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First stage pitch document for a luxury car brand

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  • Red Line Offers luxury Car Rental Services in Miami Red Line Luxury car rental has served 1000s of clients as well as hundreds of lifestyle luxury hotels, concierge service companies and travel agencies. Service with facility is paramount at the Prestige. Their quality first approach make sure that they provide the top level of service for their customer by providing their staff with incomparable customer service tools and training necessary to give their clients the very personal attention they have come to believe from world-class luxury vehicle rental company.
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    That are great. To be luxury is a kind of great experience.

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    If you want the fashion products. the luxury products low price please check

    It is time to make the dream come true.
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Luxury Car Brand Pitch

  1. 1. February 20081
  2. 2. Oh no, not another new agency start-up!February 2008 2
  3. 3. February 2008 Oh yes3
  4. 4. Only it’s not quite as simple as that Nick ran a media agency, but was also in partnership with Robert who ran an advertising agency who’d been working with PhilipFebruary 2008 who had an idea about a new type of agency. 4
  5. 5. So what is t7F London? An integrated agency expert in premium niche and challenger brandsFebruary 2008 5
  6. 6. What do we do? We are responsible for advertising and brand communications in both real and digital worlds, from creation We are a group of professionals based by Russell Square connected through to to a growing network of additional niche specialists. implementation.February 2008 6
  7. 7. A bespoke agency Working in partnership with a discrete number of brands and businesses that seek measured returns for a targeted investmentFebruary 2008 7
  8. 8. The difference We blend the skills of strategic media planning with creativity and the techniques required in brand activation. Which really means a group of clever and enthusiastic peopleFebruary 2008 focused on results. 8
  9. 9. t7F London brand values Curiosity Lateral thinking Contagious enthusiasm Fluid team working style Maven based passion forFebruary 2008 communications that work 9
  10. 10. Relationships • Robert Thackery has had SeaFrance as a client for 10 harman / kardon years, harman / kardon for Fresh & Green over 4 years SeaFrance West London Clinic • Our media planning team Bahamas Tourist Board Bonhams have worked with Bonhams HR Owen for 12 years, Their main Mentzendorff clients include 4 who have Prada fragrances been with the agency forFebruary 2008 Standard Life Investments more than 10 years 10
  11. 11. MAXjet: a 30 month flight From resizing someone else’s ad to realising £1Om of communications value from under £3m spendFebruary 2008 11
  12. 12. It all seemed so simple to begin with August 2005. Take an American agency’s work and re-size for the UK.February 2008 12
  13. 13. Then it all sort of snowballedFebruary 2008 13
  14. 14. It wasn’t just the cancelled flights, this small operation However the passengers were getting a rough ride didn’t have the ground staff to explain when things went wrong.February 2008 14
  15. 15. MaxJet, which offers nonstop all- business-class service between Washington and London Stansted, has sale fares of $999 round-trip for travel Nov. 1-Feb. 28; usual MaxJet fare starts at $1,749 round trip, and business-class fare on other airlines starts at $2,213. The sale fare must be purchased by Oct. 1; request promo code ANNV06. Info: 888-I-FLY-MAXJET. * = In December 2006 there were 942 active bloggers writing about MAXjet Not bad for business class travel between DC and London. Plus, no Virgin Atlantic laptop restrictions. Butcheck-in desk. Fast-tracked through security. A private lounge with food and drink So - was it any good. Oh yes! Quiet and peaceful then we engaged withavailable. And when we got on the plane, leather seats that actually can be hiked back to almost horizontal and still allow room for the passengers we had let down and person next to you to stand up and get past you. That’s right - stand up! And food served on china with proper cutlery! And great food as well. Fantastically cheerful cabin crew who seemed to be around offering something all the time. some of the negative bloggers*.If you live north of Watford and want to avoid the mess and nightmare that is Heathrow then I seriously suggest you check out MaxJet.SAYING They almost put the fun back into flying. Using a none corporate email So if you like travelling business class at an economy price then it might be time to give Maxjet a shot. 23 march 2005 style, coupled with what looked Maxjet, which operates transatlantic flights in and out of Stanstead, reported a 30% hike in average weekly sales during the past five days, with passengers originating in the U.K. making up a substantial percentage of the increase for travel in August and September. like pretty randomatgift giving, Anthony Garcia is Future posted 8/16/2006 02:18:00 PM - It