Vee Template Annotated


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The Vee model for planning and documenting an experiment

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Vee Template Annotated

  1. 1. Your title here 1 Focus question: PLANNING EVALUATION Value basis:... 2 10 Value claims:... Value basis: Why do you want to Value claims: How worthwhile are use time and . the new knowledge resources to solve Focus question:... claims? this problem? Express as an accurate question: What is the problem you want to solve? Theory basis:... 3 9 Conclusions:... What do you know Theory basis: Conclusions: Knowledge claims: about the issues what are the main beforehand? truthful conclusions that you constructed out of the data? Conceptual b... Transformati... 4 8 What concepts Conceptual basis: Transformations: How did you reach (knowledge) from your main previous experience conclusions from the do you have about mass of data? the problem and issues? Methods basi... 5 7 Records, qual... Methods basis: Records, quality of data: What kind of data did By which methods do you plan to solve the you actually succeed problem? in gathering? IMPLEMENTATION 6 Objects & events: from Karen O. Storer 2006 cocoa_demo/content/tools/ improved_vee_heuristic.htm Objects & events:... What do you have to do in order to construct answers to the focus question?