How Organizations Can Realize
     Transparency, Control and
     Significant Cost Reduction

     From: American Print Ma...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Key Sections:

       P. 1     Pri...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Executive Summary

The pursuit of ex...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Print Is a Misnomer                  ...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Negotiated Methods – Procurement orga...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

To obtain work that fills otherwise i...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Third, the supplier-selection criteri...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

e-LYNXX Web-based Management System -...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Case Studies Support the Achievement ...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Optimizing this Business Model       ...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

Organizations using e-LYNXX services,...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

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Michael Jackson is ...
How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction

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How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction (White Paper)


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A white paper describing a new and innovative method to procure print and other customized goods and services has been published by e-LYNXX Corporation, the leading print management and procurement licensing firm in North America. Titled "How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control, and Significant Cost Reduction," the white paper examines how e-LYNXX utilizes its patented competitive procurement method in conjunction with 10 best business practices and its robust work flow and communications system. The result is a measured hard-dollar reduction in the procured cost of print of no less than 25% compared to the historical cost of the same print projects.

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How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction (White Paper)

  1. 1. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction From: American Print Management, a division of Patented Business Method Delivers Hard-Dollar Savings Across Vertical Markets Michael E. Jackson Chief Operating Officer e-LYNXX Corporation 1051 Sheffler Drive Chambersburg, PA 17201 toll-free: 888-876-5432 local: 717-709-0990 fax: 717-709-0991 e-mail: web:
  2. 2. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Key Sections: P. 1 Print definition P. 1-3 Traditional verses modern procurement methods P. 2 Contribution pricing benefits P. 3-4 Advantages of a large supplier pool P. 4 New patented methodology – foundation for cost reduction P. 5 e-LYNXX services as an extension of internal procurement department capabilities P. 6 The e-LYNXX Print Management Center – the engine to facilitate improved supplier management and cost reduction P.7 Case studies – actual cost savings from 26% to 40% P.9 Best practices for maximizing benefits of the e-LYNXX method Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  3. 3. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Executive Summary The pursuit of expense reduction has led many organizations to conclude that their traditionally effective strategies and tactics applied in the historically target- rich expense categories no longer seem to be enough. Organizations now require game changing, innovative and fresh approaches that will deliver sustainable results; without adversely impacting product or service quality and without mortgaging their future. In many organizations, there exists at least one spend area that is shielded from C-level management, decentralized, rarely monitored and thinly regulated. One area prone to this scenario is the procurement of outsourced print material and services. Print is typically classified under a variety of accounting codes, delegated to a marketing or purchasing leader, or bought by a mid-level employee working at the fringes of the organization. For more than 30 years, e-LYNXX Corporation has developed solutions that dramatically reduce the operating costs associated with print and related customized goods and services. e-LYNXX has quietly processed millions of print projects through its systems, amassing extensive expertise and one of the largest repositories of print procurement information anywhere. Organizations partner with e-LYNXX to achieve dramatic cost reduction in this significant outsourced expense category while enhancing their procurement transparency, effectiveness and control. e-LYNXX facilitates these benefits by applying its proven and patented business methods supported by its proprietary database, domain expertise and robust workflow and communication system. The e-LYNXX data demonstrates consistent, hard-dollar cost savings in the range of 25% to 40% where pricing has been obtained from the client’s pre-qualified suppliers using e-LYNXX’s controlled bid-and-award model. Reductions were measured by comparing the low price (awarded price) to the average of all other prices offered (market price). In cases where historical price was compared to that obtained through this method, reductions have been even more dramatic. The business method used to garner these savings is contained in U.S. Patent No. 6,397,197 and, U.S. Patent No. 7,451,106 - both owned by e-LYNXX Corporation. Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  4. 4. