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Inglês doenças


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Inglês doenças

  1. 1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  2. 2. Agrupamento de Escolas de Fajões 2011/2012Student: Ricardo OliveiraClass: 11º BForming: Lucia Santos
  3. 3.  In this PowerPoint I will show you what happens when we do sex without a protection.
  4. 4.  We can minimize the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases by practicing safe sex with condom use and making the screening test. The more partners you have the greater your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.
  5. 5.  There are several causes for sexually transmitted diseases. The diseases caused by the virus are warts, herpes genital, hepatitis B and HIV-SIDA.
  6. 6.  Diseases caused by bacteria are gonorrhea, clamídia and syphilis..
  7. 7.  Last but not least, the diseases caused by parasites such as scabies, trichomoniasis and pubic lice infestation.
  8. 8.  Gonorreia  Hepatite B Sífilis  SIDA Uretrite  Candidíase Vulvovaginite  Tricomoníase Herpes genital  Pediculose púbica (chatos)
  9. 9.  The fewer sexual partners a person has, the lower the risk of infection. Most sexually transmitted diseases can be avoided to a large extent by practising safe sex (eg using condoms). You should try not to have casual sex.
  10. 10.  If youre under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, dont even consider having sex with anyone. Most sexually transmitted diseases can be cured if they are diagnosed and treated in their early stages.
  11. 11.  I hope that after my presentation, all of you have understand the importance of safe sex