was a fabulous experience and I told several people they needed to try it out. – persuasion.typepad.comSORRY Now’s Senior Persuasion Architect. the public mood changed… Anecdotally, this blog gets hammered daily with the search word “maxjet”. You would be amused to know by whom – BA, bmi, BAA, and yes even Virgin. What does this tell you?February 2008 posted at 10/17/2005 08:37:00 AM – Onboard my London flight from New York, I wasn’t disappointed. Inside the Boeing 767 cabin, customers could relax in wide leather , seats — only 102 of them — half the usual number of seats for the aircraft. Consequently, aisles are wide, walk-around is easy, and there’s nobody in a middle seat. It seemed there were more flight attendants onboard than usual, and one of them handed me a 15 digEplayer, my personal delivery system for more movies and music channels than I could ever consume in what is typically a six- to seven-hour flight. – ruth. a. hill
  16. 16. Readers voted MAXjet No. 2 International carrier behind Singapore Airlines. (Despite continuing cancellations)February 2008 16
  17. 17. Passengers understand when machines break down Just not when communicationsFebruary 2008 break down 17
  18. 18. We are currently working on a couple of very exciting new projectsFebruary 2008 18
  19. 19. harman / kardon wanted to connect with keen drivers of luxury cars on a regular basis. Being an OEM with Range Rover, Jaguar & Mercedes they had no product to sell directly. They needed a programme that would grow and adapt We’ve partnered with Top Gear to produce a series of advertorials and online content. The campaign centers around a unique web 2.0 site to launch later in ‘08. Programming by our partners in South AfricaFebruary 2008 Hosting via Fast Hosts ‘Music discovery interlinked with navigation via user generated content in a community of common 19 purpose - sort of’
  20. 20. Luxury Resort On behalf of a new exclusive resort destination we are investigating linked profiling amongst some of the Using our in-house capabilities most exclusive print and online TGI publications. MOSAIC, Experian, Acorn and CACI Mintel Our aim is to devise a Mediatel communication strategy that fulfils Nielsen competitive media the need to fill a new resort but BARB / DDS keeps the most discreet of profiles Have developed in-house bespoke systems for: Two of our 17 full time planners are working on this project Regional profiling and mapping Database analysis and interpretation Selection of individual messaging for highly selective micro-February 2008 targeting ‘REMU’ (the specialist response, evaluation and measurement unit) 20
  21. 21. Innovation Previously, Philip Slade was founder and Creative Director of Hicklin Slade & Partners where he helped set up two innovative eCRM programmes for Honda and The National LotteryFebruary 2008 21
  22. 22. Honda used to use cold lists for incentivised test drive communications. An increase in budget allowed significant data mining and analysis. A change from short term showroom traffic to lifetime prospect value. After 5 years there are 600,000 qualified prospects in the programme. The Civic Type R launch achieved a 21% open rate, a 40% click rate and an overall 8% response rateFebruary 2008 22
  23. 23. National LotterySubscriptions &Syndicates Previously Camelot had only mailed prison officers and oil rig workers. Analysis of work place and social groupings led to an exploratory DM & email campaign. Further recruitment advertising expanded the base. Geographic profiling influenced weighting, bizarrely Cheshire and Teesside. There are now 227,000 subscribers.February 2008 97% would recommend the service. Cost per sale reduced by 40% with a ROI of 10:1 23
  24. 24. February 2008 LUXURY24
  25. 25. Luxury brands satisfy an emotional desire with subjective intangible benefits. Trust Reliability DelightFebruary 2008 25
  26. 26. Towards Proactively lean customer needs intangible + Design new added values value Gain economies in communication via a smart Subtle intimacy eCRM Innovative retention system Random acts of communicationFebruary 2008 26
  27. 27. contact that interest us. Handmade. Automated personalisation doesn’t sit comfortably with luxury brands, embedded videoTrends in customer messaging is a very fine line, i.e. www.e-class- Real World. Digital brands reaching out to meet their users. i.e. and both running successful experiential programmes. Collaborative brands. Doing what you do best and February 2008 gaining kudos by recommending complementary brands. i.e Dorset Cereals > Boden > Scott Dunn 27
  28. 28. Advertising What can you expect from Experiential an eCRM programme email designed by us? Landing experience RSS An extension of customer relationships Improved delivery ofCollaborative information Third party sites Better customer knowledge & insight CRM endorsed Efficient cleansing of contactsFebruary 2008 UGC Rich deep site 28
  29. 29. Influences We really like Guinness CRM. Even though the calendar doesn’t change much the executions still delight - and keep winning awards We have long admired the Howies clothing brand and its multi-tiered communications We got really excited when we first saw Semapedia. Objects in the real worldFebruary 2008 become hyperlinks to the digital sphere. Hugely under exploited. 29
