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Newsletter PsiControl Mechatronics 2


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Enclosed you will find the second issue of PsiControl Mechatronics’ newsletter, with more news about the current developments at PsiControl Mechatronics. In this issue we will be telling you more about projects for our customers Atlas Copco and Picanol, and about the EN 15085-2 certificate which we achieved for our customer Faiveley Transport.

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Newsletter PsiControl Mechatronics 2

  1. 1. Dear Reader, news Issue II - Q2 2010 enclosed you will find the second issue of our newsletter, with more news about the current developments at PsiControl Mechatronics. As you might be aware, 2009 was one of the hardest years ever for PsiControl Mechatronics and the Picanol Group. However, by raising our capital in 2009, we took an important step towards ensuring the continuity of our group. This resulted in Dun & Bradstreet recently raising its rating for our parent company Picanol nV to a D&B Rating 1 company (highest creditworthiness, minimal risk of failure). Another positive signal is that we will shortly begin recruiting more employees. strategically, we are planning to dedicate ourselves to the further expansion of our controller competences. For example, in this issue we will be telling you more about projects for our customers Atlas Copco and Picanol, and about the en 15085-2 certificate which we achieved for our customer Faiveley Transport – we are the first Belgian company ever to achieve this certificate. Central to these customer projects is our expertise in the field of industrial controllers. new concepts in automization require that controllers continue to work under all circumstances. Based on our many years of experience, we are extremely well-equipped to offer solutions in diverse industrial sectors. with our custom-made electronic controls, combined with, for example, actuators or step motors, we can offer our customers a complete solution. As well as a project management system, we also make use of pre-developed platforms, to keep the development process and lead time as short as possible. This newsletter contains more information about several applications and provides an idea of how we got to where we currently stand. we hope you will enjoy reading our newsletter! Cathy Defoor VP PsiControl Mechatronics More than 20,000 controllers for Atlas Copco! As one of the largest suppliers of industrial products PsiControl Mechatronics was responsible for the complete worldwide, Atlas Copco offers a whole range of products development process of this new controller, from analysis and services - from compressed air equipment and gas and co-design to production and testing. The robust compressors, generators, mining equipment, industrial controller not only has an excellent design and outstanding tools and assembly systems to after-sales services performance, but can also be perfectly integrated in all and rental. The group, which has its headquarters types of networking environments. Furthermore, the in Stockholm, Sweden, is active in more than 170 controller’s energy-saving algorithms enable Atlas Copco’s countries worldwide. Since the end of 2008, PsiControl ‘net zero energy consumption concept’. The production Mechatronics has been producing all-in-one controllers, of the 20,000th controller in the autumn of 2009 was which are used in the Atlas Copco Industrial Air a milestone in a long and fruitful cooperation between industrial stationary compressors. PsiControl Mechatronics and Atlas Copco. photo: Atlas Copco PsiControl Mechatronics at MIDEST 2009 PsiControl Mechatronics was present at Midest 2009, the production and the logistic supply of cables, electronic circuit most important European trade fair for suppliers, which boards and complete mechatronic modules. The larger took place from 17-20 November 2009. As Belgium was the volumes are usually shipped from our Romanian branch in host country this year, this was an excellent opportunity to Brasov. The main branch in Ypres produces prototypes and showcase Psicontrol Mechatronics’ controller platform to the smaller series. world. We also presented our assets in the field of 1
  2. 2. PsiControl Mechatronics first Belgian EN 15085-2 try to always comply with the highest European quality certified company standards. PsiControl Mechatronics was awarded the certificate as a result of the cooperation with Faiveley Recently, PsiControl Mechatronics was certified to Transport, one of the largest suppliers of railway systems design, develop and test welding of railway material in the world ( according to the EN 15058-2 norm, the first European norm with regard to welding of railway vehicles and components. The welding of railway vehicles and parts can only be done by experts who have a certificate to verify their skills and abilities. Within the European market, the EN 15085 (which replaced DIN 6700) certificate is the reference for the recognition and acceptance of railway material in the European EU member states. PsiControl Mechatronics is extremely proud to be the first company in Belgium to achieve the EN 15085-2 certificate, as this is again proof of how we Our roots in high-tech weaving machines costs and project lead time controllable, whilst ensuring As a subsidiary of the Picanol Group and technological a high standard. All of our fixed supplier of motors and controllers for Picanol electronic controls and motors weaving machines, PsiControl Mechatronics has played an are also designed to withstand important role in the expansion of this manufacturer of extreme industrial conditions, industrial weaving machines. Because of its technological fluctuations in temperature, dust, edge and focus on energy efficiency and machine moisture and vibrations. This, performance, Picanol has been at the forefront of the combined with a long life cycle industry for more than 70 years and is now one of the and the ‘zero-service’ quality for leading manufacturers of weaving machines in the world. the electronic and mechatronic As a result of the many years of cooperation between modules, gives both Picanol PsiControl Mechatronics and Picanol, PsiControl’s and other original equipment expertise in the field of electronic controllers and step manufacturers the time and motors has grown enormously. PsiControl Mechatronics peace of mind to focus on always tries to offer a custom-made solution for industrial their core competences and to machine manufacturers according to their specific extend their technological edge. requirements. These solutions are always based on our Latest and fastest rapier weaving machine in the world, the Picanol OptiMax existing development platforms; to keep the development Industrial ‘all-in-one controller’ controller with different types of motor at the Hannover Messe 2010 (hall 13, stand B69) systems (such as step motors, actuators etc). This offers Psicontrol Mechatronics If you missed us at Midest, then come and visit us at the the opportunity to deliver custom-made Hannover Messe - the world’s leading trade fair for industrial integrated solutions for a wide range of technology. Together with our Romanian subsidiary - applications in many different industrial PsiControl Mechatronics Srl - we will be showcasing our sectors. The Hannover Messe will be taking place from electronic controllers at this fair. One of the key technologies 19-23 April 2010. which we will also be introducing is the combination of our Further information can be found at: We always like to receive feedback about our newsletter. Please mail your comments to If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, please e-mail us, writing ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ as the subject title to You can also contact PsiControl Mechatronics by telephone (+32/57 409696) or visit our website at Editor: Cathy Defoor, PsiControl Mechatronics, K. Steverlyncklaan, BE-8900 Ypres, Belgium Tel +32 57 40 96 96, Fax +32 57 40 96 97 2