004 Royal Magazine October November 2007


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004 Royal Magazine October November 2007

  1. 1. ROYAL Interview with Seductive Nadia Dawn OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2007 | RS. 50 Live Like a King INDIAN ISLAND HOPPING SEX SURVEY DOWRY SUPERMODEL DEATHS CHRISTINA HALL PLUS Fashion | Gadgets | Cartoons W W W. R O YA L M A G. I N
  2. 2. ROYAL Live Like a King Letter from the Editor OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2007 | RS. 50 Editor-In-Chief Dear Reader, Ronak V. Vyas Imagine a magazine that is about being real, and not about Media Partner being perfect. That’s Royal! Cool personalities, stories that fasci- Prashanth R nate, sexual themes that invigorate and thrill, awe-inspiring ideas of adventure and travel – such are the eclectic elements from which every issue of the Managing Editor magazine gets conceived. We are not here to take you to a situation where you are obsessed Anoop Verma about your health, your girlfriend, your spouse, your money, your car, or the state of your clos- et. Work hard, party harder, be elegant - that is the Royal Mantra. Design & Layout Charitha Lingam Beautiful women have been flocking to Hollywood only since, like, forever. We introduce you to Nadia Dawn, one fast moving beauty, determined to carve a niche for herself as an Advertising Indian in Hollywood. Her photo spread will surely be a feast for your eyes. Her candid inter- Ankur Vyas view reads like a hop into the most intimate moments of her life. Christina Hall is another beauty worth watching. We found her on MySpace and once we went through her photos Distribution we had to proclaim her as the MySpace Babe of the Month. She may have a base in Nevada, Vishal Patel but this star travels for modeling assignments all over the world. Consultant Now on to sex! Judging by our skyrocketing population, we Indians must be quite effi- Jayesh Pandya cient in the love and lust department, but we tend to act coy when talking about it. We have managed to catch up with few cool guys and gals, prepared to talk about their little secrets. Cartoonist What year do most girls lose their virginity? What do women find most attractive on a man? Dan Thompson Check out the survey for the answer to these and other interesting questions. Well sex may Contributors or may not have anything to do with true love, but marriages certainly are about love. What Alex Conde, Nadyia Jawahir happens when financial motivations, in the form of dowry, start polluting the bond of mar- Lavania Bantleman riage? We take an unbiased look at the menace of dowry and contemplate when women will be taken more seriously in this county. Web Design MAC Technology On a lighter note our engaging article on Hedonism shows why it is better to be nude than prude. Gorgeous women in bikinis, tropical drinks, soft sand on your feet, an atmosphere- To Subscribe subsumed with quality music – these are only some of the bare essentials for a hedonistic subscribe@royalmag.net lifestyle. If you're more of the gambling type, our Bellagio feature will inspire you to pack your bags and head for the nearest airport. Vibrant Bellagio, where you revel in an Advertising avyas@royalmag.net ambiance of alluring energy as you place your bets on one of the most opulent casino floors in Las Vegas. Website Plus there are gadget, cars, motorcycles, jokes, cartoons, clothes, and so much more to www.royalmag.in help bring pizazz into your life. So sit back and enjoy the issue. As always I welcome your feedback. Please email me personally at rvyas@royalmag.net Printed at Rajhans Enterprises #134, 4th Main Road, Industrial Town Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560044 Ronak Vyas Editor-in-Chief PHOTO CREDITS Cover Page - Nadia Dawn (Photography by Mike Brochu, Make-up & Styling by Teri Groves) Cartoons by Dan Thompson | Spy Museum - Photos copyright by International Spy Museum | Loft Cube - Photos by Steffen Jaenicke Christina Hall - Photos Courtesy of Christina Hall | Banana Republic - Photos copyright by Gap Inc. Party Ride - Photos courtesy of ThePartyRide.com | Acura 2007 RL - Photos Copyright by Acura Press Honda NSF 100 - Photo Copyright by Honda Press | Bellagio - Photos Copyright by MGM Mirage Press BUYING GUIDE Palm Treo 755p - www.palm.com | Philips LCD Monitor - www.india.philips.com | Motorola RAZRWIRE - www.motorola.com Nokia 7900 - www.nokia.co.in | Apple keyboard - www.apple.com | Timex iControl - www.timex.com iPod Family - www.apple.com | Nokia 770 - www.nokia.co.in | Motorokr S9 - www.motorola.com | Microsoft Zune - www.zune.net American Apparel Track Jacket - www.americanapparel.net | Adidas Track Jacket - www.adidas.com Menscience Eye Rescue Formula - www.menscience.com | Menscience Advanced Shave Formula - www.menscience.com Baxter of California - www.baxterofcalifornia.com | Thierry Mugler Ice Men - www.thierrymugler.com CK Be - www.calvinklein.com | Kenneth Cole RSVP - www.kennethcole.com | Acqua di Parma - www.acquadiparma.com Quasicade 3 - www.quasimoto.com | Rugby 08 - www.ea.com | Command & Conquer 3 - www.ea.com | Spider-Man 3 - www.activision.com Call of Duty 3 - www.activision.com | Cricket 07 - www.ea.com | Ramayan 3392 AD - www.virgincomics.com
  3. 3. CONTENTS Christina Hall The moment you set eyes on Christina Hall, her angelic face and curvaceous body mesmer- ize you. But wait till you hear her speak, then you really get wooed by the sublimity of her words. “I would rather live my life to the fullest, than con- stantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others. I have no regrets,” says Christina. And we have no regrets Nadia Dawn featuring her as the A descendant of MySpace Babe of the Guyanese and Indian Month. heritage, Nadia Dawn, oozes Living Hedonism oomph from every pore of her body. She Sex, booze, parties, is the rare case of a beauty with an music, shopping or travel overdose of talent, as she delivers a to the most exotic destinations of the breathtaking performance in whatever world - welcome to the world of a she does – whether it is co-producing hedonist who is fanatic about her own series, hosting red carpet extracting maximum pleasure from events, or starring in movies. every moment. Life is a never-ending quest for yet another level of non- stop action and thrill. Shed your inhibitions, and maybe, your clothes, before you hop on to hedo- nism's exciting roller-coaster.