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Print Is a Misnomer Paying the Price for “Partner” Buying When most executives think of print, they think of While print production processes have benefited ink on paper. It’s largely associated with basic from dramatic technological innovations, the print business sundry that includes business cards, procurement process of turning a creative idea into letterhead and stationary. As such, print is not often a printed or digitally mastered product remains recognized or treated as a major operating expense virtually unchanged. Buyers continue to face a category. Print in business, however, is more, much perceived dilemma when attempting to more. Broadly speaking, the term print applies to simultaneously achieve the business objectives of the creation or reproduction of an image or other low price, high quality and fast service. The information on any substrate or material by any conventional paradigm has been to conclude that method. This includes: you cannot have high quality, fast delivery and low cost all at once, and, indeed this has been true commercial printing historically: packaging, cartons, containers and labels marketing materials, direct mail, and You demand top quality on a rush order, advertising specialties but are forced to pay a premium price; point of purchase displays, billboards and You have a limited budget for a high quality signage project, but must suffer slower delivery; binders, folders, and collateral material You need a quick turn-around at minimal financial, regulatory, investment, and legal cost, but must accept diminished quality. information and reports business forms Thus, while any two of the three elements of quality, duplication and copying timeliness and cost may be attainable, all three were maps and engineering drawing not prior to introduction of the e-LYNXX method. product, personnel, and training manuals credit, phone and identification cards Further, print procurement in most organizations CD, DVD and digitally mastered items remains a largely decentralized process that abdicates print buying authority to autonomous newspapers, magazines and inserts purchasing “silos” with independent processes, screen-processed and embroidered items budgets, specifications and supplier relationships. items reproduced on paper, plastic, or This lack of coordination is reinforced by customer other substrate dependence on a limited number of print suppliers . . . and the list goes on. to specify the elements of the jobs, establish delivery terms, and adjust change orders. When buyers lose When you properly expand its definition and sum control of ordering, production and delivery, print the associated costs, it is apparent that print costs and terms are set by the supplier. represents a significant expense category and, in fact, can equate to 3% or more of an organization’s gross revenues. Yet, unlike other significant expense Competitive Procurement Methods areas, print tends to be overlooked and is often There are a number of traditional competitive procured through relationship-dependent processes procurement methods that respectively achieve carried out in a decentralized and fragmented varied levels of effectiveness, fiscally and otherwise. approach. And it is no wonder because print is These include: complex to procure and demanding to manage. The effectiveness and control practices normally applied Relationship Dependent – Here the buyer to commodity procurements are challenged by print consistently awards work to the same or same set of given its frequent requirement changes, often trusted supplier(s) through open-ended uncontrolled enterprise-wide buying practices and specifications. Though buyers often achieve a high rarely leveraged supplier capability. This frequently level of comfort and confidence in the quality and results in costly informal and dependent “partner” service realized through this arrangement, the relationships between print buyers and a limited associated cost performance is usually poor. number of suppliers. 1 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  5. 5. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Negotiated Methods – Procurement organizations customization, their prices are established when the often seek, and gain, a more cost-favorable position specific goods or services are themselves identified, by consolidating their supplier base, aggregating either through an actual order or some type of their demand and leveraging volume commitments solicitation. Only then can the manufacturer or in exchange for reduced price through a pre- service provider assess the precise quality and determined “rate card” arrangement. These manufacturing or service specifications required to methods deliver savings in the range of 20% when perform the job. compared to the Relationship Dependent model. While a rate card structure allows buyers to Competitive Techniques – The proliferation of e- experience consistent pricing for their commercial procurement has presented improved competitive print requirements, it offers less savings potential procurement techniques in recent years that have than a model including more suppliers. A well resulted in more attractive pricing. Methods such as managed bid-and-award model enables buyers to spot bidding and reverse auctions result in further seize savings by encouraging suppliers to price their reduced supplier pricing levels typically achieving a jobs using a “contribution pricing” strategy. 