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11 Simple Tips And Tricks To Picking Up Women


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We all want a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help us attract the broads right? Well you’re going to get just that today, then next time you’re out and you see a girl you like, pull out this list and use each tip.

Once you start to use them regularly, they will become second nature and a part of your personality… this is when you will see real results.

So let’s get started… here are 11 simple tips and tricks to picking up women.

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11 Simple Tips And Tricks To Picking Up Women

  1. 1. 11 Simple Tips And Tricks To Picking Up Women Get more women than you can handle
  2. 2. Use Regularly To Become A Ladies Man...
  3. 3. Where Something That Sparks Intrigue● Girls like a guy who stands out from a crowd● Wear something that is unique● Any type of accessory that looks interesting
  4. 4. Flirt With Your Eyes And Use Facial Expressions● Use your eyes more● Lock eyes with a woman● Give her a smile and hold eye contact
  5. 5. Force A Reaction From Her● Seeing whether she likes you● Reduces your chance of rejection● Forcing her to smile or laugh
  6. 6. Don’t Be Emotional● Dont let a girl scupper your confidence● Get rid of the emotion and move on● Women can sense emotional guys
  7. 7. Make Sure Her Number Is Solid● Call her on the spot● Fake numbers suck
  8. 8. Never Ask Questions… Always Assume● Stop asking crappy questions● Always assume and make statements
  9. 9. Close The Proximity Between You● Touch her more● She needs to know youre more than just a friend
  10. 10. Pause Between Words And Sentences● Be seductive with your words● Pause between words and sentences● Slow down when you talk
  11. 11. Mix Things Up With How You Treat Her● Don’t do the same old predictable things● Touchy feely, jokes... then stand offish● Make her think
  12. 12. Act Spontaneously Sometimes● Do something thats unplanned● She needs to think your fun● Shell remember those times
  13. 13. Have Options With Other Women● Never focus on one woman● You give off a different vibe
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