  4. 4. CONTENTS Party Ride Party time! Play your favorite drinking game, gamble, hire a stripper - once you hop onto any luxu- rious, comfortable and stylish bus from The Party Ride, you celebrate whichever way you are inclined to. Island Hopping Nothing is too outrageous inside the Hopping from one island to interiors of these buses. You can another can be as pleasura- dress or undress, have your favorite ble as hopping from one rela- drink, and tell outrageous jokes in tionship to another. All you the company of your best friends. need is an open mind and a group of islands skirted by picturesque beaches popu- 12 - Dowry Deaths lated with beautiful women. 14 - Indian Sex Survey Hot spots like Greece, 18 - Spy Museum Seychelles, Maldives, and 20 - Loftcube Home Bellagio Hawaii attract millions of 32 - Q&A with Dr. Pyar Located on Las Vegas visitors yearly, but which 33 - Banana Republic Boulevard, the plush destination is the best? 38 - Gadgets world of Bellagio sits 42 - 10 Ways to reduce Stress amidst settings of great 44 - The Art of Negotiation natural beauty and material opulence. 47 - Jokes Dance, party, enjoy a show, get a mas- 48 - Fashion sage, gamble till your heart’s content – at 51 - Avoiding Rejection Bellagio each pleasure is refreshingly fun; 63 - Quasicade every experience is subsumed with elec- 64 - Entertainment trifying possibilities. 71 - 2007 Acura RL 74 - Honda NSF 100 82 - Poker 84 - How to gain weight on a Vegetarian Diet
  5. 5. LIVING HEDONISM By Sonu Sinha f you believe that personal erated kind it could mean - sex, For a true-blooded hedonist there I pleasure is the greatest value booze, parties, music, shopping or never are any full stops in life. They OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL achievable to man, then you travel to the most exotic destinations are always seeking yet another level are a quintessential hedonist. of the world. To each his own kind of of non-stop action and thrills. A Yet pleasure may mean differ- pleasure! Isn’t that what civilized liv- really long list of pleasures awaits ent things to different people. For ing is all about. People ought to be you as long as you have money to some it could mean a humdrum free to choose their own pleasure and burn. Hey, a hedonistic life style lifestyle that envisages holding a 9 to poison. If I wish to lead a full-fledged isn’t only about sex (well okay, 5 job, cooking your meals, taking care life subsumed of unique experiences maybe it is); you can also find 8 of your investments; for the more lib- and beautiful women, so be it! pleasure in food, a walk down a
  6. 6. scenic beach, traveling to off-beat each one of his indulgences has a basically a pool (sometimes connect- places, adventure sports, or doing sexual element to it. ed to Jacuzzis) ending with a bar. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 just about anything else you feel Hedonists in the nude category For the denizens who visit these like doing. So in a final analysis, tend to hang around exclusive loca- pools, a typical day may entail par- the lifestyles of myriad men and tions where clothing is always ticipation in games such as nude women may be divided into two cat- optional. A typical haunt may be volleyball, wet t-shirt contests, or egories – the prude and the nude. what are called ‘pleasure pools.’ Not find your partner’s “you know what” The prude may seek pleasure in sure what a pleasure pool is? Not to game, among others. activities other than sex. But for worry, you learn something new Talk about food galore. A hedonist the nude hedonist life means sex; everyday. Anyway, a pleasure pool is is absolutely fanatic about his food. 9
  7. 7. It doesn’t matter to him if he is at a LIVING HEDONISM sex-crazed island, a beach, pool- side or at a mansion, food has to be available 24 hours a day. If the hedonist carries in him traits of both prude and nude, he will be equally devoted to his food and to sex. And he is quite talented in finding like-minded women to give him company. You can bet your last dollar that the women are striking in their beauty, intelli- gence, charm, and booty wiggling know-how. It is time to confess. All human beings are born with a basic desire to accentuate their own personal pleasure. Only a hypocrite would claim that he doesn’t wish to take a lusty bite from a forbidden fruit. On that penetrating note, here is a list of seven most famous hedonist des- tinations. Some are invitation only while others require your wallet to be as open as your mind. Playboy Mansion Name the hedonist who has lead the most fulfilling life ever? Easy. You don’t even have to think for a moment before you blurt out Hugh Hefner. Media baron, playboy and sophisticated gentleman with the most immaculate sense of style! His mansion is the preferred hang- out of the beauteous Playboy bun- nies. Once you pass through the portals of Playboy Mansion, one thing is for sure - you'll never want to leave. Jamaica In Jamaica it is easy to spot a Hedonism vacationer - he is a guy who could be dancing to the reggae beat, rubbing suntan on the back of a beautiful woman and stealing away to a shaded hammock with a OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL sexy partner. Jamaica is truly the land of fun, populated with women dressed in outfits that reveals more than it conceals. There are nude beaches galore, if that is what you are looking for. Plus, Jamaica is famous for its hedonistic all inclu- 10 sive vacation packages.
