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Jerusalem - What the Zionists Are Doing… And Do You Know Why?

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Temple Of Solomon, Masjid Al Aqsa, Church Of Sepulcher, Church of Crucifixion, Church Of Ascension

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Jerusalem - What the Zionists Are Doing… And Do You Know Why?

  1. 1. Jerusalem Temple Of Solomon, Masjid Al Aqsa, Church Of Sepulcher, Church of Crucifixion, Church Of Ascension What the Zionists Are Doing… And Do You Know Why? (Deep Knowledge)
  2. 2. History Of Solomon (pbuh) Going back in history… Sulayman (AS) or (King Solomon), was responsible for building what is commonly known as the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON . Sulayman (AS) rule was different from other prophets in that Allah (SWT) allowed him to rule over the race of man, and the race of Jinn . Sulayman was tasked with spreading Allah's word i.e.: the belief and worship in ONE god. It came to Sulayman’s attention that groups of people in the land were still practicing magic and the occult. He ordered his guards to go throughout the land and confiscate every book, manuscript, tablet, or page that any occult or instruction to do magic or witchcraft was written on, as these TAUGHT people the practice of summoning spirits (Jinn). In Islam we know that this is haraam. Quran tells us that Jinn and Man must co-exist in parallel dimensions, but must not communicate with each other. Jinn are invisible, they can see us, but we cannot see them. There is no such thing as a “good” or helpful Jinn, because any Jinn that speaks/interacts with a human is directly going against what Allah commanded:  NO CONTACT. And so it is vice versa. So, on Prophet Sulayman’s instruction, they brought all books to him, and he then buried them where he thought they would be safest i.e.: no one could get / steal them.
  3. 3. Where did he bury them?? In the foundations of the temple, under his throne! He appointed guards known as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon (Knights Templar's) to guard the temple day and night. The Knights did this initially. When Sulayman (AS) passed away (May Allah grant him Jannah), The Knights discovered what it is they were guarding. They quickly realized the significance of this information, the practices and magic that they had at their fingertips. They stole it and began practicing. They moved completely away from religion and God, and immersed themselves under the power and influence of Iblees (Satan). Due to the nature of their rituals, they quickly became the most powerful and wealthiest people in the land. (Recent interviews with members of the occult confirms that Satan rewards his followers with masses of wealth and material gain in this world, provided they do whatever he wants them to i.e. spreading corruption, ungodliness and destruction on earth. Interviewees also said that Satan assures them, via his high priests and priestesses, that he is the real God – And that he is just misunderstood!). Subsequently over the ages, the manuscripts were smuggled into Europe, and the Knights Templar's took on the name “ Free Masons ” – With this new found power, they quickly spread this knowledge across the world, in the forms of secret societies – ALL WITH A COMMON GOAL: To serve their “God” Satan, and to prepare for the arrival of the one-eyed Dajjal, who is Satan's representative on earth. Their symbol is a pyramid topped by an “all-seeing” ONE eye! Please note that the ancient Egyptians also had the all-seeing one eye which they called the Eye of Ra , and the Eye of Osiris . Remember that the dark arts were learnt from the pagans of ancient Egypt . You draw the parallels!
  4. 4. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the back of the US Dollar bill – the all seeing one eye is there! Free mason symbology is everywhere. America is the worlds first Masonic state. There is plenty of research that support this claim, shocking evidence, interviews, genealogy etc. “THE SECRET” KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE WHICH THESE ILLUMINATI SOCIETIES CLAIM TO HAVE, IS IN ACTUALITY THE PRACTICE OF THE DARK RITUALS OF THE OCCULT.  This is the “secret” they are always talking about in “mastering your future, creating wealth by asking the universe to give it to you etc, being spiritual, not religious etc…,” – this is a direct opposite to Islam where we place our faith and trust in Allah (God) to provide for us.