25% reduction verses Negotiated Methods. The Benefits of Contribution Pricing Limitations of Rate Card Pricing When computing rate card prices, suppliers consider Many organizations utilize “rate card” pricing to costs for unknown future variables that include purchase print. This method gained particular favor cyclical paper pricing, peak production periods, and when purchasing departments were forced to the potential to lose future sales opportunities due downsize and left with fewer resources to execute to rate card program obligations. In short, suppliers management of complex procurement jobs over a build rate card prices with intent to favorably cover large pool of potential suppliers. It became these unknowns. necessary to reduce the supplier base to a level more manageable for smaller procurement staffs. All producers of customized goods or services One adverse outcome of reducing the number of (including printers) have unwanted downtime and suppliers was to limit the overall supplier capability underutilized capacity caused by maintenance set and, force acceptance of deliverables based on needs, stand-by capacity preserved for potential just their capabilities. orders from regular customers, and general periods of low market demand. This unused manufacturing It was expected that the rate card strategy would capacity presents itself in a non-uniform way but yield cost reduction in two ways. First, since price normally amounts to 30% or more of total available was applied as principle selection criteria during production time. (See Figure 1) The idle equipment vendor rationalization, hard-dollar cost savings and labor costs associated with this open capacity would be achieved. Second, the reduced number of cut deeply into a printer’s profit margin. Managing suppliers would require less vendor management customer orders in a way that minimizes unused and administrative activity which in itself would production capacity is, in fact, what distinguishes the return soft-dollar savings. profitable printer from the insolvent one. The problem with applying this negotiated method to print procurement is that it fails to address the most important distinctions associated with buying specification-defined goods and services, including print. Depending on the degree of customization, such products cannot be pre-stocked, but instead must be manufactured or provided to meet the buyer’s particular job specifications and requirements at the time the job is ordered. Figure 1. Consequently, they cannot be purchased "off-the- Illustrating the typical printer’s percentage of used and available capacity in use over a 10 day period shelf" at fixed prices appearing on standard price lists. Instead, to accommodate the required 2 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  6. 6. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction To obtain work that fills otherwise idle capacity, When production is underutilized, equipment and savvy printers will offer extremely low pricing, people are idle, paper is available at deep discounts, provided that they can do so without establishing a and printers are incentivized to offer dramatic precedent for future price expectation. This strategy pricing discounts. Yet under these same is called “contribution pricing”, because when a circumstances, rate card prices do not drop, and printer bids work below normal rates, any income therefore do not reflect the favorable pricing above out-of-pocket costs offsets fixed environment. Comparatively, the same job, when overhead and thereby “contributes” 100% to the sent for competitive bid, would be priced lower in an bottom line. effort, by a subset of suppliers, to offset idle production staff and equipment. To illustrate the benefit to a print supplier of deeply discounted contribution pricing, consider the Why More Suppliers is Better following example. Here, a printer earns a 3% operating profit during a week when it sells 70% of The scenario where production capacity goes unused its production capacity at “normal rates”. The exists for all printers. However, different print following assumptions are used: suppliers will experience demand peaks and valleys at different times. As multiple suppliers are added Work week: 40 hours to a pool of peers, the likelihood of one or more of Capacity utilization: 70% (or 28 hours) them experiencing open capacity at any given time Capacity reserved for maintenance: 5% (or increases allowing the buying organization to locate 2 hours) and take advantage of contribution pricing. Figure 3 Bonus hours available: 25% (or 10 hours) shows an example where ten printers with varied Normal selling rate: $2,000/hour (includes production utilization are compared over a 10 day all equipment) period. As demonstrated here, the available Revenue for the week: $ 56,000 (28 hours x capacity across the supplier base becomes $ 2,000/hour) significantly greater as suppliers are added to the Out-of-pocket materials are charged pool. This phenomenon continues as suppliers are separately and at cost added but with less impact per supplier after a point. By selling its 25% available production capacity (10 hours) at a 50% discount from normal selling rate (50% x $2,000/hour or $ 1,000/hour), the printer “contributes” $10,000 (10 hours x $1,000/hour) directly to its bottom line and improves operating profit for the week from 3% to 18%. Base Business Full Utilization Base Hours Used 28 28 Selling Rate $ 2,000 $ 2,000 Total $ 56,000 $ 56,000 - Bonus Hours Used 0 10 Figure 3. Illustrating the significant amount of available capacity across a pool of 10 suppliers Selling Rate $ - $ 1,000 Total $ - $ 10,000 The hypothesis that the addition of more suppliers Total Revenue $ 56,000 $ 66,000 will yield greater cost savings is supported by empirical data. In a comprehensive study of 138 Fixed Costs (Salaries, thousand jobs representing $900 million of awarded $ 54,320 $ 54,320 equipment, facilities, etc.) print work, e-LYNXX discovered a direct correlation between the number of qualified suppliers Operating Profit $ $ 1,680 $ 11,680 responding to an invitation for bid and the amount Operating Profit % 3% 18% of savings realized by the print buyers. The savings Figure 2. presented are a reflection of the difference between Impact of contribution pricing on profitability the low bid and the average of the remaining bids. 3 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  7. 7. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction A New Model for Regaining Purchasing Control Total Dollar Market Number of Average Total of Number of Volume of Total Dollar Spread Responding Bidders Awarded Jobs Job Value Dollars Awarded Average Savings Cost e-LYNXX offers its clients an innovative approach Remaining Bids Savings that allows them to capture the significant cost 10 10,224 $4,471 $45,711,504 $84,650,935 $38,939,431 46% savings available when their suppliers employ a 9 12,148 $4,493 $54,580,964 $99,238,116 $44,657,152 45% contribution pricing strategy. This is accomplished 8 14,066 $5,225 $73,494,850 $131,240,803 $57,745,953 44% by applying the e-LYNXX patented method; 7 16,596 $6,553 $108,753,588 $175,409,012 $66,655,424 38% supported and enabled by e-LYNXX print domain 6 18,693 $6,374 $119,149,182 $189,125,685 $69,976,503 37% expertise, robust management system and sensible 5 21,084 $7,106 $149,822,904 $237,814,133 $87,991,229 37% best procurement practices. The competitive 4 22,773 $7,613 $173,370,849 $270,891,951 $97,521,102 36% method is the key to this program’s success. The 3 22,310 $7,333 $163,599,230 $247,877,621 $84,278,391 34% patent covers an innovative method of competitive TOTAL 137,894 $6,443 $888,483,071 $1,436,248,256 $547,765,185 38% pricing based on a process that matches supplier Figure 4. production capabilities, stored in a database, with Illustrates the direct relationship between the number of print project specifications, also stored in a responding bidders and market savings database. Here is how it works: Take Advantage of the Marketplace, Not the First, the print buying organization determines which Suppliers of its preferred suppliers will participate in the system. This is accomplished through a pre- Traditional procurement methods have failed to qualification and approval process where suppliers solve the cost – quality – service dilemma because of are invited to submit information demonstrating their inability to take advantage of contribution production capabilities and detailing any socio- pricing without incurring prohibitive administrative economic information that the buyer deems costs or sacrificing quality or timeliness. To important (e.g. small-disadvantaged, minority or overcome the dilemma, print buyers need a method women-owned business). Based on the information of competitive procurement that identifies at least submitted, each approved supplier is assigned to one supplier willing to offer contribution pricing on appropriate product categories and quality levels any given job. This, in turn, requires a procurement and all information is entered and maintained in an program that: electronic database. e-LYNXX’s 5 Step Patented Method ● identifies and manages a supplier pool large enough to ensure that open production capacity exists at any point a business need is identified ● offers printers an inexpensive, cost effective, and reliable system for obtaining access to print jobs and specifications without added marketing costs and sales commissions; and ● encourages printers to offer contribution pricing on a consistent basis by allowing each print supplier to bid high, bid low, or not bid at all based strictly on its Figure 5 – Summary of U.S. Patent No. 7,451,106 manufacturing capabilities and need to fill Second, the buyer's production needs are similarly open production capacity, instead of relying quantified in a detailed set of objective on the printer's product expertise to manufacturing specifications and purchasing establish price. requirements that contain various supplier-selection criteria (e.g. product category, quality level and geographic location). This will set the parameters for determining which suppliers are qualified to bid on each particular job request. 4 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  8. 8. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Third, the supplier-selection criteria are extracted How e-LYNXX makes this process succeed in from the solicitation and automatically matched Client Organizations against each of the relevant production and socio- economic attributes in the buyer’s supplier base to The e-LYNXX management system, professional identify those suppliers that meet each of the services and proprietary programs provide a requisite criteria. The solicitation is electronically complementary extension of an organization’s sent to each identified supplier requesting a bid or internal print procurement capability. e-LYNXX pricing estimate. services and technology are designed to provide all the essentials required to realize the full benefit of Finally, bids or price quotations are received the patented competitive method. electronically from those suppliers wishing to participate, and because the bids are responsive to e-LYNXX staff performs all the implementation, the same set of detailed specifications, they are deployment and readiness activities required to comparable in nature and can be immediately execute the competitive method and establish a ranked from low to high. The job can then be foundation for sustained success. Beginning with promptly awarded to the low bidder, and, at the the supplier qualification process, e-LYNXX employs buyer’s option, bid results can be released to those its proprietary and objective program to source and suppliers who submitted losing bids. qualify all prospective suppliers on behalf of its clients. In doing so, e-LYNXX manages all details This objective method ensures that a supplier’s required to: response to a particular job does not set