  8. 8. Bahamas LIVING HEDONISM If you are looking forward to indulging in some good ol’ debauch- ery then Bahamas beckons you as a bright lighthouse in dark seas. Come to Bahamas and have your fill of the regular dose of sinful pleasures that all bachelors covet. Visit these islands and you will see the influence of natives, Great Britain, Seminoles, as well as hints from as far away as Greece, Syria and China. With some of the finest beaches around, you’ll regret the day you have to leave, especially if you stay at Breezes Bahamas in Nassau. Monte Carlo The thing is that we watch too many James Bond films, the spy who prefers to play poker at Monte Carlo in the latest film Casino Royale. The reason why James Bond prefers Monte Carlo is not so difficult to seek. He is single and naturally he likes visiting a spot where seductive women are a dime a dozen and you don’t have to walk far in order to find a trendy nightclub or majestic casi- no. Monte Carlo offers a hedonistic world, where it is not out of ordinary to have one-night stands with beau- tiful women, drink the finest liquors, smoke the best cigars, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. South Beach, Miami Striking scenic beauty, a vibrant The true allure of these beaches is If you aspire to be a bon vivant, culture, fabulous architecture and the sight of beautiful toned women South Beach has to be your version lively cities with urban glitz - in bikinis (or less, if you’re lucky). of paradise. The place is famous as Thailand has it all. Plus there are Other places you can try are America’s favorite getaway for massage parlors, bars that are open Englishman’s Bay, Tobago West Hollywood’s icons of sexiness. The 24/7, not to mention women who Coast, Trinidad and Tobago, or St. athletically inclined can play volley- are ready to have fun around the Tropez, Cte d’Azur, France. Some ball on the beach a la Tom Cruise in clock. The national attitude is amaz- beaches in St-Tropez have a care- Top Gun, the epicures will find ingly liberal and if you are carrying free clothing-optional attitude, but haven in the nearby bars, and the enough money in your pocket, it is you got to be warned; there is spendthrifts can blow cash on the fairly easy to partake in mind blow- absolutely no correlation between pricey boutiques that ring the ing one-night stands. nudism and beautiful people. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 beach. Florida beaches are also well Being a hedonist means being a known to be top vacation choices for Eye Candy Beaches man who doesn’t apologize for his college students who are looking to The eye candy beaches are desires. The world offers many blow a little steam after exams. hotspots of hedonism. You know getaways with sand, cocktails, the works - the softness of the and playful ladies in little cloth- Thailand sand, the blast of the sun, the ing. Seek pleasure, avoid pain, Thailand is probably the choicest crashing of the cool ocean waves. that is the true mantra for a hedonistic destination in all of Asia. Sounds great, but let’s be candid: hedonistic lifestyle. 11
  9. 9. By Preeti Chowdhry “The priest is asking for you…” fresh dowry demands, to which her was the part of a carefully choreo- Rinki looked up at her father, metic- father had been forced to give in as it graphed drama and she had to play ulously dressed in a gleaming white was made clear to him that unless the expected role or everyone would tuxedo, the wide smile on his face hav- the amount was forked over the mar- be disappointed. She rose slowly to ing the effect of accentuating his wrin- riage could not go ahead. her feet. The heavy bridal finery in kles. To everyone her father would Behind her father, stood her moth- which she was draped made it diffi- have appeared an immensely satisfied er, sad and confused, tears coursing cult for her to walk. Her two cousins person, but Rinki knew him so well, down her cheeks. Rinki thought of had their arms around her as she she could easily peer behind the the high hopes that her parents must was led out of the room. façade of happiness. She knew that have had from this day, when their Rinki did get married that day. She her father was feeling just as sick only child would get married, but went to her new home to find all her inside as she was. Things had gone so because of the avaricious bridegroom doubts over the rapaciousness of her horribly wrong on what should have all their hopes were dashed. husband’s family turning out to be been a day of boundless merriment. Suddenly the realization hit her. Why true. Had she refused to get married “Rinki,” her father whispered, should I marry this man, who doesn’t to a husband for whom she was “There is nothing to fear now. I have seem to care for me at all? nothing more than a blank cheque, it dealt with all the issues; now there is “Rinki, the priest is waiting for would have been so much better for no hindrance to your marriage.” you,” her mother said, her voice her. But she was already married OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL She shivered with annoyance. She sounding like a sob. and it was too late for her to back out knew just what issues he had been She wanted to say that she did not now. In the days and weeks that fol- forced to deal with. The man she was want to marry this man, but was lowed her new husband and her in- supposed to marry today had arrived awed into silence by the crowd in the laws inflicted psychological and few hours ago heading a huge dele- room – relatives, neighbors, friends, physical torture on her for not bring- gation of baratis and hanger-ons. But all were there sitting and standing ing enough dowry to their house. She the marriage ceremony had got around her, silently anticipating her was kept as a prisoner in her room, 12 delayed when the bridegroom made marriage ceremony. She felt as if she and not allowed to meet anyone.
  10. 10. She was even denied access to the Such deaths usually happen when the amount of dowry to be paid DOWRY DEATHS phone, so she could not call her par- the bride’s family somehow fails to between the bride and groom’s fam- ents to tell them how she was suffer- arrange a dowry - money and other ily result in the unnecessary hound- ing in her new home. Then one day gifts - that is up to the expectations ing of the bride and in extreme cases her mother-in-law called her to the of the groom’s family. The groom’s even in her murder. So what can we, kitchen. There her husband held her family takes out their frustration on as a nation, do to exorcise the ghost down while her father-in-law poured the newly wed wife, resulting in seri- of dowry from our social system? kerosene on her and set her alight. ous physical abuses, which might Empowerment of women on social, Neighbors saw smoke coming out the even culminate in death. One of the political, and economic arenas is kitchen and came to inquire. They most horrible practices involves certainly the solution. But what are found Rinki in kerosene soaked sari, burning the wife with kerosene. the best ways to accomplish that? trapped in flames and left alone to The process of modernization does Disclosure of facts and solidarity of burn to ashes. But Rinki’s relatives not seem to have dented the practice women from around the globe will pretended as if an accident had of dowry. Many middle class young certainly be a first step. The tradi- taken place in the kitchen. They took men consider accepting dowry at the tional and electronic media can be Rinki to the hospital, but by then she time of their marriage as an easy used for this purpose. had already succumbed to the 90% way for upward mobility. Such peo- Articles and appeals should be burn inflicted on her body. ple have to be made to understand sent to the human rights commis- Rinki’s tragic story is not unique, that it is dishonorable and demean- sion at the United Nations. The con- every year thousands of women get ing to demand dowry. Marriage is servative political hierarchy would sacrificed on the altar of dowry! The supposed to be a holy union of two not budge if