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My career revised


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My career revised

  1. 1. infantry Important aspects of this job  Facing dangerous situations  Being responsible for other peoples well being and saftey  Work involving team work and co- operation
  2. 2. Duties Five main duties of this job include : Getting deployed overseas Lead other troops Being familiar with weapon systems Engage in combat either armed or hand to hand Stand ready to defend the country
  3. 3. Working conditions Working conditions go from working on base to outdoors to harsh combat zones
  4. 4. earnings Your min/max salary or wage goes up by rank and seniority you start from 32,000 a year and can move up to 80,000 a year
  5. 5. requirements Applicants for the canadian forces must be at least 17 years of age (with parental consent) Must have a grade 10 or higher education Clean record with no criminal convictions
  6. 6. education After completing the basic requirements you have the choice of continuing schooling if you wish.
  7. 7. Level 1 Private / non commissioned members Earnings : 32,000 – 47,000 Requirements: meet minimum requirements (completion of basic training) Responsibilities: living on base, performing drills (weapon operation drills/training for war situations)
  8. 8. Level 2 Corporal/Specialist Earnings : 54,000 to 71,000 Requirements : atleast 4 years of qualifying service Responsibilites :participate in combatInspecting and maintaining weapon systems , attend leadership courses
  9. 9. Level 3 Seargent/Specialist Earnings: 62,000 to 76,000 Requirements :atleast 2 years exp as a master corporal + demonstrated skill and leader ship Responsiblities : commanding small infantry units, assigning and directing
  10. 10. Level 4 Warrant officer 69,000 to 80,000 a year Requirements : atleast 3 years of exp as a sergeant + demonstrated skill and leadershipResponsibilities :, assigning duties, supervising new members and providing leadership
  11. 11. Why I chose this career I chose this career because the army has always been a dream job for me , its not out of my reach and it gives me a selection