precedent source prospective suppliers which could otherwise affect future expectation. If a invite prospective suppliers supplier were to offer a low price on a particular job objectively qualify suppliers based solely on available capacity, traditional enter and maintain supplier attributes procurement thinking would lead the buyer to train suppliers expect this price in all future similar transactions. monitor and report supplier performance Conversely, if the supplier were to bid high or not at all due to its production being at full capacity, a e-LYNXX also supports the need to prescribe projects procurement paradigm might lead the buyer to label through clear and complete specifications. This is the supplier as non-competitive or disinterested and accomplished by building and managing a library of exclude it from future opportunities. templates that represent each client’s most common The e-LYNXX method ultimately allows the buying print projects. e-LYNXX print specialists also provide organization to seek out open capacity within its consultative services as well as review and entry of own pre-qualified suppliers and enjoy savings from project specifications on a job-by-job basis. work being produced at a dramatically reduced cost. Suppliers benefit because they no longer need worry Once projects are specified, eligible to be matched about future impact of precedent, and they are not against supplier attributes and released for required to hold unprofitable idle production time in competitive bid, the e-LYNXX team begins reserve for their premiere customers. Buyers also production management and milestone monitoring. benefit by maintaining a preferred supplier pool The e-LYNXX print specialists proactively monitor large enough to ensure that at any point a number and manage the progress of individual projects from of suppliers are compelled to win work at inception to acceptance and final payment, significantly reduced pricing to fill their unused providing communication to appropriate production capacity. stakeholders and remedy of any project issues. U.S. Patent No. 7,451,106 changes the process from A consistent flow and scalable taxonomy of complex one where suppliers determine price based on what and interdependent information is required for they believe the buyer is willing to pay, to one where organizations to successfully execute the powerful e- the supplier bids based solely on its own production LYNXX method. To this end, e-LYNXX employs a status. This allows each supplier to bid high, low or robust web-based, secure and hosted Print not at all based on its production schedule and Management Center. without negative repercussions. 5 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  9. 9. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction e-LYNXX Web-based Management System - The PMC system is designed to be flexible and Print Management Center (PMC) adaptable. Built-in configuration capabilities address organizational structure, assign access and Practical, sensibly-applied technology is essential to permissions, establish standards, and enforce leveraging the value of expertise and the business purchasing policies. The system is tailored to method patents. e-LYNXX secure and hosted Print become a client organization’s own private Management Center (PMC) platform provides its procurement portal. Available via Internet, the client organizations with the supplier management, system provides convenient access only to those workflow, communications, procurement and organizational stakeholders, ad agencies, suppliers reporting capabilities required to execute the and others granted access. Information is private patented competitive method, achieve cost and secure and managed with complete control. reduction and realize process improvement. Clients benefit from gaining the ability to: The PMC works as an application service provider Configure divisions, departments and (ASP), web-based solution to allow print buyers and individual users their suppliers to collaborate more efficiently and Enforce standard practices, while effectively. PMC manages the entire print maintaining necessary flexibility procurement process, from the initial creative Create teams, roles and rights based concept through delivery and invoicing. This is security accomplished through an intuitive and easy-to-use Achieve complete reporting on all aspects interface providing automated workflow and of the organization and activities, such as: communication while tracking job timeliness, quality o Suppliers and supplier responsiveness. The system virtually o Divisions and users eliminates time consuming faxes, e-mail, phone calls o Print projects and meetings and provides full accountability and o Price management transparency maintaining an indelible record of all o Task management system transactions and communication. The PMC is hosted and managed by e-LYNXX as a The PMC supports novice-enabled specification private and secure system. This means that clients entry; easy supplier qualification and performance have no software to install, no upgrades to perform monitoring; budget estimating and bidding; price and never have to worry about backups or security. ranking and comparisons; milestone monitoring; e-LYNXX handles all of the details, including quality; timeliness; delivery checking; change order redundancy at their technology center. and invoice handling; on-demand reporting and financial information; and exclusive management- PMC also cares for the fact that every member of the by-exception portals that automatically alert client’s staff involved in procurement has unique stakeholders when anything goes astray. responsibilities and capabilities. The system allows client’s to determine access levels and supports this The patented e-LYNXX business method formed the by providing each user with controlled access to the basis for development of the PMC system. The information that they require. From a single portal, system is built on five key operating categories users access project information, complete tasks and essential to a sound print procurement program: communicate with others. All of this activity is indelibly recorded and auditable. 