it were not for strong worst part is that in many instances official records show the cause of death as accidental injuries resulting in the killers going scot-free. For the groom’s family there are rich rewards – another bride, another dowry. ****** We may venerate our country as Mother India, but when it comes to honoring and protecting the women of this country, we are always found lacking. It is not unusual to find Indians who say, “You have two girl children, you must have done some sins in your past life.” Sons are more welcome than daughters. Under the Hindu law, women do not inherit anything from her family. Sons are supposed to inherit all the assets of souls. The moment we bring money pressures from outside. For that his parents. At time of marriage, into it, the union turns unholy and purpose, we can write letters to sons bring money into the family in such an unholy union will never be world leaders and politicians. A con- the form of dowry that they receive, conducive to happiness at home. It solidated effort must be undertaken whereas the parents of the girl child is a disgusting state of affairs that to let the world know. After all, have to part with a significant part of the price of the Indian groom astro- dowry is not only oppressive for their wealth. nomically increases based on his women, it is dehumanizing for the This tradition of paying hefty qualifications, profession and groom too. Why should an Indian ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 dowry to the groom’s family is the income. Doctors, chartered account- groom be treated on par with com- prime reason behind the low status ants and engineers even prior to mercial goods? Why should the of female children. In Hindi parlance graduation develop the divine right bride be forced to purchase her hus- the tradition is called “Dahej." The to expect a fat dowry. band by way of paying dowry? custom was legally banned in 1961, Clearly legal methods of tackling There are no easy solutions to this but it continues to flourish. Every dowry have failed. Dowry is paid in social conundrum, but we have no year scores of innocent women die almost every marriage in India, and alternative except to keep looking till because of dowry related reasons. in many cases differences between we find one that works. 13
  11. 11. nly. ssex ope up. to discus to open ua ted ey tend nd women not habit then th h men a t s are ranteed ns from bo gazine. al gua dg io a n gu ys an ivacy is g revelat t Royal M India their pr nterestin wledge a if i o But re some ightful kn a s Here d by our in followe Courtesy of CurryBear.com and MyBindi.com
  12. 12. Ladies First Since most of us have brown or black eyes it's time we started using colored contacts. This isn’t surprising. Most Indian girls lose their virginity around 18-19, which is just about when they start college. All that freedom in the dorm room gives them a lot of time (and people) to experiment. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 Ladies, are you saying that it is OK for a man to sleep around a bit before he meets you? I guess women want men with some experience. 15
  13. 13. INDIAN SEX SURVEY Either this is a joke or a majority of these women polled are married to black men. I highly doubt that most Indian men have a penis 7-8 inches long. If you have a penis that is 7+ inches, Royal salutes you. Every woman loves to be on top and ride her man like a horsey. You want to know why? When a woman is on top, you can access her “A-spot." Yes folks, there is such a thing called an A-spot. The G-spot is what triggers the orgasm, but the A-spot is what makes a woman release her bodily fluids (a.k.a CUM) How do we know? Let's just say we took a sex ed course. OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL Flirting is not cheating? That’s arguable. I’d like to know who is dumb enough to think a one night stand doesn’t count as cheating. Ladies, unless you’re having a one night stand with a celebrity like Salman Khan, it’s cheating. 16
  14. 14. Now let’s take a look at how the men answered INDIAN SEX SURVEY Um…bullshit. Ladies, if you believe the answers to this poll question, you might as well become a comedian. Men don’t care about a woman’s sense of humor. Sure we’d like to see women crack a few jokes here and there, but we don’t expect our women to make us giggle like Russell Peters. Most men say things like they want a “sense of humor” so they don’t feel like scumbags for wanting to have sex with you. This one is true. Boys don’t like girls with attitude, especially when they are stuck up snobs who want to be treated like a princess. A guy will label a girl “bitch” even if she accidentally steps on his foot and apologizes. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 So these two questions have left me wondering what’s wrong. Either the women who answered this same question about their men were lying, or men are lying about their own size. If you go back up, you’ll notice that women were split evenly for 5-7 inches and 7-8 inches (25% each). Now there seems to be more men in the 7-8 inch category. How did this happen? Either those women don’t know how to use a ruler, or the men wanted to give themselves an ego boost. I guess an extra inch never really hurt anybody. I hope you enjoyed this little interesting tidbit. Stay tuned in the next few months for our follow up survey. 17 Will things become more liberated, conservative, or stay the same?
  15. 15. Author: Parul Sheth sure to find a new boost out here. When you think of lipstick, you think of a beautiful pair of lips. craft, history, and contemporary role Surely you don’t think of a gun. At of espionage. The museum features the Spy Museum you will find a nifty the largest collection of internation- lipstick gun, which was issued by al espionage artifacts ever placed on the dreaded KGB organization dur- public display. You will behold such ing the heydays of the Cold War. The fascinating items like a 1777 letter gun consisted of a 4.5 mm single n Thunderball, one of the most shot weapon disguised as a tube of I memorable spy flicks ever made, this is how a terse exchange between James Bond and the film’s lipstick, and was meant to be easily hidden in a purse. Fast cars are almost synonymous main villain Largo goes: with James Bond. At the Spy Bond: That looks like a Museum you will find the Aston women's gun. Largo: Do you know a lot about guns, Mr. Bond? Bond: No, but I know a little about women. The character of James Bond fas- cinates us because of his ability with guns, his incredible gadgets, his seductive abilities that women find irresistible, and his remarkable one- liners. We want to be like him, a spy who looks so cool and has so much OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL fun while protecting the world. Now, you can quench your spy mania by taking a visit to the International Spy Museum. Located by George Washington authorizing a in downtown Washington DC, the New York spy network to operate. International Spy Museum is the If you are one of those who think only public museum in the United that a spy is only as good as his 18 States solely dedicated to the trade- gadgets, then your impressions are
