. "Catch"I. "Shake"J. "Climb"K. "Crawl"L. "Jump"M. "Roll Over"N. Review of DOG 303I believe that SitStayFetch is probably one of the best basic dog training Ebooks on the internettoday, I would even go as far as saying that SitStayFetch is one of the best advanced dog trainingEbok resources! So I can highly recommend SitStayFetch to anyone looking to learn how tounderstand and have the best trained dog in the neighborhood!==== ====Dog Training Made Easy - Sit,Stay,Fetch ====