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Politician Harold Albrecht's Response to the Melchert-Dinkel Guilty Verdict


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Remember to join us this Saturday evening (March 19th) at 9:00 PM EDT to discuss the guilty verdict as well as its far reaching consequences with our guest panel that includes TV’s Cop Doc, Dr. Richard Weinblatt and Nancy Grace regular, criminal profiler Pat Brown. (Link;

Use the following link to access our complete coverage of the Melchert-Dinkel case:

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Politician Harold Albrecht's Response to the Melchert-Dinkel Guilty Verdict

  1. 1. Working HAROLD Hard YOU for ALBRECHT Member of Parliament, Kitchener-Conestoga 153 Country Hill Drive, Unit 2A Kitchener, ON N2E 2G7 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 16th, 2011 “Her family deserved this closure” -- Harold Albrecht Internet Predator found guilty of encouraging suicide, faces possible 15-year jail termKitchener, Ontario — The survivors of Nadia Kajouji waited three years, but were granted some closure through thisweek’s ruling by a Minnesota judge who found William Melchert-Dinkel of two counts of encouraging suicide. Thesecharges may result in a jail sentence of up to 15 years.“Nadia was a victim,” noted Kitchener-Conestoga MP Harold Albrecht. “Nadia was in a vulnerable state, andsomeone used the internet to pose as a friend and confidante -- someone whose only goal was to cause death.”Nadia’s brother found some solace in the ruling. “This crime isn’t going unpunished, and that’s the bottom line,” saidMarc Kajouji on hearing the news. “It could be a deterrent for the future.”Most offensive to Albrecht was that the accused accepted all facts the prosecution presented as evidence, butmaintained his innocence despite these facts.“This predator encouraged death among our vulnerable, left a trail of dead bodies in his wake; admitted toeverything, but wanted the courts to decide there was no crime;” said Albrecht. “There is value in every human life.Nadia’s death was a crime. Her family deserved this closure.”In his ruling, Judge Thomas Neuville noted that Melchert-Dinkel engaged in “repeated and relentlessencouragement” for Nadia to commit suicide while disguising his true identity and impersonating a female studentof similar age.“There are good, reputable sources of help and counsel available to youth,” added Albrecht. “There are also,unfortunately, more individuals like this predator and a strong message of deterrence is needed.“The best thing we can do to support someone experiencing depression is help them find legitimate help beforesomeone like Melchert-Dinkel finds them online, alone, and vulnerable.” —30—For more information please contact:David Drewe, Assistant toHarold Albrecht MPKitchener-Conestoga519.498.3633