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Government portal for providing access to digital content, diffusing IT in didactics and connect teachers in a social network.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Innovascuola Case study Giorgio Sironi NEST projectAlta Scuola Politecnica 7th cycle
  2. 2. Description Portal for fostering digital didactics 1)directory of digital contents 2)education material about technology 3)social network Public backing (Italian government) Goals  Providing selected, categorized and human- reviewed material  Educating teachers about e-learning  Connecting teachers and students in their communities
  3. 3. Homepage
  4. 4. Homepage Targets to the three thematic areas  Content  Didactics (methodology)  Social network Also minor, classic areas  Dictionary  Prizes  Newsletter  News
  5. 5. Directory of contents
  6. 6. Directory of contents Search-based  Criteria  Payment required  Target students (age)  Subject (math, arts...)  Textual query Contains reviews for some of the material  Human selection can be activated as a filter
  7. 7. Didactics
  8. 8. Didactics Dedicated to adults Different channels  By target  Professors  Parents  By topic  Web 2.0  Interviews  By frequency of updating  Newsletter  Columns
  9. 9. Social network
  10. 10. Social network Profiles for professors  Personal space and newsfeed  Classical web tools: forum, chat, wiki  Creation  Communities (student census)  Content Goal: connect professors and experiences from different schools
  11. 11. Syndication
  12. 12. Syndication Feeds for the different channels  Can be followed in an aggregator  Can be filtered or mashed up in other tools Public content  Creative Commons license  Distribution with attribution  Non-commercial use, Share-alike (derivative works must maintain the same license)
  13. 13. Business model Government funding Targeted advertising from content providers Platform to improve the efficiency of didactic material market  Expand supply  Makes supply and demand communicate easily  Gathers demand for electronic content
  14. 14. Conclusions Public-backed initiative, presenting externalities  Its goal is not to make money Take-aways  A single platform as a point of reference can improve the market for digital content  Social networks allows for the best targeted advertising, as user preferences are continuously collected  Educational activity for adults (professors and parents) in this domain must not be ignored