1. Supplier-base sourcing and management, 2. Specification writing, estimating, Opposing the trend to limit suppliers, PMC embraces collaboration, review and approval, and supports a model that incorporates scalable, 3. Solicitation distribution, bidding and award, controlled-bidding and allows buyers to increase the 4. Job monitoring, quality control and contract number of pre-qualified suppliers invited to bid. Yet, compliance, and due to its built-in automated workflow and 5. Invoicing, payment and cost allocation. communication tools, PMC actually reduces the administrative burden and costs associated with supplier management. 6 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  10. 10. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Case Studies Support the Achievement of Case #3: Business Association Significant Hard-Dollar Savings This business association procures print to support e-LYNXX clients include some of the most recognized its own and its member organizations. Commonly market leaders in North America. These procured print items include brochures and flyers, organizations represent a variety of industries and promotional material, event invitations and serve diverse business and consumer vertical membership directories. markets. The magnitude of investment that these Number of projects awarded: 109 organizations make annually in print ranges from Average project award value: $2,955 modest to extensive. Yet without exception, when Low project award value: $146 these organizations began to execute the patented High project award value: $36,085 business method and adopt e-LYNXX sensible Achieved market savings: 31% business rules, cost reduction was compelling and the results underscore that significant cost reduction Case #4: Transportation/Freight Services Provider is available to virtually any organization. This freight services provider procures print for a Results from six randomly selected organizations wide variety of internal and external applications. representing varied industries and spend levels were These include direct mail, marketing and collected and reported over a quarter. The results promotional material, manuals, forms and labels and are represented below: internal publications. Number of projects awarded: 54 Case #1: Marketing and Commercial Print Company Average project award value: $6,288 Low project award value: $168 This marketing and commercial print firm procures High project award value: $154,975 print primarily for resale. The projects are needed to Achieved market savings: 37% complete client orders and represent work that cannot be produced in-house due to insufficient Case #5: Industrial Equipment Manufacturer capacity or production capability. Number of projects awarded: 16 This industrial equipment maker procures items to Average project award value: $16,208 support its manufacturing, sales and marketing. Low project award value: $676 Procured items include equipment labels and High project award value: $90,666 manuals, product catalogs and specification sheets Achieved market savings: 32% as well as assorted promotional material. Number of projects awarded: 32 Case #2: Computer and Peripheral Manufacturer Average project award value: $1,216 Low project award value: $68 This computer and peripheral hardware High project award value: $4,600 manufacturer uses the e-LYNXX solutions primarily Achieved market savings: 40% to procure an extensive amount of promotional and direct mail marketing material. Case #6: Energy and Utility Provider Number of projects awarded: 49 Average project award value: $19,628 As a leading provider of energy in North America, Low project award value: $200 this organization procures a variety of safety High project award value: $85,550 manuals, flyers, posters and tags. In addition to Achieved market savings: 26%* printed material involving ink, the firm also procures other digital media which includes photography and * For a subset of this client’s projects, e-LYNXX was video production. able to compare prices the client received using the Number of projects awarded: 229 procurement methodology in place prior to adopting Average project award value: $1,746 the patented method. For these projects, the award Low project award value: $12 value achieved under the e-LYNXX method averaged High project award value: $32,200 a 38% savings when compared to the prior method. Achieved market savings: 30% 7 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  11. 11. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Optimizing this Business Model Projects should be awarded or cancelled within 24 hours of bid closure. After projects are awarded, the Results support the hypothesis that the e-LYNXX buying organization should disclose complete bid patented method will deliver significant cost results to all participating suppliers. As suppliers see reduction. However, in order for the method to the results and relative position of their prices, they deliver optimal cost reduction, e-LYNXX gain faith in the system rewarding those that meet recommends that organizations adopt and adhere to specifications and requirements at the lowest price. a set of sensible best procurement practices. The Ultimately, informing all participating suppliers of practices, rules and guidelines prescribed by e-LYNXX the bid results and award provides