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Vocab hotandcoldsummer


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Vocab hotandcoldsummer

  1. 2. Describe a pact you could make with a friend. A pact is an agreement between people or countries in which they promise to do certain things.
  2. 3. What might cause a person to feel queasy? If you feel queasy, you have a sick feeling in your stomach.
  3. 4. What new venture would be good to start during summer vacation? A new venture is a project that is exciting and even risky.
  4. 5. How might a cat show that it is annoyed? To be annoyed means to be somewhat angry about something.
  5. 6. What would happen to a plant that you are depriving of sunlight and water? If someone is depriving you of something, the person is keeping you from having it.
  6. 7. What might a teenager have foisted on a younger brother or sister? If something is foisted on you, it is given to you whether you want it or not.