  30. 30. That’s us, what about you? How can we help?February 2008 30
  31. 31. February 2008 Extra bits31
  32. 32. Our agency by numbers Nick started AW Media in 1987 The 7th Floor Consultancy founded by Robert and Nick 2003 t7F london launched with Philip Slade 2007 5 strategic creative staff who sit in the same office as 17 media & data planners as part of AW Media Shared financial, office services and logistical supportFebruary 2008 32
  33. 33. Robert has worked in marketing communications for over 25 years. After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in English Literature, he joined Heinz as a graduate trainee in marketing. Robert Thackery After training with Heinz, Robert moved into advertising and worked for a number of leading advertising agencies including DMB&B, BMP, Publicis and FCB. He He is married, has two sons and was a board director at both Publicis and FCB. two dogs – in that order of precedence. In 1990, Robert started his own business in media neutral, multi-channel marketing communications with a personal focus on strategy planning as well as client interest management. When younger he gave his body to rugby which gave it back, but not necessarily in the same condition. In February 2001 the business he started was bought by and merged into a US communications group, Kupper Parker Communications. In March 2003, in order to concentrate again more exclusively on planning & strategy consultancy, Robert left Kupper Parker to form The 7th Floor 020 7843 9456 Consultancy in partnership with Nick West as part of AW Communications, the parent company of AW Media. 07803 945 147 Robert’s business experience – both UK domestic and international – is extensive. He has worked at a senior level in a wide range of market sectors and with a large number of major blue chip companies.February 2008 He cites his particular areas of business interest as travel & tourism, audio, retail, pubs & restaurants, wine, automotive & automotive retailing, and professional institutions. 33
  34. 34. Philip Slade I am extremely proud of the award winning output of Hicklin An excitable creative thinker Slade & Partners. We spent six years completely over-hauling the National Lottery’s image and marketing programmes, which included Camelot’s successful licence re-bid. I spent 2007 working with The 7th Floor Consultancy on their biggest account the all business class airline MAXjet. I also instigated and led Global advocate programmes for Diageo on the likes of; the agency’s relaunch as a specialist consultancy called t7F London. Johnnie Walker whisky and Tanqueray Gin changed the language used to promote those brands. Two years of I spent of 2006 as Group Creative Director of Pulse. Improving systems innovative DM for Honda won not only awards but also has & raising standards. Key clients: Diageo (Smirnoff and Bushmills developed into an extremely complex customer acquisition relaunches) Renault and Emirates global World Cup experiential programme. activity. Over seven summers I have arduously studied the bright things I came to The Pulse Group when Passion the ideas business I helped set of Europe in Ibiza refining trend prediction methods. I have up was merged in to create a new fast delivery high creativity agency. really enjoyed working on a wide range of campaigns aimed (it didn’t work!) at ‘young of mind’ consumers, from beer, to mobiles, to banking, During its short 12 months Passion won business from: Direct Line, Hed Kandi and Blackwood Distillers. I have strong views on creative standards, which I air across both marketing and mainstream press. Including Channel 4 Passion was my second agency start-up. News and BBC Radio. I’ve judged awards in the UK, USA and The first Hicklin Slade & Partners provided six and half glorious years of Ireland. I was made a fellow of the RSA in 2004. My blog blood, sweat and a lot of tears. ( covers the week’s thoughts. I had been Creative Director of two previous agencies; Purchasepoint Currently I sit on the board of the MCCA and have chaired (now Skybridge) which I hated and only lasted 18 months and IMP their awards committee for the last five years. (now Arc) which I loved, I stayed for four and a half years winning loads of business and awards, One of last year’s highlights was discovering my birth mother, gaining a brother and sister plus, to my children’s delight, an uncle who owns a I had my first break with a small DM agency in Soho working on carsFebruary 2008 chocolate factory. and whisky, areas I still feel passionate about today. But it was during four years at Saatchi & Saatchi that I really learnt how to be an art Hobbies: Alice (13) Jake (11) director. Plus relearning the use of a skateboard and failing to master a snowboard. Live in Clapham. Keen on urban living. I was lucky to be part of the large team that produced the British Love London. Airways campaign ‘The World’s Biggest Offer’ voted promotion of the millennium. Other successes for BA included re-launching both 34 Concorde and Club World.
  35. 35. Revolution Magazine article about our new online strategy for The West London ClinicFebruary 2008 35