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Removing the “Work” from Information Governance


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We are at a critical time in the Information Governance and ECM industries. We have a chance to set a new direction and fix everything that has kept us attempting to solve the same problems for 20 years. As new technologies and ideas emerge, we need have to apply them in a way that will remove the burden from the average person in our organization.

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Removing the “Work” from Information Governance

  1. 1. Laurence Hart Word of Pie @piewords Removing the “Work” from Information Governance
  2. 2. Why we are here? Over 60% of organizations still primarily use network file shares - AIIM 2013 ECM Industry Watch
  3. 3. Why we are here? Only 34% of organizations are decreasing their volume of paper records - AIIM 2013 Information Governance Industry Watch
  4. 4. Why we are here? Over 50% of organizations have either 0 or 3+ content management vendors - AIIM 2013 ECM Industry Watch
  5. 5. Why we are here? Inconsistent classification by end-users – 56% Integration with other systems – 57% Low user adoption – 54% - Forrester Research And ARMA International Records Management Online Survey, Q3 2013
  6. 6. Success is too often the exception
  7. 7. Where has it all gone WRONG?
  8. 8. We forgot about the people We forgot about the people
  9. 9. Need a holistic view
  10. 10. We need to meet all the needs for results We need the entire picture
  11. 11. Capturing information has actually been hard Capture
  12. 12. Organization is easy to design, hard to do Organize
  13. 13. Protecting information is theoretically easy Protect
  14. 14. Control is critical but should be subtle Control
  15. 15. Disposal should be about maintenance Dispose
  16. 16. Information that is not captured cannot be governed People will use systems that provide value We need to be the business
  17. 17. Laurence G Hart @piewords