  16. 16. Then there is a pair of Escape capture secret military radio trans- SPY MUSEUM Boots, which look like ordinary missions. This device was solar pow- boots but they hide a spying secret. ered and the exterior resembled tree These were designed for British bark. A satellite was used to extract pilots during WWII by MI9, an the information contained in the organization that provided escape stump. Quite nifty, isn’t it. and evasion equipment to the The Steineck ABC Watch camera Royal Air Force. The idea is quite is a cleverly disguised subminiature camera that allows an operative to take photographs while pretending to check his watch for time. It uses a circular piece of film with six expo- sures. Martin DB5 that first appeared in In fact, the Spy Museum is full of the 1964 James Bond thriller spying gadgets that will fill you with Goldfinger. The ultimate spy car wonder and awe. Maybe it is true, a came fully loaded with machine spy is only as good as his gadgets. guns, tire slashers, bulletproof But to be a James Bond kind of spy, shield, oil jets, dashboard radar you need to develop his panache, his screen, rotating license plate, and ways with women and much else. ejector seat. The Bond car not only Is it possible that you are intend- captured the public's imagination, it ing to take up espionage as a profes- also inspired intelligence agencies to sional career? The Spy Museum has incorporate similar features into the right answer if you yearn to high security vehicles used in dan- simple - the bootstrap conceals a gerous areas. small penknife that can be used to How about a shoe with a heel cut off the tops of the boots, mak- transmitter? This is another spy- ing them appear like civilian walk- ing tool displayed at the museum. ing shoes. A pilot can easily stand The KGB used this nifty shoe to out because of his distinctive flying boots. The converted shoes were supposed to help him in blending with the civilian population. But it is the Tree Stump Listening Device that bears the true hallmark of the CIA, one of the most tech friendly spy organizations. The device was born from the imagina- tion of certain CIA operatives who develop a spy like persona. One of the exhibits is called School for Spies. This section provides an monitor secret conversations. A introduction to the world of espi- transmitter, microphone, and bat- onage and describes many of the teries were embedded in the heel of skills and tools essential to the ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 a target’s shoe. A maid or a valet trade. It explores the different moti- was usually used to lay out the vations by which people become a rigged shoes for the target and pull part of the espionage world, how a white pin from the heel to acti- spies are recruited and trained, and vate the transmitter. Voila! The how they operate. For more details target becomes a walking radio decided to disguise a listening device about the International Spy station, transmitting all conversa- as a tree stump and place it in the Museum you can visit their website tions to a nearby monitoring post. woods near a Soviet military base to at www.spymuseum.org 19
  17. 17. LOFTCUBE HOME It could be symptomatic of a high- helicopter can fly – mountaintops, flier's techno chic element, but cer- far-flung islands, any remote place. tainly there is something very alluring Lightweight and easy to install, the about having your dream house Loftcubes are made out of high-end transported by helicopter to the des- materials and their structure com- tination of your choice. A Loftcube bines organic forms with precise OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL home is light enough to be picked straight lines. The architecture, con- up by a helicopter, yet it packs all juring visions from the realm of sci-fi, is the amenities that make modern life futuristic enough to meet every fig- possible. You can have your ment of luxury and convenience Loftcube transported to the top of a that you can possibly yearn for. skyscraper and turn it into a sort of These portable houses come in dif- luxurious penthouse; in fact, you can ferent shapes, sizes and models; you 20 have it transported to wherever a can pick up the one whose architec- Photos by Steffen Jaenicke
  18. 18. ture and interior design suits your needs. Myriad design options create the ambiance of a home or office of your choice, while leaving enough space for air and light. A usual Loftcube would have a modular system bathroom outfitted with a wash panel, shower panel and a fully equipped WC panel. A spacious kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and a luxurious lounge area come as standard features. You can relax or sleep on the space optimized lounge bed or enjoy the media-tray sofa while conferencing with a guest. Much of the living space is designed in such a way that it can serve multiple purposes. For example the kitchen is meant not only for cooking, it can also serve as an extension to your living room. It has a nifty wine bar and its glacier- white Corian work surface is a good ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 place to mix drinks. All technical features like lighting, electricity or water tubes are pre-con- figured inside the Corian panels. To learn more about a Loftcube Home, visit their site www.loftcube.net Price of a typical Loftcube home: $74,000 21
  19. 19. 22 OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL Christina Hall
  20. 20. he moment you set eyes on Christina Hall, her angelic face and curvaceous body mesmerize you. Based in T Nevada, this 25 year old embraces the mantra of enjoying life to the max. You may call her a typical happy go lucky girl. On her MySpace page she declares her motto as, “I would rather live my life to the fullest, than constantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others, I have no regrets.” These days she is mak- ing waves in the modeling circuit. Her natural sense of style and eye-candy figure make her most suitable for model- ing swimsuits and lingerie. She happens to be a real movie and music buff, yet she remains ambivalent about taking up acting as a career. Someday, if she decides to pick up the acting gauntlet, she could pose the ladies in Hollywood some real competition. Bust - 34C Waist - 24 Hips - 32 Birthplace - Reno, Nevada Birth date - 5/16/82 Height - 5'8" Weight - 115
  21. 21. Whom do you admire? For me, this is an easy question because I have always admired my mother! She is a strong, intelligent and inspirational woman. She has always been there for me, and has helped me in many ways. I don't think I would be here as successful as I am today if it wasn't for her. What do you like to do in your spare time? If I ever get any spare time away from traveling, you can always find me outdoors. I love the nature and always like to take my two dogs on a walk or I will take them to the park. I love wakeboarding, fishing, hiking, jet skiing, golfing and of course shopping! OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL 24
  22. 22. Tell us two things that our readers would be surprised to know? Well I never like surprises myself, so I am not sure if I can tell you two sur- prises about me, but what I can say is that believe it or not I am a dare devil! I am game for most dangerous kinds of activity... Another thing about me is that I am an absolute freak about cleanli- ness! I hate to have my house dirty even if I haven't been home in a week! I can't help it, I have to have my things cleaned and organized. Any desire to move from model- ing to acting? Right now I am pretty happy com- pleting my modeling assignments. But if an opportunity to act in a good film came my way then I would surely grasp that opportunity with open hands. I haven't pursued acting because I am comfortable where I am right now, but I will admit that I haven't forgotten about it. www.myspace.com/christinahall7
  23. 23. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 27
  24. 24. 28 OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL
  25. 25. In a recent sex survey women said their favorite position was being on top. What's your favorite? Well your survey is correct! I do like the top position because I guess it proves that I am in control. But I do like to try new things! What do you look for in a man? What do I look for in a man hmmmm.....Well I have to say that I am a picky person when it comes to this question because it always takes a while to truly get to know someone..... I like men who are dif- ferent; a man who likes to have a great time, a person who has a great personality, but who isn't too arrogant. Basically, I like men who are true to themselves and who don't act like they have to prove something to the world! What's the weirdest pick-up line someone has used on you? Boy I have heard many...... I am not sure if there has been a weird one in particular. But I have heard some that are way too freaky! It makes those guys look creepy!