suppliers with are designed to foster consistency and predictability, greater market insight and encourages them to nurture supplier confidence in the system and yield continue offering the lowest price available, given the very best fiscal and qualitative results for the known production capacity and schedules. buying entity. The buying organization must consistently provide Building a sufficiently large pool of pre-qualified and furnished materials at the specified time and preferred suppliers is paramount to achieving complete all scheduled production tasks on time. In controlled competition and improving the likelihood doing so, the buyer never creates production delays of some suppliers having open production capacity which could cause the supplier to lose the window of at the time the project is needed. Only those open production time they counted on when pricing suppliers that are pre-qualified, proven and trusted the job. Confident in schedule integrity, suppliers should be invited to price a job. This allows suppliers will continue to offer their best price and never build to bid against their peers, winning work at pricing unnecessary hedge to cover potential delays in levels commensurate with production utilization and future project bids. market conditions. Suppliers often place additional charges on final Partnering with suppliers may be desired during the invoices, knowing that buyers have limited ability to creative process. To this end, specifications should manage change order records. All change orders, only be open for discussion and supplier input during whether buyer or supplier requested, should be the planning and estimation phase and should approved by both parties. Any and all change orders become non-negotiable at the time bid solicitations should be documented, recorded and archived as are issued. Final specifications must be complete, accepted by both parties. The buying organization objective and include close-ended and buyer- only pays supplier invoices that are complete, controlled terms for job components, availability of accurate, agreed upon and otherwise reconciled. furnished materials, and delivery requirements. Suppliers will only offer aggressive contribution Suppliers should be held to uniform and high pricing when they are provided complete job standards of performance. Deficient supplier requirements and trust that final specifications, performance evidenced through poor delivery, non- quality, and delivery requirements will be met — not responsiveness, lack of attention to detail, or failure interpreted or changed later. to meet commitments should not be tolerated by the buying organization. Suppliers must know that; 1.) they are bidding against their peers – all of whom have been All print projects from an organization or a complete objectively pre-qualified to perform the work using a operating unit within the organization should be uniform set of standards, and 2.) the low price from processed through the system. Significant cost a qualified supplier will always win the job. savings only occurs when uncontrolled or “maverick” Consistently awarding projects to the lowest priced, purchases are reduced or eliminated. Suppliers qualified bidder boosts supplier confidence in the should view the system as the only means to obtain integrity of the procurement system and makes a work from the buying organization. Suppliers must clear statement that price is the final determining have confidence that there is no alternative to factor. Ultimately, suppliers will come to understand pricing the job through the system. If other ways to that performance is required to receive obtain work at higher prices are discovered, opportunities while price is the criteria to win work. suppliers will lose their incentive to offer their best effort contribution pricing. 8 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  12. 12. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction Organizations using e-LYNXX services, management system and patented method establish a world-class print procurement program that reduces cost, exhibits consistency and transparency, employs objective performance- based supplier management and demonstrates commitment to the process. Quality work delivered on time and priced at low contribution level pricing requires an environment built on procurement practices that foster supplier confidence and yield results for buyers. Under the e-LYNXX program, the following best practices are achieved, become standard operating procedures, and deliver significant fiscal and qualitative benefit. Best Practice Associated Benefit Supplier Pool - All prospective suppliers are uniformly and objectively Buyer establishes its own pre-qualified supplier pool. Building this evaluated. Only those meeting buyer-established criteria are preferred supplier pool is key to controlled competition that allows accepted into the active supplier pool and the number of suppliers suppliers to bid against their peers and win work by pricing at maintained assures adequate competition. contribution pricing levels commensurate with production utilization and market conditions. Equal Opportunity - All of buyer’s qualified suppliers that match Buyer creates environment that enables suppliers to offer true best project requirements are invited to submit a bid. Suppliers are not price for given project - without considering buyer price expectations, arbitrarily added or removed on a job-by-job basis. Suppliers have without fear of setting high or low precedent, and without worry of the freedom to bid high, low, or not at all without negative being denied future opportunities. consequence. Request for Pricing (RFP) - RFP’s are only released after finalizing the Suppliers expect that projects experience few