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Exempla Saint Joseph Always Events Poster Presentation


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Exempla Saint Joseph Always Events Poster Presentation

  1. 1. Increasing Patient Participation in Comfort & Pain Control Wendy Rockey, RN, CV Director. Scott Whittal, RN, Clinical Manager Michele King, RN, Shift Coordinator. 3NS Patient Satisfaction Improvement Team 3NS South – Interventional Telemetry Unit Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado Project Description Our always event - The patient will ALWAYS be offered options for pain & comfort, and the patient & caregiver will ALWAYS decide the Always Event Challenge comfort plan together. -Picker Institute- Idea/Inspiration –• Dr. Tom James article When treating patient’s pain, it is too often a routine offering of pain meds, June 2010 followed by a repeat of more of the same. We are missing the discussion that includes the patient, other options, what works for them at home, what can we combine with pain meds to help, etc.• “Always Event” = At the same time, neither patients“Those aspects of the patient and Family nor caregivers can be expected to experience that should always occur think of, or remember, all the options that are available. when patients interact with Healthcare We needed a tool to help. professionals & the delivery system”. Tool – A menu to be used with• Picker Institute awarded 21 grants for each pain assessment. Offering 6 always event ideas. ESJH/3NS/CV ‘courses’… received one of these grants in the amount of $9,920. Comfort items Medication options Outcomes Comfort actions • Have spread menu to 3 tele units. Continue to work on consistent use of the tool. Personal Care items • Initial data shows increasing patient-satisfaction score for pain. Goal of >82 yet to be attained. Relaxation options • Tele staff report that the tool is helping think of all the options & facilitate the conversation Keep boredom at bay • Patient feedback has been positive. One patient said “it’s like a spa”. • Next Steps: House-wide spread •