  26. 26. 30 OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL
  27. 27. Name a time when a guy was suc- cessful in getting a date with you? I like people who don't play games, but who also don't mind a chase. I like that part of dating and to be honest it is fun on both par- ties. If a man is very presentable and shows me that they are just looking for a great time and not someone they are looking to marry, and I am attracted to them, they will possibly get a date. I am pretty choosy though! What's your hottest feature? I have to say that I get the most compliments on my eyes and legs as being my hottest feature. My ethnic background gives me a unique look, so I find that people like my eyes. I go to the gym very regularly so I am always looking to tone my legs! www.myspace.com/christinahall7
  28. 28. & Q A Dr. Pyar with Your love questions answered by our very own relationship expert Dr. Pyar I'm madly in love with my col- you can buy to track every keystroke Dear Phobic, lege classmate. I think I am he makes on the computer. You'll be What is your problem even if they obsessed with her. Even when able to view his emails, the sites he are! However to answer your ques- the college classes are going, I visits, and even IM conversations. tion - two men holding hands (in keep looking at her secretly. any part of the world, and not just But I am unable to muster the Recently, my girlfriend said India), does not mean that they courage to ask her to go out on she doesn't like it when I use a are gay. But then don't be sur- a date with me. How do I make condom. She said she will take prised if they are. You would be her love me? birth control pills but I don't better off minding your business. -Arun, Delhi trust them. What is the best Let others care about their own Dear Obsessed, form of contraception? sex lives. You can't make someone love you. It -Ashwin, Bangalore is as simple as that. If you've failed to Dear Bareback, Maybe I'm watching too much get her attention already it's probably To be 100% safe you have to abstain porn but I really like it when a because you're not attractive to her or from sex. That isn't likely so here girl shaves down there. It feels you're not giving her the right signals. are some tips. If you don't want to so much better than a big Instead of focusing on yourself and have kids then it best to have a bush. How can I get my new your needs focus on her. What turns vasectomy done. Birth control pills girlfriend to shave it all off or her on? What type of guy does she work around 97% of the time but it at least trim it? like? Since you're already a part of her is much easier to implement. You -Raj, Bangalore class, you can start by befriending all should also keep in mind that these Dear Mr. Clean, her college chums and through them methods are only to prevent preg- The answer to your problem is quite get some inside info on her. nancy; they do not work to prevent simple. Make sure she sleeps nude sexually transmitted diseases. We at night and when she's in deep I think my husband is cheating highly recommend using condoms sleep get some shaving cream and a on me. We don't have sex as even if your girlfriend doesn't like it. razor. Just kidding. All you have to often as we used to. He's trav- You might try going in for branded, do is ask her. If she really loves you, eling more and more for "work" non-lubricated, ultra-thin condoms, she will be more than willing to do and worst of all if he is online which provide great sensation. things to please you. As for the porn, and I come in the room he don't worry about it. We like the tends to shut down the brows- I'm not from India so I was clean look too. er abruptly. How can I find out shocked when I saw so many if he is cheating on me? men hold hands with each My best friend's girlfriend -Anjali, Mumbai other in public. Men don’t has been flirting with me. At OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL Dear Panicky, behave this way even in an first I ignored her but now If you think your husband is cheat- open country like US. At first, it's getting too much. If I tell ing on you then he probably is. In I thought they were gay but my best friend then I know these cases it is best to go with your my Indian colleague said they he'll deny it or take her side. gut instinct. For concrete evidence were just friends. Is there a big Will I go to hell if I make a you can hire a private investigator to gay population here? What are move on her? follow him. If you think he has an views of gays in India? -Anonymous 32 online lover then there is software -Tom, California Yes you will.
  29. 29. he “republic” in the brand’s FEATURED DESIGNER BANANA REPUBLIC T name is definitely not super- fluous. Banana Republic prides itself in making fashion more approachable by delivering luxury items at affordable prices. The adventure of creative fashion is open to all. Wear it, flaunt it, and show- case the best facet of your personal- ity with Banana Republic’s most alluring collections of accessories, shoes, personal care products and avant-garde apparel. Stand out from the crowd in an ingeniously crafted wool herring- bone two-button blazer. The suede jacket & relaxed herringbone chino conjures an absolutely regal bear- ing, immaculate and sophisticated. You can have a Corduroy blazer with panache as its leitmotif, or revel in an equally sexy black velvet two- button blazer. Hats, dress shirts and ties, wool pants, and finely chiseled boots, the impressionable design of each creation is meant to break bar- riers and set new trends. While wooing your girlfriend, there is nothing like picking up an enchanting gift from Banana Republic’s 'Going Out' category. The Sleeveless jersey cowl-neck top is especially meant to bring out the best in the female form and so is the Pleated wrap top. The Tie-neck dress is meant to make heads turn. If you have fetish for high-heeled pumps, you can pick up the gorgeous Claudine snake embossed platform pump. The Jenna platform sandal is an absolute class by itself. In its latest fall collection, Banana Republic introduces a pant collec- tion reminiscent of the classic 60’s style with a decidedly modern spin. Six iconic leg trends debut in a vari- ety of innovative fabrics featuring stretch properties that flatter every figure. Immaculate tailoring is defi- nitely the key - with elevated details that include horn and fabric covered buttons. To make an impression, whether at work or at a club, Banana Republic is the way to go.
  33. 33. GADGETS Nokia 7900 Prism In designing the 7900 Prism mobile, Nokia seems to have thought of everything. Its 14 mm thick body comes packed with Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, a 2-megapixel cam- era with flash, an integrated FM radio, email support, integrated audio and video players, and 1GB of internal memory. A very capable dis- play flaunting up to 16 million col- ors in 320 x 240 resolution only adds to your viewing pleasure. Opposite its sleek, liquorice-black front, there lies an aluminum back cover, which is coin-stamped and laser-etched in Nokia Prism’s signa- ture diamond-cut design. Save your rupees now because when this phone becomes available in India it won't be cheap. Price - TBA Palm Treo 755p The Palm Treo 755p comes with wireless email and a built-in web browser – geared to get you connected at scorching web speed. Its slimmer form factor packs a really large high-resolution color touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, an innovative touch screen dial pad, and a built in organizer. Work on important files with built-in support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF docu- ments. Plus there is a versatile 1.3-megapixel camera, a dual band radio and a great MP3 player. Price - $469 Motorola RAZRWIRE When Motorola Bluetooth wireless headset gets fused with stylish Oakley sunglasses then it becomes a case of ultimate collabo- ration between high-fashion and break- through-technology. You can experience hands-free, cable free connectivity to a OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL Bluetooth enabled mobile even as you are making a great fashion statement with your Oakley sunglasses. Clearly one of the most stylish Bluetooth devices in the mar- ket today, the RAZRWIRE is all about enjoying your conversations and music while navigating life’s adventures. 38 Price - $225
