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Xmas Food in Venezuela


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Presentación realizada por los alumnos de 4º ESO de la Cooperativa El Salvador

Published in: Education
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Xmas Food in Venezuela

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS FOOD IN VENEZUELA Gladis, Amanda, Virginia and Eva
  2. 2. HALLACAS • It's the most typical dish food in christmas in Venezuela. • This typical dish has its own roots: 1. Banana leaf, used by Africans and Native Americans. 2. The Indian beyond the mass of yellow corn. 3. Inside, the Spaniards came to the pork, chicken, olives ...
  3. 3. They are cooked in boiling water
  4. 4. Dulce de papaya or Lechosa • It's a cold dessert made from green papaya and brown sugar. • The ingredients are: papaya, water, clear pan, sugar...
  5. 5. Buñuelos • These yucca balls are very traditional in Venezuela during Holy Week and they are fried in very hot oil. • Usually, they are served as a snack. Yucca