Rosslyn RA.Pid Extract for SAP Fact Sheet


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The Future of Data Exchange is Here with Rosslyn Analytics RA.Pid Out-Of-The-Box Extraction capability.

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Rosslyn RA.Pid Extract for SAP Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Product Sheet RA.Pid™ Extract for SAP “Targeted, accurate one-click extraction in 60 seconds”Accurate and timely data extraction is vital to the success of reporting projects. Unfortunately,organizations around the world continue to struggle to integrate, standardize and improve the quality ofdata pulled from disparate data sources. To address this business-critical issue, Rosslyn Analytics, theindustry leader in cloud-based spend data management solutions, developed RA.Pid Extract Studio, asuite of vendor-certified, self-service applications that enable business and IT users to automaticallyextract all data directly from JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP in minutes.RA.Pid Extract for SAPRA.Pid Extract for SAP is more than just an extraction script. The patent-pending application comeswith a business logic that enables you to automatically (or manually) extract accounting, purchase order,requisition, expense and static data in minutes using pre-defined tables and fields. It’s that easy.Quick & Easy RA.Pid Extract Steps: Key Business Benefits:1) Download application onto your desktop  Reduce IT time and resources2) Select pre-defined datamarts for extraction  Empower users to manage data3) Click start to instantly run your extraction  Improve quality of enteprise data4) Export extracted data into multiple formats  Instant extraction without programingRA.Pid Extract for SAP Features:  Ease: RA.Pid Extract is ready-to-run once the application has been downloaded and installed on your desktop and connection to SAP has been approved.  Speed: The secure extraction process is able to commence in just one-click following the single configuration phase. RA.Pid Extract has no impact on your IT infrastructure.  Accuracy: Accurate extraction of all data including payment-related data is guaranteed because RA.Pid Extract targets a pre-defined set of dynamic and static SAP tables and fields.  Security: RA.Pid Extract quickly connects to SAP via standard SAP security protocols, which controls access to selected tables.  Read only: RA.Pid Extract is strictly read only and safely and accurately extracts data from SAP.  Immediate access: RA.Pid Extract enables you to view and interact with data in real-time as it is being extracted, including filtering, searching and grouping data.  Manual extraction: Powerful advanced features give technical users more flexibility to extract any data from SAP.  Secure data transfer: RA.Pid Extract enables the secure transfer of data due to the built-in file compression and automated SFTP utilities.  No training: No manual support or supervision is required once extraction commences due to fully automated “lights out” capability.  Scheduling: RA.Pid Extract can be scheduled to run fully automated (“unattended”) whenever.Contact Us: Telephone: +44(0)203 285 8008 / Email: / www.rosslynanalytics.comAddress: 5th Floor, 1 Warwick Row, London SW1E 5ER, United Kingdom.
  2. 2. Free 30-Day TrialWe recognize you wouldn’t buy a car without atest drive so we encourage you to experienceRA.Pid Extract for SAP with a free 30-day trial*.Contact us and we will have you up and extractingtoday. (*Trial is limited to 100 rows of header data and three rowsof header-related data.)Affordable PriceRA.Pid Extract for SAP is quick and easy to useby anyone, and affordable. The price is just $600per user, per month, or $6,000 per user, per year,for unlimited extractions. You also receive oneannual subscription to RA.Pid for Excel.RA.Pid Spend Data Management PlatformThe RA.Pid Extract Studio is also fully integrated with the cloud-based RA.Pid Spend Data ManagementPlatform, which quickly transforms spend data into actionable intelligence by automatically cleansing,harmonizing, categorizing and enriching data from any number of sources.The RA.Pid Platform, coupled with the industry’s first RA.Pid Apps Store, provides finance, procurementand IT with more than 50 unique advanced drill-down analytical reports, data capture and data cleansingtools starting from $99 per user, per month. Available applications include Dashboards, Card Analysis,Category Analysis, Expense Analysis, Payment Analysis, Variance Analysis, Contract Manager, SupplierMaster File Analysis and Advanced Spend Reporting Framework. Organizations often start with RA.Pidfor Excel, which gives users the ability to run base spending reports and identify duplicate paymentswithin minutes of loading data into the RA.Pid platform.About Rosslyn AnalyticsRosslyn Analytics, the world leader in cloud-based self-service spend data management solutions,enables organizations of all sizes to radically accelerate from months to minutes the time it takes toobtain, transform and analyze spend data. In January 2011, Rosslyn Analytics was recognized by JMPSecurities, a full-service investment bank, as one of the best privately held software companies in theworld. Organizations using RA.Pid include BG Group, Bristol University, Capita, Clifford Chance,Cobham, Exeter University, ICAP, Patheon, Pitney Bowes, Rio Tinto and many others."Clifford Chance obtained an ROI of over 100% within eight weeks of Rosslyn Analytics extracting thecustomers data from Oracle and other third-party data feeds from around the world." - Rob Morris, ChiefProcurement Officer, Clifford Chance.“Within five minutes of loading our multi-site spend data into the web-based RA.Pid platform, my groupprocurement department has visibility of categorized data in which to run base spending reports toidentify saving opportunities today, not tomorrow." - Steve Bowdler, Group Procurement Manager,Produce World.Contact Us: Telephone: +44(0)203 285 8008 / Email: / www.rosslynanalytics.comAddress: 5th Floor, 1 Warwick Row, London SW1E 5ER, United Kingdom.