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Talking to teenagers


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Media Futures Conference slides. Philip Slade talking about marketing on social network sites like bebo. Brand advertised golddigga,

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Talking to teenagers

  1. 1. Getting on with teenagers Philip Slade
  2. 2. • From passive chavs • To empowerd teenagers
  3. 3. What makes potential golddigga customers so different?
  4. 4. Melissa (17) & Amber (18) Suburban, digital, speeding up Online & experiential Transport, Finding fun, Self expression T4, Bebo, Myspace
  5. 5. Our target is a friendship group* That matches the wide product range. That fits in with affordable media channels. That suits the social scene. Which adapts to calendar events.
  6. 6. Reaching across the range Melissa & Amber The perfect age. College & Work School friends I want to show New money, friends I still do some of the I am ready to things M&A do, just enter M&A’s not so often world New friends, New opportunities 14 17 18 24
  7. 7. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH GOLD. The acquisition stage of a teenager’s life: increasingly independent, spending money and acquiring possessions. Creating their own world Gold memories, friendships, places and ‘stuff’
  8. 8. Not hard to reach but hard to gain ATTENTION
  9. 9. We are guests in their attention span
  10. 10. Bore them and they will ruthlessly filter us out
  11. 11. Get it right & they will actively market to each other
  12. 12. Most ethnically DIVERSE generation
  13. 13. DIGITAL NATIVES 96% mobile phone ownership 15-16s
  14. 14. Don’t need manuals, they jump in, push buttons & make it work for them.
  15. 15. Consume more MEDIA a week than they sleep
  16. 16. Bebo is the most popular site by users & page impressions
  17. 17. Combined circulation of SUGAR & BLISS has fallen by 45% since 2005
  18. 18. Our consumers want fun together, they really really want fun and maybe just maybe, tonight could be the night
  19. 19. Moments for golddigga to own Anticipation
  20. 20. Leveraging key themes in the lives of golddigga customers - Friendship - Transport - A fun job - Self expression
  21. 21. BRAND EXPOSURE SUMMARY RECOMMENDATION • 946,032 (50%) friends exposed to skins 52.7m home page impressions 3.58m MPU delivery 3.56m Sofia’s Diary views CONVERSION • 3,901 friends • 74,984 views profile • 608 comments BRAND COVERAGE • 20,084 skins • Max cov/low freq: • Cov: 1.8m • Freq: 13.5 • Low Cov/Max freq: • Cov: 81,818 • Freq: 298 Source: Bebo
  22. 22. May to June 2008 It is estimated that 34.2m impressions have been delivered by Editorial Spotlight. 13.52m impressions against our target audience. It is estimated that 7.31m impressions have been delivered by Homepage Thumbnail to our target audience 3.58m impressions vs. target audience delivered via the MPU activity To date an estimated total of 28.02m female impacts aged 13 – 24 were delivered by Golddigga activity.
  23. 23. Ask permission Join in the conversation Keep to your subject Listen to what others are saying Offer kudos