unplanned scope or specifications, quantities, award dates and production timeline. schedule changes allowing them to plan and price on the basis of available capacity and resource. Budget Development - A separate estimate methodology is used for Suppliers understand that RFP’s are always associated with real projects that lack complete specification, final quantities, award dates opportunities and consistently make a best effort response. and/or dates for receiving furnished materials. Timely Award - Within 24 hours of the bid closing, all solicited print Suppliers understand that performance is required to receive jobs are either cancelled or awarded to the qualified supplier that has opportunities, while price is the criteria to win work. submitted the lowest price. Results Disclosure - After award, buying organization allows system to This full transparency allows suppliers to see competition and market notify the responding suppliers with a list of all suppliers who bid, the dynamics, promoting improved future competition. prices submitted and the winning bidder. Accountability - Following award, buying organization completes all Suppliers never experience costly production delays due to buyer scheduled production tasks on time. issues. Confident in this, suppliers will not build unnecessary production delay hedge into future bids. Invoice Processing - Buying organization only pays invoices when they Change orders and their associated administrative requirements are are complete, correct, agreed upon and otherwise reconciled. streamlined and transparent to buyer and seller alike. Supplier Performance - Deficient supplier performance evidenced Vendor management is tough but fair and uniformly applied across through poor delivery, non-responsiveness, lack of attention to detail, the supplier pool. or failure to meet commitments is not tolerated. Demonstrated Commitment - All print projects from an organization The system is viewed by suppliers as the only means to obtain work or a complete operating unit should be handled and awarded through from the buying organization. the system. Conclusion Traditional procurement methods fail to address the distinctions associated with buying customized, specification- defined goods and services – like print. The e-LYNXX competitive method was created just for that purpose. It is proven to reduce print procurement costs by 25% to 40% and it is patented. e-LYNXX has also developed a robust print procurement management system, a portfolio of professional services, and a set of sensible best procurement practices that allow its client organizations to achieve the maximum benefit available through the patented method. When its patented method is executed under the best practice guidelines, e-LYNXX stands behind the results. In fact, under a standard arrangement, e-LYNXX guarantees that clients will achieve a 25% minimum reduction in their overall print spend. Virtually any organization can achieve attractive cost reduction and benefit from adopting the e-LYNXX program. 9 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  13. 13. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction About the Author Michael Jackson is chief operating officer of e-LYNXX Corporation. Mr. Jackson directs the delivery of service excellence and provides operational leadership to clients of e-LYNXX Corporation. He leads the American Print Management division and oversees the execution of core competencies, including all customer support and professional services that strengthen client procurement and supply chain management. Prior to joining e-LYNXX, Mr. Jackson was vice president of North American and EMEA operations for Convergys Corporation where he had previously held the role of vice president, international business development. Before Convergys, Jackson was director of Global Partner Management for Dell, Inc. where he had previously served as director of Outsourcing Operations and Customer Service and Support. He began his career in the healthcare industry where he held a variety of leadership positions focused on development and delivery of consulting, professional and field operation services. Mr. Jackson holds advanced degrees from the University of Akron in Biomedical Engineering, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University in Executive Management and the Aresty Institute of Executive Education of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Business Process Outsourcing. Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation
  14. 14. How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control and Significant Cost Reduction About e-LYNXX Corporation e-LYNXX Corporation is the leading print management and procurement licensing firm in North America. The company provides innovative solutions that help businesses improve profitability through three distinct service offerings. The company licenses U.S. Business Method Patent No. 7,451,106 to buyers and third-party providers through its Patented Procurement Method division e-LYNXX also helps buyers reduce procured print costs through its American Print Management division, and print suppliers increase revenues and profitability through its Government Print Management division e-LYNXX was named to the 2009 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 and is exclusively endorsed by Printing Industries of America as well as Educational and Institutional Cooperative Purchasing. For more information about how e-LYNXX Corporation and its American Print Management division will drive guaranteed cost reduction to your bottom line while enhancing print management call us at 888-876-5432, email us at or visit e-LYNXX Corporation 1051 Sheffler Drive Chambersburg, PA 17201 Copyright © 2009 e-LYNXX Corporation