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Issue Roundup


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A decision making / problem solving model, based on the "wheel of mindfulness" model in Wisdom at Work by Joel and Michelle Levey. Fill it in to think through a problem and reach a decision.

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Issue Roundup

  1. 1. Issue Roundup 6 I will I notice 2 What action will I take What are the to achieve the objective facts? resolution I seek? 5 I want I feel 3 Issue or What do I want out of the resolution? 1 situation What are the subjective facts? What is most important in the short and long run? 4 I think How do I interpret the situation? Based on the wheel of mindfulness What are the stories that explain the situation? From Wisdom at Work, 1999 Are there other explanations that might be just as valid? by Joel and Michelle Levey Karen O. Bennett 2009