  34. 34. 19" Philips LCD Monitor Empowered for vibrant, exciting display, the Windows Vista ready Philips LCD Monitors are designed to enhance your productivity by helping you control your computing needs at home and at office. With innovative cutting edge design combined with LightFrame Digital Reality the monitor’s response time is quick enough to handle fast moving pictures. A system of optimized contrast takes care of visual clarity. You get an USB port for convenient peripheral connections and an embedded power supply eliminates the need for external power adapters. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 39
  35. 35. GADGETS Apple Aluminum Keyboard Available in wired and wireless versions, the new aluminum keyboard from Apple looks absolutely elegant in its anodized aluminum enclosure. It features low pro- file keys, with dedicated function keys lined up in a stunningly slim design. The wired version comes with the added advantage of a numeric keypad, while the wireless version relies on Bluetooth instead of radio frequency. But the most innovative feature in this keyboard is its two USB 2.0 ports that can provide high- speed connectivity for your iPod, mouse, and other USB-based devices. Price - $49 Wired; $79 Wireless Nokia 770 If you prize web accessibility, but want to avoid the weight and the bulk of a full-blown laptop, Nokia 770 is the right answer to your prayers. The gizmo is attractive, easy to use, and is great at detecting Wi-Fi hot spots. It boasts a gorgeous, high-resolution screen that makes stunning web pages. It has a full-featured browser and an e-mail client, plus it supports Internet radio and RSS news-feeds. Go ahead stream your files, tune in to Internet radio, News Reader, or play your favorite videos and music. Nokia 770 is more than a gizmo, it's a statement. Price - $129 Motorokr S9 For music aficionados leading a particularly hectic lifestyle, the Motorokr S9 is an absolute must. It inte- grates mobile music with calls in a seamlessly effort- less manner. Touch sensitive controls make it particu- larly easy to use. A behind the head wearing style is by itself a great fashion statement and it also helps in pro- viding a comfortable and stable fit. The S9 is water and sweat resistant and it enables you to enjoy 6 hours music listening, 7 hours talk or 6 days standby time from just a single charge. Price - $129.99 OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL 40
  36. 36. Timex iControl Watch No more fumbling for iPod buttons in mid-stride; with Timex iControl you can wirelessly operate your iPod. The sleek, lightweight, water- resistant watch also boasts of features like - 50-lap memory recall chronograph, multi-mode countdown timer, 2 interval timers for speed and endurance training, and its training log stores current workout with date, best lap and average lap. It is available in enchanting color combinations of gray and black, as well as white, pink, blue, orange and green. Price: $125 Microsoft Zune If true love is all about music, then Zune makes falling in love remarkably easy. Available in eye catching brown, black, white and pink, Zune offers for you a world of entertainment - you can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures or homegrown tracks. Store up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video. Zune Marketplace buzzes with new creative ideas; buy new music and show off your favorite pictures and videos on a big, bright screen. An added bonus is Zune’s built in FM tuner. Time to unleash your inner DJ! Price - $249.99 The iPod Family How much digital treasure can a pocket sized device hold? With an iPod, you can carry along a virtual cornucopia of entertainment. An 80 GB iPod can hold up to up to 20,000 songs, up to 25,000 photos, and up to 100 hours of video. Incredible! That much in one handheld device. Perhaps you could browse on the iTunes music shop, download the flicks you want and sync them with your iPod. Nothing beats the pleasure of watching a latest Hollywood release on your iPod’s nifty screen. For room-filling sound, you only have to connect your iPod to its Hi-Fi. With music on your fingertips, you can groove all day. Hold your breath, the iPod just got thinner. Called the iPod Nano, it comes in five stylish colors and has a brighter display. With memory space ranging from 2 GB to ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 8 GB, depending on the model, you still have the capacity to store about 2000 songs. The Nano is all set to handle the rough and tumble of your journeys, its durable anodized aluminum body, is meant to take a lot in its stride and still work flawlessly. And if you are looking for a really petite music companion, then go in for an iPod Shuffle. Its 1.62-inch long body packs 1GB memory, enough to let you play up to 240 songs on your sleeve. 41 Price - $79.99 to $599.99
  37. 37. By Nadyia Jawahir OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL veryone experiences stress in ing pace with the treadmill of life is Recognize your stressors: E his or her lives. Whether it is last minute cramming for exams, running late for that impor- difficult, if not impossible. Stress induced from a fast paced life is capable of bringing out the good, the What puts you on edge? Being late, having to multi-task, dis- agreements, the weather, traffic tant business meeting, arguing with bad, and the ugly in individuals. If you jams, etc! If you can identify your the girlfriend, or even getting haven’t yet developed a mechanism to stressors then it will be easy for plagued with an impossible yearning tackle stress, then it is time you did. you to devise strategies to deal 42 for 25 hours in a single day – keep- Here are 10 Steps to Reduce Stress: with them.
  38. 38. Schedule your day: The number through your nose counting to five lem with a fresh mind. Five minutes 10 WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS one cause of stress is a lack of time. in your head, and exhale through won’t kill you. Sometimes all our Make sure you have plenty of time to your mouth counting to seven. brain needs is a refresher so don’t get to where you need to go. A prob- Repeat several times. Try it now! be afraid to take a breather. Hell, go lem most of us face is that we try to You’ll feel a difference immediately. on vacation if need be. do too much, in too little time. We tend to over book ourselves, run Yoga and Meditation: Meditation Laugh: Turn that frown into a late, and panic. There is no harm in and Yoga are excellent stress smile. Laughter takes the focus postponing things that can be done busters. You should avoid falling away from the negative emotions in tomorrow. You don’t have to finish under the impression that activities life. Our response to stressful events everything today itself. The idea is to like yoga and meditation are for can be improved if we view some- manage your time efficiently. women only! Macho icons such as thing as a challenge rather than a Shah Rukh Khan and George threat. Laughing helps guide the Prioritize: By prioritizing you can Clooney are avid practitioners of positive perspective, and also releas- avoid forgetting about important Yoga and meditation. Enroll in a es some of the "happy" chemicals in responsibilities or errands you may have. Be sure to complete your most important tasks at your earliest con- venience. Do not procrastinate about finishing the urgent work. Instead, save the less urgent tasks for a later time, and focus more quality time on the important tasks. Move It: Get up and exercise! Exercise relaxes tense muscles and helps you sleep better. Repeating the same motions for a period of time can have a very relaxing effect. This includes exercises like swim- ming, walking, running and cycling. Plus, exercise never hurts your appearance. Zzzzz: Research shows that the average adult needs approximately 8.1 hours of sleep every night. How do you compare? To sleep better, avoid stressful activity for at least an hour before bed, avoid late night meals and drinks (we know what class, it will come as a welcome our body. Smiles and laughter are indigestion and having to go to the break and if you get lucky you might contagious also, so if you are laugh- bathroom does to our sleep), and even bump into a female who is ing, and those around you are hold off on the evening cup of coffee. deeply into yoga and meditation! laughing, then your environment is Instead, listen to some calming music automatically more relaxed. or read a book before hitting the Take A Break: Allow yourself a sack. No better way to start a busy break once in a while. Avoid work- Sex: The ultimate stress buster day than with a good night’s rest. ing through lunch and pushing is having healthy sex with some- ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 yourself to the limit. Working con- one you love. When you reach Breathe: Deep breathing is a sim- tinuously without ease is detrimen- orgasm you release endorphins ple stress reliever that has various tal to the mind, and ends up mak- that help create a sense of well- benefits for your body, including ing it more difficult to function. being. Endorphins are nature’s relaxing muscles, oxygenating the Focusing on a problem for hours own painkillers. So the next time blood and calming your mind. All makes your mind dull and raises your lover says she's not in the you have to do is sit or stand in a your stress level. It is better to take mood be sure to tell her all the relaxed position, inhale slowly a short break and tackle the prob- scientific advantages. 43
