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An Open Approach to Information Governance


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An Open Approach to Information Governance is needed to replace the outdated proprietary ECM approach to Reocrds Management. Using newer technologies such as Content Analytics, Cloud, and open source, we can find a way to take the burden off of people.

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An Open Approach to Information Governance

  1. 1. An Open Approach to Information Governance Laurence Hart Content Management Strategist, Alfresco Twitter: @piewords
  2. 2. Inconsistent classification by end-users – 56% - Forrester Research And ARMA International Records Management Online Survey, Q3 2013 Low User Adoption – 54% Integration with other Systems – 57% Top Records Management Challenges
  3. 3. Lots of Pressure 2016 – Manage all email records electronically 2019 – Manage permanent electronic records electronically
  4. 4. It is very difficult to get consistent compliance using this approach because of the reliance on end user action. The approach does not scale up to large volumes of records or staff, risking failure to effectively manage both permanent and temporary electronic records. -NARA on manual management of electronic records
  5. 5. Ever Expanding Content * 2012 IDC Digital Universe Study
  6. 6. Growing Complexity
  7. 7. Core Needs are Simple Born Lives Decays Dies Find Share Re-use
  8. 8. We Need to Keep the Smarts
  9. 9. Open Approach Standards Process Source
  10. 10. Open is Flexibility
  11. 11. Making the Cloud Flexible
  12. 12. Remember • Cloud is an option for more than email • Open is about flexibility • Simplify Information Governance • Goal is efficiency, not creating a burden
  13. 13. Thank You