  5. 6. So if the masons have got this “secret treasure” already   - WHY all the focus on destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa?   Well, simply put, they are preparing for the arrival of their deity “DAJJAL” (Anti-Christ).   WHAT ISLAM AND OUR PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) WARNED US   1.Well, in Islam we know the Dajjal is the false messiah. Meaning – he will imitate the true messiah in every way. The true Messiah, Hadrat Isa/Jesus (Peace be upon Him) will come back to rule the world from JERUSALEM . So that’s where the Dajjal will be arriving: THE HOLY LAND, JERUSALEM . He comes back to his home. 2.Nabee Muhammad (SAW) told us that the Dajjal was released into the world during his (Rasoolullah’s)  lifetime. Thus he has been on this planet since the time of Rasoolullah's (SAW). We were informed that Dajjal will live on earth for 40 days (one day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week, and the rest like normal days. Remember 1 heavenly year is equal to a 1000 human years. You do the math). This proves that he is a powerful Jinn, as jinn can live for thousands of years. 3. All prophets of Allah warned their people about the false messiah. 4.Our noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) informed us with a description of Dajjal and warned us to know that Allah is not “ONE-EYED”.. Dajjal will also have the word Kaffir/ Kuffar on his forehead. 5.The Messenger of Allah, Nabee Muhammad (SAW) also warned, that any Muslim upon hearing of the Dajjal’s “arrival” should turn his back and walk away from Dajjal, not look in his direction, or walk in his direction. Don’t be curious as Nabee warned that even the strongest in Iman (Faith) amongst us would be tested and could easily fall prey to Dajjal, as Dajjal is the Master of Deception.  
  6. 7. The Zionists refer to the land between the Nile and the Euphrates as “their promised land.” Dajjal is their king, and in keeping with their occult belief, they have to resurrect the original temple for him to take his throne. So where is this original temple of   Zionism ? Archeological and historical evidence proves the ruins of the original temple of Zion is underneath the temple of Solomon . Meaning Hadrat Sulayman (AS) knew how evil this magic is, that he built his MOSQUE OVER THE ZIONIST TEMPLE. Simply because people praying in that Mosque, worshipping one true God is strong enough to override any evil that happened there. THIS IS WHY THE ZIONIST WANT TO DESTROY MASJID AL-AQSA ! THEY NEED TO RESURRECT THE TEMPLE BENEATH. Its common sense, logic! The Dajjal is inherently evil – so he will not be able to enter any Paak or holy place. Meaning he cannot rule or enter any  mosque, where the worship of one true God takes place. The only place he can enter and rule from, is a temple in-keeping with his evil nature. Question, besides sending $4 Billion of American tax payer money (My tax dollars and yours as well) and Weapons of Mass Destruction, that is used to kill the indigenous people of Palestine (land Of Canaan), why is the U.S government in bed with israel? It seems like the world is turning against israel because of its war crimes against the innocent civilians, and this is also hurting us, the Americans, giving rise to extremist radicals from all backgrounds, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics against zionism. I don’t think the U.S government is allowing this holocaust to occur in Philistine because it believes, being mason and all…chuckles…in a force far more evil and deceptive…? I shudder to think so. I think U.S. government for the safety of its citizens, should and must divorce itself from israel, and the world is helping Uncle Sammy…What do you think..? I want to know. Research and think…and answer. Now lets move on.. 
  7. 8. The Israeli’s are digging under Masjid Al-Aqsa. They have openly admitted their intention to demolish Masjid Al-Aqsa and in its place “resurrect the Temple of Solomon ”. Archeologically and historically, we know that the ruins of the Temple of Solomon lie beneath Masjid Al-Aqsa. We don’t know how deep the excavations go, but its happening with every passing day. The situation needs no more silence! With ALLAH as my witness, Al-Aqsa, the first Qibla of Islam, is in DANGER.  
  9. 10. There are Jews that believe in one god – praying properly etc. Then there are Jews that are “ashkenazi”  and those that believe in the origins of the Jewish religion. Prior to Judaism, the people of that land were Zionist. They believed in Zionism, which has its roots in a practice called “Kabala ” (this is an ancient form of Jewish magic and is based on the principles of the occult and paganism i.e. believing in gods and goddesses as well as satan). This practice was learnt from the ancient Egyptians prior and during the time of Moses ( Musa AS Further research proves that what they actually worshipped was Jinn. Jinn come in 3 forms, as the Quran tells us – in form of dogs or snakes, birds or flying, and that which shape shifts (can assume the shape of a man etc) – look at the ancient gods or pictures of them and you will see what I mean… the Egyptian “gods” were in those forms…head of a dog, bird etc , same with the Annunaki ‘gods’ in Persia, and the gods worshipped by the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and other ancient civilizations. In all ancient paintings, drawings these Gods were all blue in color. The Quran tells us that Jinn is created from the smokeless flame of fire – meaning the essence of a flame. So go ahead and light a flame, and you’ll see that the heart of that flame is BLUE. Jinn also live for thousands of years and travel very fast (which explains why all the ancient civilizations had similar looking “gods” at least one of whom was blue). Muslims and Christians are awaiting the second coming of Jesus The Messiah . We also know that the Dajjal (the Anti-Christ / False Messiah) will appear before Jesus does.  Jews also believe in a “second coming.” They are preparing for it. However, the interesting thing is that the Jewish faith does not recognize Jesus (Re: Crucifixion of Jesus, PBUH and Ascension) Jews do not acknowledge Jesus at all. You fit the puzzle! If they do not acknowledge Jesus and don’t believe he’s returning, yet are awaiting a second coming…then who are they waiting for?? Yes…Dajjal.  
