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Learn how you can use Yahoo pipes to get content and information for your website.

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Yahoo Pipes

  1. 1. It’s all about CONTENT! Joe Seanor
  2. 2. Notice• This information is presented for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!• The information provided is not guaranteed in any way, shape or for, implied or said to provide you additional income.• All information is for your use only, and for you to work on to increase the income for your business.• There is no certification for this FREE course. Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 2
  3. 3. Housekeeping• All phones are muted during the call• There is a chat function where you can ask me questions that I will be answering during the call.• Everyone will get a copy of the slides.• If you would like a copy of the recording, the cost is $10 for shipping and handling of a DVD with the recording and slides. Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 3
  4. 4. Free Copy of Slides• You can download a free copy of just the slides from:•
  5. 5. To order a copy• Just go to•• And choose the video/audio recording that you would like.• Each will be burned to a DVD and mailed to you.• Recordings are playable on your PC.
  6. 6. Copyright• All material in this presentation is Copyright, 2010 by Joseph Seanor and PIM LLC.• Any reproduction in physical or electronic format is not allowed without the written permission of Joseph Seanor.• If you wish to use this information in a presentation of your own, or in other materials, please contact me at: Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 6
  7. 7. Joe Seanor• I currently hold the following certifications: • CISSP—Certified Information Systems Security Professional • NSA IAM—National Security Agency Information Assessment Methodology • CEH—Certified Ethical Hacker • CCNA—Cisco Certified Network Associate • CCDA—Cisco Certified Design Associate • MET—Master Email Tracer • Author of 17 books • 10 years Central Intelligence Agency • 14 years Private Investigator • 7 Years AOL Senior Investigator for Computer Crime Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 7
  8. 8. Coming up 11 Feb 2010 Checking a Spouses PC• I just finished up teaching a PI on how to do this.• I normally charge $600 for each PC, and this again is a basic check.• This is a basic check of a PC for signs of cheating.• The class will teach you how to do this for a Windows PC• The class will also have the reports I created• The class will also have the tools I used• And will have step-by-step check list for you to take with you.
  9. 9. Content??• Why do I care about content?• Well, in the world of Web 2.0, you have to be adding fresh content all the time in order to keep getting ranked, and ranked higher in the search engines.• This means, adding new pages, new pictures, new videos, new blog entries, new tweets.
  10. 10. Content• This is why I have been giving these free classes on marketing your business on the web.• These new Web 2.0 sites are growing all the time and more are being added everyday.• But they all have one thing in common
  11. 11. You MUST add Content on a regular basis!
  12. 12. Content• I don’t know about you, but I do not have the time to keep adding and adding and adding and adding.• I have a list of 117 Web 2.0 sites that I use if I want to take over a market for something.• That is a LOT of content that needs to be written!
  13. 13. Content• The other way, if you don’t want to write is backlinks.• Backlinks are links from other websites in your same field that link to your website.• The idea is that if others in your industry are linking to you, then you must rate as someone important.• How do you get these?
  14. 14. Backlinks• Find a competitor• Email them for a backlink• Beg, beg, beg• Or pay, pay, pay
  15. 15. Or, you can use Joe’s NEW favorite service!• I did not make this service• I’ve hinted at it in the past• And FINALLY started playing more and more with it.• And now, I am going NUTS with it!!• I am only scratching the surface and yet the possibilities are endless!!
  16. 16. So, what is it already!!!
  17. 17. Drum roll please
  18. 18. Yahoo PIPES!
  19. 19. Yahoo Pipes• This is a new service that is FREE from Yahoo• It allows you to gather content from ANYWHERE on the web• ANY type of content• And pull it into your website!
  20. 20. Yahoo Pipes• Wait a second Joe…..• Isn’t that RSS FEEDS??• BOOOOOOO• NOPE!• Yahoo Pipes is like RSS feeds the way they should have been done!
  21. 21. Yahoo Pipes• Yahoo Pipes allows you to take information from anywhere on the web, any type of information and deliver it to your website, web2.0 site, webpage, twitter, etc.• But, BEST of all, it is just like Burger King!• Delivered YOUR WAY!• Meaning, you can filter out information, slice and dice it and place it on your site, and it can look different then the original information!
  22. 22. Yahoo Pipes• Why is this important?• Well, there is a HUGE debate on the web about “duplicate content”• This means if you just copy a store and put it on your website, or take a RSS feed and put it on your website, Google says “Hey, I’ve seen that before! No ranking for you on this page today!”
