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How to Work With a Professional Writer: Tips for Businesses


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You've hired exactly the writer you need to help you write your blog, presentation, report or other content. Here's how to collaborate with your writer to get exactly the content you want.

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How to Work With a Professional Writer: Tips for Businesses

  1. 1. HOW TO WORK WITH A A PROFESSIONAL WRITER Tips for Businesses James Carberry Carberry Communications
  2. 2. TO START KNOW YOUR RISKS Just as there are risks in hiring a writer there are risks in working with a writer
  3. 3. THE PRIMARY RISK IS miscommunication between you and your writer
  4. 4. WHAT THIS MEANS You assume you’re clear about what you want But you’re not The writer thinks they know what you want But they don’t
  5. 5. THE CONSEQUENCE The writer doesn’t deliver what you want
  6. 6. WHAT YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND Sure, the writer works for you but success depends on how well you and your writer work together
  7. 7. BE SURE YOU AND YOUR WRITER ARE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ABOUT 1. what you’re writing 2. why you’re writing 3. your audience 4. why your audience should care
  8. 8. LET’S SAY You need a REPORT written .
  9. 9. START BY talking with your writer about the report and then…
  10. 10. OUTLINE Have your writer create an outline of the report It will keep you pointed in the right direction in writing
  11. 11. HAVE YOUR WRITER WRITE A DRAFT OF THE REPORT Based on: 1. the outline 2. conversations with you (and perhaps others) 3. information you provide 4. research done by the writer or someone in your organization
  12. 12. REVISIONS 1. Your writer sends you a draft of the report 2. You (and perhaps others) review it 3. You send the writer your comments 4. You discuss them with your writer 5. Your writer revises the report
  13. 13. FINAL REVIEW You give the revised report a final review The writer makes any MINOR CHANGES you want You’re done On to …
  14. 14. CONTENT MARKETING Just as important as writing your report is marketing it
  15. 15. WHICH MEANS Engaging with informing helping influencing entertaining YOUR AUDIENCES
  16. 16. WHO CAN HELP WITH MARKETING? 1. Your writer (if they know content marketing) 2. Content marketing specialists 3. Content marketing agencies 4. Others
  17. 17. NEXT STEPS As you create more content you can put together a team of writers
  18. 18. THESE WRITERS CAN be available on demand have different skill sets (e.g., writing proposals) have different industry specialties (e.g., healthcare) be freelance, temp or inhouse writers AND THEN…
  19. 19. YOU’LL HAVE exactly the writers you need whenever you need them for whatever purpose
  20. 20. FINAL NOTE Give as much thought and effort to working with a writer as you do to managing your business Then you’ll be happy with the writer’s work
  21. 21. FOR MORE ON HIRING WRITERS GO TO the web site of Carberry Communications LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: y
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