  10. 11. They love to glorify their one-eyed god…
  11. 12. Now get ready for some very heart breaking pictures of our Masjid Al Aqsa. But before, lets see what the zionists are up to. First structure developed by the zionists in front of Masjid AlAqsa.
  12. 13. Digging tunnel right below Cracks in Masjid Al Aqsa Dividing Line indicates Evil Versus Good and Pure.
  13. 14. Will Kill Dajjal Will dissolve like Salt upon Seeing Hazrat Eesa (AS)/Jesus (PBUH Hadrat Isa AS (Jesus the Messiah, son of Mary) Dajjal the Deceiver     The True Messiah The False Messiah/ Anti Christ Prophet of Allah Rrepresentative of Iblees (Shaytaan) Comes to restore faith and peace Comes to deceive and spread corruption Will never claim to be God Will say he is the Messiah, then say he is God Is to rule from Jerusalem Will rule from Jerusalem Is human Is of jinn origin but will appear as a human being Will  have two seeing eyes Will have ONE SEEING EYE , the other is closed and bulging Is not yet on earth. Arrival is preceeded by Imam Mohammed Mahdi Is already on earth. Arrived during the lifetime of Rasoolulah (SAW). Physical recognition of him will be preceeded by the fall of Masjid Al-Aqsa. Only then will people recognise him and his true identity.. Is a being Is both a being and a consciousness Will not perform miracles when he returns Will perform miracles in order to deceive people Will descend from Jannah, at the time of Fajr salaah, at the eastern minaret at a masjid in Syria . His hands would be resting on the shoulders of two Angels. Beads of fragrant perspiration gleaming like pearls will drop from his forehead. Will have the word Kufar/Kafir /Kafr on his forehead. Whichever way it is spelt, the pronunciation is the same, and denotes “disbeliever” All Muslims will recognise the word irrespective whether they are literate or not. Will travel to Jerusalem with Imam Mahdi . Will, and has, travelled around the world
  14. 15. What do you know about Masjid Al-Aqsa? Many Muslims and Non- Muslims publish the incorrect picture of Masjid Al-Aqsa out of ignorance What is worse than this is that many Muslims today, display the picture of the Dome of the Rock in their homes and offices, as it were Masjid Al- Aqsa. SubhanAllah !!!!! It has become a common mistake in the Muslim world. The real tragedy is that generations of Muslim children (as well as many adults) around the world, are unable to differentiate between Masjid Al-Aqsa and The Dome of the Rock.
  15. 23. So there you have it. Go over the slide again. What are we doing about it. You rich Muslims folks with your big mansions, marble toilets, silk laden beds, theater room, big freezers with fresh meats that could feed 20 children, you Muslims out there with your weekend get togethers and talking about world affairs and work and people, and you big bearded men and hijaab wearing women driving very big cars…wake up, make DUA, for everything is already been planned by Allah Paak. But Allah is watching to see what our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SWS Ummah is doing. What are we doing? I am the first to be blamed. Here, here are a few things we can do right away. Go and copy and paste the link (below) and do your thing, for our Prophet Muhammad SWS and for his Masjid Al Aqsa.
  16. 24. Film 786'' is a movie that Holland has made in which our beloved prophet(S.A.W.W), is made fun of. 60 million Muslims can destroy the economy of Holland by taking less than 5 minutes to forward this message so that we can answer Allah Subhana Wa Tala when He asks us what actions did you take when His most beloved(S.A.W.W) was made fun of? Denmark is Loosing. Hope you all know about the Denmark newspaper who made fun of our holy Prophet PBUH and till now they do not regret... let us make them regret for good....Get ‘em where it hurts the most. Bring down their economy. The Danish Ambassador, Prime Minister and Denmark National Channel; all are trying to do something just to stop the boycott by Muslims since last month through which their losses have reached 4 billion Euro . If we continue to boycott Denmark products 7 months more it could reach around 80 billion Euro's loss. What if PROPHET MUHAMMAD(SAW) ASKED YOU ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT,' WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN THEY MADE FUN OF ME ? HOW DID YOU DEFEND ME?' 7-up drink, LEGO, Cadbury chocolates, Hall Chewing gums or any product with barcode no. starting with 57 Now let us all do our part any way we can. Asalaamelekum.
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Temple Of Solomon, Masjid Al Aqsa, Church Of Sepulcher, Church of Crucifixion, Church Of Ascension


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