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Social media report

  1. 1. Social Media ReportTo try and find the magic formula to get more followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  2. 2. I looked at the Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn profiles of the following companies: Carrot Digital, Digital Gurus, Cranberry Panda, Enigma People, Excelsior, Fill Recruitment, October, Gemini Search, Source, Major Players, Twist or Stick, Preferred Choice, Web Recruit, Zulu Bravo
  3. 3. Twitter: 9000These are the stats for each 8000company’s twitter accounts. 7000 6000There is no correlation 5000between the quantity of 4000tweets and followers. Tweets 3000 Following 2000 FollowersThis chart doesn’t take into 1000account how long the 0company has been onTwitter.
  4. 4. This chart shows the average number of followers Average Followers per Month for each month the company450 has been Tweeting.400350300 This gives a more accurate250 view of who is the most200 successful.150100 50 October are in the 0 lead, having only been on Twitter for four months. They have the highest number of Tweets over all, beating some companies who have been using Twitter for years.
  5. 5. October vs Fusion People•Personal updates on what the team •Lots of hashtags, makes it lookis up to automated•Job vacancies with clear details •Every post is a link•Interesting links and quotations •No personal or fun updates•Sense of a real person behind the •No job vacancies being advertisedtweets
  6. 6. Facebook 35 30Average number of likes for 25each month the company 20has used Facebook. 15 10Web Recruit has an average 5 Average likes per monthof 254 followers per month. 0 Fusion People October Source Cranberry Panda Web Recruit Zulu Bravo Etica Excelsior Fusion Trades Carrot Digital Gemini Search Major Players Twist or Stick Preferred Choice Fusion Training Hillman SaundersI have also included theFusion People accounts sowe can see how theycompare.
  7. 7. Are Facebook, LinkedInand Twitter advertised onthe companies’ websites?Red boxes mean I could notfind an account for thatcompany.Major Players and WebRecruit, who have verypopular accounts across theboard, advertise all of theirsclearly on their websites.October also advertises itsFacebook and Twitter andboth these accounts are verysuccessful.Most Fusion websites do havelinks to their social mediaaccounts, but they are hidingat the bottom of the page andare not very noticeable.
  8. 8. Major Players have theirsocial network links areincorporated nicely into thedesign of the webpage. Theyare near the top and thebright colours show upagainst the neutral design.Clicking on any of these linksleads to another page whichshows the most recentupdates from each account.You then click the heading togo to them.I think this is unnecessary butit seems to work for them!
  9. 9. Web Recruit has a similar setup. Their links are further down thepage but have a follower count to make them even morenoticeable as well as showing off how popular they are.
  10. 10. Photos of things going on in theoffice - OFFICE DOG (Maybe youshould get one!) Inspirational quotes along with a personal comment. Interesting links.
  11. 11. Web Recruit have made great use of their Facebook page’s bannerspace, opting for a sketchy look with a lot of information. Their pagelooks cohesive and professional.
  12. 12. References to other socialnetworks and links to careeradvice. Funny pictures - look how many likes and shares this has. When someone shares a picture it links back to this page, helping to spread the word.
  13. 13. Source have also got a nice colour-coordinated look totheir page. They also have clear links underneath thebanner.
  14. 14. They spent a few hours posting riddles and Interesting photos - Source interacting with their followers in the comments. posts lots of these and they tend It is clear there is someone actively posting to get a good response. here, rather than just scheduled messages.Links to articlesand pages ofinterest.
  15. 15. LinkedInI couldn’t do an average Zulu Bravofollower-per-month count for Preferred ChoiceLinkedIn as I couldn’t find a Major Playersway to see how long each Gemini Searchprofile had been active. Fill Recruitment Enigma People Digital Gurus FollowersBut, it is clear that Web Web RecruitRecruit is once again in the Octoberlead. Excelsior Cranberry Panda Carrot DigitalThese companies are not 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000equal though, as WebRecruit is much larger andmore well known than theother companies, many ofwhich are very small andlocal, with only a fewemployees.
  16. 16. Web Recruit also has a group page as well as a company page. This hasover 90,000 members and is very active with discussion threads, pollsand articles.A group seems like a friendlier and less formal environment so this mayencourage people to join, when a company page populated mainly byemployees can seem a bit intimidating.