  23. 23. Yahoo Pipes• But, with Yahoo Pipes, you can take that exact same RSS feed.• Filter it and slice it, and then put it on your website.• And Google will see something similar, not duplicate! You could even do a bit more and make it unique!
  24. 24. Yahoo Pipes• Now Joe, this sounds all great• But, I don’t have the money to hire anyone to set this up for me, I’m not a programmer like you.• Do you have a service I can buy from you to do this?
  25. 25. Joe’s Yahoo Pipe Service• DOES NOT EXIST!!!• Why? I am going to show you how to do this yourself!• How? It’s a VISUAL programming language!• HUH? That means, click on the box, drag it to the screen and DONE!• Lets see!
  26. 26. How do you get Yahoo Pipes?• Easy, create a Yahoo account (FREE)• Then go to:•• Login with your Yahoo account• That’s it!
  27. 27. Great pipes to search for• IPT-1• MySpace Security• Facebook Security• MySpace Hacker Twitter Feed• Facebook Hacker Twitter Feed• Web20 Search and Monitor• PI People Search• Self Promoter
  28. 28. Searching• Yahoo Pipes even has a search function for you.• This will let you search the hundreds of pipes already created.• You will be amazed at what you will find.• And all it takes is for you to “Clone” a copy to your pipes page!
  29. 29. Searching• Terms to look for:• PI (all mine are tagged PI)• Facebook• People• Mega• MySpace• Status• Search
  30. 30. Best use??• That’s up to you, but here are my thoughts• Create a Yahoo pipe for each long tail keyword that you are focused on for your business.• Feed this to each of your Web2.0 sites• If you have a lot of Web2.0 sites, you should, then copy/clone each of the above feeds and make a modification to each.• Maybe number of posts, times, etc.
  31. 31. Making your Pipe Private• Search on• Private Yahoo Pipe• Clone that pipe and add it to the pipe you want private.• That’s it!
  32. 32. Content• Now by using this FREE service, you can have content on every one of your websites• This can be updated all the time, or once a day• It can be as unique as you want as well!• You can even use it for Investigations! By monitoring and tracking people, brands or things!
  33. 33. Checking a Spouses PC• It will be taught 11 Feb 2010 from 8pm to 11pm.• You will get a special tool that you can use to let me remotely help you for the first few.•
  34. 34. How to be Anonymous!• YES!!!• I have released my software finally!!!• Surf Anonymously 2010 is out!• For this week only, it is $30 a copy.• Starting next week, it will be $50 a copy• You can purchase your copy at:•• One click and you change anonymous servers around the world!• The list of Anonymous servers is updated daily!• And we NEVER charge an upgrade price! Copyright 2010 PI Mall LLC 34
  35. 35. Checking a Spouses PC• Want to make another $500 next week?• You need this class!• It will be taught 11 Feb 2010 from 8pm to 11pm.•• Don’t forget to sign up for this class!
  36. 36. Upcoming Classes• iPhone Forensics Part 2!! 9 Feb 2010• Check a Cheating Spouse: 11 Feb 2010• Power Lunch: Blackberry Analysis: 9 Feb 2010• Email Investigations 2010 9 Feb 2010• Facebook Investigations 2010 10 Feb 2010• You can sign up at: Copyright 2010 PI Mall LLC 36
  37. 37. Consulting with Joe• I provide investigative and security consulting to investigators and others in the investigative field.• If you have a case or issues that you need help with, please feel free to contact me.• My rates to investigators ONLY are $50 per hour.• Other situations can be discussed. Copyright 2010 PI Mall LLC 37
  38. 38. FREE Classes Next Week!!!• FREE Classes coming up!!!• Internet Predator Tracker Lunch 8 Feb 2010 from 1pm to 2pm• Privacy Phone --- 11 Feb 2010 1pm to 2pm!
  39. 39. Contact• If you need to contact me• Joe Seanor••• Phone: 404-202-1799 (9am to 6pm only please!)
  40. 40. Lastly, and most Importantly!• Buy my software!!!!!• Surf Anonymously goes from $30 to $50 starting next week!!• Sign up as an Affiliate with PI Mall!!• And anytime you need to hire a consultant, I hope you make me your first call!
  41. 41. Really, Most Importantly• Thank you all for attending!!