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  1. 1. Based on ahupua'a 1. Uka - mountains & uplands New zoning system Pule 2. Kula - plains & fields 3 zones Bill F 3. Kai - sea & shore Workshops provided diversity of viewpoints Opening Appropriate uses, densities Andres Duany Hopefully representative Maui's 5 year planning process L-O-N-G Favorable to transit Linear quality of Observations & Start planning NOW road system Suggestions to Maui "Brutal" Provides incentives to developers for affordable housing Existing Left turn stacks 20 cars Abnormal 5 year process is an "antibody" to prevent growth Reduce length of permitting process Ped crossing takes 10 minutes A "scab" you've developed to protect yourselves Encourage live/work units Move makai slightly; make 4 lanes (?) Create buildings that enhance rather than detract from natural beauty 1. Eastern end Makes current problems WORSE 22-27,000 square feet A few widely spaced stoplights would allow left turns Post office 2. Two 4 lane options, moved mauka You insist "NO stoplights!" will mold to community General store Bad for ped crossing Cafe, bar Must be walkable Lively, vital Highway 2, 2 lane sections with connector roads spaced 800' "symbiotic" relationship with farmers 4 restaurants Town Centers 3. "Couplet" Well-known required characteristics OK for left turns, crossing exercise center New - 4 options considered meeting room New concept may initially require developer subsidy about 25 stores OlowaluTalk Story Extended left/U turn some "inns" - NOT resorts Final Presentation visual interest Good for L turns and peds 2 Transit centers 11/21/05 4. "E-turns" (= "eternity") Allows transit station higher density mix of 2 & 3 story units One at each end blocking view not an issue Transportation Recommended option Encourage WALKING Resist temptation to reduce # to cross highway Need ped/bike tunnel & bridge 3 E-turns Parks at each end Adverse traffic consequences if fewer ~600 acres Restore eastern makai area 60-70% flat, no view Recreation Preserve shoreline water quality for fishing Pre-sold parcels will be incorporated into community Western beach park connects to town square Olowalu parcel Cultural site setbacks respected Western side denser (less interesting view) Eastern side mauka views more interesting than makai Structuring spine along Olowalu stream True in all civilizations 24 lots, MUST be FARMED Will walk instead of drive Cultural reserve magnets 1. A reason Design Considerations locate 2 schools nearby cultural learning 2. It's safe 5 minute walk Pedestrian "sheds" ag. learning 3. It's interesting Water flow thru fields Agriculture To public transit 10 minute walk Downhill Ahupua'a wisdom Preserve water quality shaped by geography Alleys make great social spaces Lowest up high "Transect" in western terms microclimates "Mews" in England Higher near town centers Vary density appropriately varied habitats Allow ohana units Associated buildings May have some "compounds" Karen O. Storer 2006 Share one driveway www.pictureitsolved.com