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Exempla St. Joseph Hospital: Pain and Comfort Menu


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Exempla St. Joseph Hospital: Pain and Comfort Menu

  1. 1. Your Menu of Pain Control and Comfort OptionsControlling your pain and making your experience with us the very best it can be.
  2. 2. Welcome to Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital.Thank you for choosing us in your time of need. This Menu of Pain Control & Comfort Optionswas designed by patients and caregivers to help you and your nurse and/or doctor make paingoal decisions together. Depending on your individual plan of care, some options may be 1 Comfort items 2 For those times when 3 Comfort actions medication is needed  Warm compress/  Re-positioning heating pad  Talk to your nurse if  Walk in the hall Ice pack you think your pain  requires medication.  Bath or shower  Warm blanket Gentle stretching/range  Ask for your pain   Warm washcloth medication before of motion  Extra pillow the pain returns; ask  Neck pillow your nurse when your pain medication is  Egg crate foam mattress available next. topper  Discuss pain medication  Pillow to raise your combinations with your knees or ankles nurse or doctor.  Humidification for your  Let your nurse know oxygen tube after 45 minutes if your  Saline nose spray pain medication is not  Mouth swab working.  Discuss with your nurse if you have a pain regimen at home that works.
  3. 3. restricted for a time until your condition improves. Please discuss your pain control goals andcomfort options with your nurse and/or doctor. You know how you’re feeling better than anyone,so we hope this menu makes it easier for you to talk to us about your pain control throughout yourdiagnosis and treatment. 4 Personal care items 5 Relaxation options 6 How to keep boredom at bay  Lip balm  Ear plugs  Book or magazine  Toothbrush/toothpaste  Eye shield  DVD player  Deodorant  Stress ball  Deck of cards  Dental floss  Back massager  Puzzle book (crossword  Comb/brush  Personal headphones puzzles, word searches, Sudoku)  Q-tip cotton swabs  Aromatherapy  Handheld video game  Hair tie  Visit from clergy  Shampoo/conditioner  Sound machine  Nail file  CARE TV channel  Pajama bottoms (soothing instrumental music with beautiful images of nature)  Quiet/uninterrupted time (discuss this with your nurse) We look forward to discussing these options with you. If you need additional items or have any questions, please ask your doctor or nurse. Our goal is to make your experience with us the very best it can be.
  4. 4. How’s your pain? Not everyone feels pain the same way. Only you know how badly you hurt. We will work with you to manage your pain. Use this pain scale to describe and rate your pain. And be sure to let your caregivers know if your pain continues after treatment. Agonizing 10 Worst Possible 9 Horrible 8 Very Severe 7 Dreadful 6 Severe 5 Uncomfortable 4 Moderate 3 Annoying Mild 2 1 None No Pain 0©2011 Exempla Healthcare, Inc.