Integrating your website with Salesforce: Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington


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Integrating your website with Salesforce: Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington

  1. 1. Integrating your website with Salesforce Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington
  2. 2. Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington An alliance of over 300 nonprofits and community partners working in health and human services, education, the environment, the arts and more to improve the quality of life for all in the Greater Washington region. "Together we solve problems that no organization can solve alone."
  3. 3. Priorities for Nonprofit Roundtable • Unified branding but unique content for individual audiences for each of three entities: Nonprofit Roundtable, Nonprofit NoVA, and Nonprofit Montgomery • Easily updatable, engaging website • Online member management integrated with Saleforce: from application to dues payment to searchable directories of members to members-only portal to editing of member profiles to member ticket levels for events • Online donation processing - with integration • Online event management - with integration • Job posting and listings functionality - with integration • Map of members
  4. 4. Solutions provided Connect and customize existing Salesforce instance containing member data with a new website to provide desired functionality
  5. 5. PICnet Certified B Corporation serving non-profits and other organizations enhancing the social good We use technology to make organizations more efficient and effective in meeting their missions
  6. 6. Nonprofit Soapbox • Content management system designed for the nonprofit sector • Offered as a software as a service • Integrates with Salesforce • Provides tools for donation processing, event management, form building to post data to Salesforce, search tools to display data from Salesforce, and member portal
  7. 7. Membership Application
  8. 8. Online Dues Payment
  9. 9. Member Directory Search
  10. 10. Editing Membership
  11. 11. Online Donation Processing
  12. 12. Online Event Management
  13. 13. Implementation timeframe Kick off meeting in August 2011 Initial launch of website in February 2012 Launch of job posting and listing tools in May 2012
  14. 14. Costs for full website integration Full Non-Profit Soapbox content management system with Salesforce integration tools: Between $12,000 and $1B (Okay, so weve never charged a billion and its more like $12,000 - $40,000 but were always happy to accept a billion)
  15. 15. Alternative: Costs for Soapbox Engage For organizations wishing to keep existing website but integrate their web presence with Salesforce Non-Profit Lite: Donations processing with Salesforce integration $9 per month / no setup fee Non-Profit Unlimited: Donations processing, event management, submit to Salesforce, Search Salesforce $99 per month / $500 setup fee
  16. 16. Benefits of integration Faster, more efficient movement of data so staff can focus on whats most important to the mission Enhanced services available to members (member- only ticket levels, member directory listings, etc) Flexible platform with Non-Profit Soapbox that is expanding its features all the time - including email blasting tool for Salesforce later this summer
  17. 17. Remaining challenges Automating email newsletter signup process and implementing with new Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce email service
  18. 18. Questions to ask Do you have, or can you achieve, staff buy in? Can you identify the main priorities for moving to Salesforce and integrating it with your website? Do you have an internal champion within the organization?
  19. 19. More informational goodness Tim Forbes VP of Products and Marketing, PICnet, @timothyforbes, @picnet / the client / the company / the full CMS / the integrations only