A strategy for NOKIA


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This was my entry into '5 slides on past, present & future of the Nokia brand' Collaborate and grow. Focus on fostering the new innovators in developing and emerging markets. Become the seed of entrepreneurs.

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A strategy for NOKIA

  1. 1. A strategy tore-establishleadership to theNokia brandImages shown for illustration purposes only no rights claimed or offered
  2. 2. Nokia didn’t let anyonedown, the brand is justbecoming irrelevantOn millennium eve most of the developedworld called called their family on a Nokia.By 2008 Nokia technology drove localinnovation in developing countries around theworld from IED’s to M-Pesa micro payments.Now in 2013 consumers are moving onConsumers in developed nations sought emotion, Nokia offered rational.Users in emerging nations craved appropriate technology, Nokia had a fixedresponse.Nokia is significantly out spent in marketing and retail support in the US andEurope.Both internally and amongst its customers, the Nokia brand appears confusedand unsure of its purpose, however its technology continues to underpin theentire mobile industry.Image authors own,
  3. 3. Re-establish anemotional connectionbetween users andNokia technologyNokia needs a bold strategy, that can givemeaning to what the brand stands for.Nokia is the biggest corporation in Finland,with one of the highest qualities of life in theworld, with an engrained benevolent attitudeacross all aspects of its open society.InnovationEnterpriseFeaturesGaming?Sourcedinformation:GoogleTrends,YouTubeAnalytics,IABMobilereport.Pewinternet.orgTeensandTech13. Images shown for illustration purposes only no rights claimed or offered
  4. 4. Share with theworld theeffects of beingborn in FinlandFocus on the needs of developing and emerging nations;connectivity and universal access to the mobile webAim to become famous for connecting all peoples of theworld for the improvement of mankind. Stand for a tangiblebenefit. The Finnish Approach.Images shown for illustration purposes only no rights claimed or offered
  5. 5. Liberating technologyRelease open sourceelements of Nokiatechnology to educationfacilities. Nurturing thenew generation of digitalpioneers.Born in FinlandBrought up a humanistMarried to innovationBroadcast the power of Nokia technology to theworld by demonstrating what is possible.When you 1; open source it and 2; whenyou partner with local innovators.Producing the most affordable communicationaccess appropriate to each market.To free up resources, license brand to third partycorporation to lead sales and marketing in the USand EU. i.e. media company News InternationalThis shot National Geographic shown as illustration purpose only. No rights claimed or offered
  6. 6. Built fromNokiahttp://www.foreignpolicy.com Images shown for illustration purposes only no rights claimed or offeredEmbedded into the DNA of any educationprocess or structure, technological tools thatrealise the dreams of the new innovators