Lilly Pulitzer Case Study Final


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Lilly Pulitzer Case Study Final

  1. 1. Introduction/Company Overview May 2011 CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT FORWARD
  2. 2. Contents• Company Overview• Why Signup Ads?• A Proven Platform
  3. 3. Company Overview
  4. 4. MissionTo create the most effective performance advertising platformsince cost-per-click by leveraging Signup Ads to deliverquantifiable ROI to advertisers, meaningful new revenue topublishers, and a 100% opt-in experience to consumers
  5. 5. SnapshotThe Leading Social, Mobile & Email Acquisition Platform• Bringing F1000 brand budgets into performance marketing• 4 patents filed (data transfer for signup ads, in-banner signups, mobile signups)Big Growth & Big Customers• Adding 70,000+ new signups per day• 33 million signups since inceptionEmployees and Offices• 56 Employees• Headquartered in NYC with development facility in BangaloreExecutive Team• Involved in online advertising since inception• Senior roles at, Amazon, CBS, IBM, and Time WarnerInvestors• $14MM VC raised from RRE, New Atlantic and Greenhill SAVP
  6. 6. What Are Signup Ads?An entirely new kind of ad unit• Convert impressions and intent into engaged users• Positioned at the intersection of social, mobile, and emailA win/win/win situation• Advertisers only pay when consumers signup• Publishers generate eCPMs up to $200• 100% opt-in experience for the consumerA significant improvement over CPC• Advertisers only pay for true engagement, not clicks• Consumers never leave the site or app
  7. 7. What People Are Saying “We acquire more than half of “A less intrusive experience than a takeover ad that mightour new subscribers through Pontiflex.” click the user into a slow loading mobile screen.” “New York City’s 10 “People acquired through Hottest Tech Startups” Pontiflex were more engaged than even organic sign-ups.” “Pontiflex has changed the face of mobile advertising .” “Pontiflex AppLeads is a game changing solution.”
  8. 8. Why Signup Ads?
  9. 9. Because the Online Ad World has Changed Online advertising has moved from a traffic-based ecosystem to one that is user-driven, based on engaged consumers and their data.
  10. 10. Now, Success Is Based on Actual Users Email: 2 Million Users 600+ million users 46 million users Twitter: 25,000 Users Facebook: 350,000 Users 5 million+ moms 150+ million users 12 million plus email subscribers
  11. 11. Who Will Win? Advertisers who leverage this new environment to create ongoing conversations with consumers Publishers who can deliver engaged consumers to their advertisers in a 100% opt-in, privacy compliant way
  12. 12. A Big IdeaROI Signup Ads CPL Engaged Users AdWords CPC Clicks Banners CPM Impressions
  13. 13. A Proven Platform
  14. 14. F1000 Brands Are Using Signup Ads
  15. 15. Top Web Sites Are Running Signup Ads
  16. 16. Leading Apps are Running Signup AdsA market-maker• Hundreds of developers signed• 115+ million app downloads to dateTrue cross-channel integration• Opt in via mobile• Follow up via social and emailRapid deployment• Live with iPhone and Android• Tablet SDK launching this month
  17. 17. ESP Partnerships: Closing the ROI LoopIntegrated with all of the industry leaders• A critical element to creating a branded performance platform• Provides seamless tracking of campaign effectivenessUnique in the industry• Rapidly becoming a significant sales channel• “Grow my customer base” functionality within the ESP UI
  18. 18. Thank you