  39. 39. the art of negotiation Author: Sanjay Verma e it a straightforward discus- unseen force that will make the party; it only means that you have to B sion with your boss for a pay hike, buying a house, car, boat or smaller purchases, a love wheel stop at your winning number. A hastily spoken statement, or an ill conceived move on the roulette of safeguard your own interests. When you are in love with a woman, you naturally want her to affair, a separation, a divorce or an life, is all it takes for you to get love you back in equal measure. A OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL international struggle to reach a cheated of the advantages that could good way to achieve that is by peace agreement, there’s much that have been yours for the taking. But learning about her needs and aspi- can go wrong if you don’t play your if you are an able negotiator there is rations and trying to balance them cards precisely. In your dealings so much that can go right - or at with your own ambitions. In other with other individuals, every move least go better for you and for every- words, you negotiate a healthy rela- you make counts. If the circle of life one else dependent on you. tionship with your girlfriend or can be compared to a game of Negotiation does not mean that you wife. The thing to keep in mind is 44 roulette, then negotiation can be the should conspire to trick the other that you must not attempt to nego-
  40. 40. tiate anything until you are best to decipher what the other fel- THE ART OF NEGOTIATION absolutely clear about the needs of low wants and then make an offer the other party. Always that he can’t refuse. If you are looking for a pay raise in your existing job, the best way to play the 2. Don’t be disdainful of monetary achieve this is by understanding the needs of your company and then negotiating a good settlement for reluctant concerns Some people make the mistake of being too shy about talking about yourself. While buying a car, you look for the best possible bargain, and the lover, money. Why should they? After all it is money that makes the world go round, dealer looks for the highest possible buyer or seller. and puts food into our stomachs. It is price that he can extract from you. never vulgar to try to maximize ones What do both of you do? You negoti- monetary benefits; it is the most pru- ate to find a middle ground. 1. Develop the mindset of a gambler dent thing you can do. After all, what To a large extent, our social life is An old poker saying goes like this: can be more sensible than trying to built around such negotiations, You got to know when to hold’em. secure one’s financial standing. some major, and some minor, but in Know when to fold’em. every negotiation that we undertake, 3. Don’t open all your cards on it is up to us to make efforts to Although negotiating and gam- the table derive maximum benefits. So many bling are by no means synonymous, Any poker player, who let other play- factors compete to undermine an some principles hold true for both. ers at the table see the cards he optimal settlement: the emotions of As in poker, the best way to succeed held, would definitely lose. And he both participants; the potential for in negotiation is to know when to deserves to lose. The same holds misunderstanding what could be carry on and when to walk away. true for negotiation. You should gained (or lost); differing interpreta- The stakes are always high. If you avoid opening up completely to any- tions of what constitutes fair play. negotiate too hard, you run the dan- one. The more information someone You can negotiate the best terms ger of letting the deal slip through possesses about you, the more con- only when you are clear about the your fingers. And if you act timid trol he or she has over you. If you end that you wish to achieve. then you might end up paying more can keep everyone in suspense Here are some tips for improving than what you should have. Always about your ultimate aim, it will be so your negotiating skills: keep your options open, try your much easier for you to get ahead. ROYAL OCT / NOV 2007 45
  41. 41. THE ART OF NEGOTIATION 4. Don’t get emotionally involved This is one big mistake that amateur negotiators tend to make. They become obvious about their emotion- al attachment to winning. They shout, threaten and demand to get their way. Such behavior makes them sound juvenile and it is count- er-productive. By resorting to shout- ing or threatening, you run the risk of sending the signal that, “I am not in control because I am a weak-hearted individual.” Your opponents will pounce at the chance to take advan- tage of your perceived weakness. You should never lose your cool. Even if you think that someone is out to cheat you of your rightful dues, you should act nonchalant and wait for the right moment to strike back. 5. Never be the first person to name a figure desperately rarely manages to get negotiate a better deal for yourself In any negotiating game by naming a her. In order to make an impression on your own, then there is no person or a figure you tie yourself on a girl, you have to develop an harm in roping in an authority fig- down. That reduces your negotiating aura of enigmatic aloofness. The ure. It hardly matters if the ability. When your opponents know idea works in every aspect of your authority figure does exist in reali- that this is the ultimate benefit that life where negotiating skills might be ty or not. For example, when you you are willing to accept, they might required. Just giving the impression are buying a car, and the car start devising strategies to hammer that you’re disinterested to the salesman is acting too aggressive, you down further. In fact, the more extent of willing to walk away can do you can drop in a line, “I will get confusion you can sow in the minds wonders for getting a better deal. back to you after consulting a of your opponents, the easier it will Always play the reluctant lover, friend who knows more about be for you to out-negotiate them. buyer or seller. cars.” No such friend may exist, When they have no idea what the but you succeed in sowing seeds of final outcome that you desire is, they 8. Never sign a contract without confusion in the mind of the sales- will be less capable of devising the reading the document man. He has no idea what kind of right strategies for thwarting you. When someone sends you a contract person your friend is. Suddenly he to sign, if there’s something on it is confused about the right sales 6. Ask for more than you that you don’t like, go ahead and pitch that might work for your expect to get cross it out. The idea is that you friend and for you as well. He will Like an able negotiator, wait patient- should never get pressurized into do his best to stop you from seek- ly for the other party to offer its best signing a contract that you don’t ing advise from this imaginary terms. Once you have their figure, like. If you start signing on the dot- friend, and the only way he can do even if it’s much better than what ted line blindly, people will take you it is by offering you a better deal. you expected, say something like, “I for granted. Your value gets dimin- think you’ll have to do better than ished. Understand your own impor- The practice of negotiation is OCT / NOV 2007 ROYAL that." Don’t be arrogant or aggres- tance and commit yourself only to a an integral part of our daily sive. Just say it calmly. It is neces- deal that you think is worthy lives; you can take it for grant- sary that you make it appear as if enough for you. ed only at your peril. But you you really expected them to offer can’t develop good negotiating much better terms than they have. 9. For support, rope in an skills without making serious authority figure efforts to do so. It is an art, and 7. Don’t act too interested If a situation arises where you as with all forms of art, practice 46 A man who pursues a girl most think that you might not be able to makes perfect.