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How to search for a professional writer


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You can find the perfect writer to create whatever content you need. Here's how to go about your search.

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How to search for a professional writer

  1. 1. HOW TO SEARCH FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER Tips for Businesses James Carberry Carberry Communications
  2. 2. BEFORE YOU START YOUR SEARCH Consider these 7 questions…
  3. 3. #1. WHAT’S YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY? How will you create publish and market your content?
  4. 4. #2. WHAT CONTENT WILL YOU CREATE? Blog? Presentation? Report? Newsletter? Something else?
  5. 5. #3. WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? Customers or clients? Shareholders or investors? Fans and followers of your brand? Best friend from school? Others?
  6. 6. #4. WHY ARE YOU CREATING CONTENT? Solve a problem? Demonstrate your expertise? Promote your brand? No idea?
  7. 7. #5. WHAT SKILLS SHOULD A WRITER HAVE? Specialist in your industry or profession? Experience writing particular content (e.g., proposals)? Other skills (e.g., content marketing)?
  8. 8. #6. DO YOU WANT A WRITER Who has written for a: mobile technology company? consumer products company? professional services firm? other type of business?
  9. 9. #7. DO YOU WANT TO HIRE A full time writer? part time writer? freelance writer? temporary (temp) writer?* *Writer who works for a period of time (e.g., for three months, or between naps)
  10. 10. NOW, WRITE A JOB DESCRIPTION including your project (blog, report, presentation, etc.) writer qualifications (experience, skills, etc.) your company (why work for you?)
  11. 11. USE YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION to guide your search AND post job listings online
  12. 12. START YOUR SEARCH Here’s where to look…
  13. 13. #1. YOUR COMPANY You may FIND talented writers in your own organization “Any writers in payroll?”
  14. 14. #2. YOUR NETWORKS Ask people you know if they can recommend a writer or at least a good restaurant
  15. 15. #3. PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH WRITERS Ask for recommendations from designers printers photographers others
  16. 16. #4. LOCAL NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS Ask a publication’s editor to recommend a writer such as a freelancer who contributes to the publication
  17. 17. #5. COWORKING COMMUNITIES where writers work and collaborate You might find a writer to hire
  18. 18. #6. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS List a job. Search for writers American Society of Journalists and Authors ( Editorial Freelancers Association ( American Medical Writers Association ( Society for Technical Communication ( And others
  19. 19. #7. WRITER’S BLOCK. This is a block in your community where writers hang out, waiting for inspiration Maybe one of them could work for you
  20. 20. #8. ONLINE SITES You can find and hire writers using online sites such as…
  23. 23. #9. CONTENT MARKETING AGENCIES You can hire agencies that provide content writing, marketing and other services and employ writers, designers and other professionals
  24. 24. #10. STAFFING AND RECRUITING AGENCIES You can hire writers through these agencies
  25. 25. #11. SOCIAL MEDIA You can 1. ask people in your social media networks to recommend writers 2. search for writers 3. list a job
  26. 26. #12. SEARCH ONLINE Start with keywords such as content writer content marketing writer copywriter freelance writer ghostwriter
  27. 27. REFINE YOUR SEARCH TRY MORE PRECISE PHRASES Content marketing writer healthcare Copywriter consumer products Freelance writer web sites Ghostwriter business book Content writer manufacturing
  28. 28. BONUS TIP! Walk into a crowded room and shout: “Any writers in here?” Caution: You may be asked to leave.
  29. 29. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE DONE. You’ve completed a diligent search
  30. 30. YOU’VE FOUND 5 well qualified writers to evaluate You also found a cute puppy online But that’s a different story
  31. 31. YOUR NEXT STEP Decide which writer to hire
  32. 32. FOR MORE ON HIRING WRITERS GO TO the web site of Carberry Communications -- James Carberry LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: y
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