CHOO Fundraising 101 Sessions October 2013


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These are the slides from the Council of Heritage Organizations of Ottawa (CHOO) prepared by Jenny MItchell of Chavender, a fundraising consulting business in Ottawa.

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  • Fundraisers come from all backgrounds – they are people persons. They know how to connect good people with great causes.
  • White board – collect questions. Get a sense of the breadth in the room - annual budget < $50,000 <$150,000 <$500,000 +$1M# staff? Board Appeal?
  • Individual giving (donor cultivation cycle, annual appeals - online and print, volunteers, events)Conclusion - outline the three key takeaways from today’s session for your organization)
  • Are you inspiring, are you listening, and you sharing and connecting? Are your board “sneezers?”
  • Olinguito- Newly Discovered Carnivore Looks Like Teddy Bear - orange-brown mammalIn "incredibly rare" find, scientists discover animal in Andean cloud forests. A fuzzy fog-dweller with a face like a teddy bear is the first carnivore found in the Western Hemisphere in more than three decades
  • First opportunity to get to know each other – be sure to exchange contact information! After this exercise listen to the group about what makes them unique?
  • Will you ever forget this website? Music is distinctive
  • What will be different if the donor gives?Diefenbunker – what you do: provide services to community. Your promise? You exist so that the lessons of the cold war will not be forgotten. Our care of the Diefenbunker will make sure the best of the past is kept to enrich lives today and in the future
  • Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe. -G.T. Smith
  • Big numbers, but the concepts are the same. What is your promise? What will be different if you are successful.
  • Show the Detroit United Way Case for Support.
  • 20 minutes for this exercisePick one case for support (specific project you are working on, or more general case for “why your organization exists” ) to explore today.Definition of case for support: a business plan for donors,A Case for Support tells your organization’s unique story–the whole story. It is a matter of telling a good story, one that draws readers in.It means that you must write your Case for Support with heart, soul and passion—you know, that same heart, soul and passion that all of you bring to the work you do every day.Difference between a Case for Support and a Case Statement.ESTEEM Team – Every parent want their kid to succeed. We give them the goal setting tools to help them get there.
  • This is the speedy version of a case for support. You will want to go back and work through with your team. Resources – final slide.
  • Find out more info on this chart – is it US?Mention religion as the entrance for many people to philanthropy
  • Top two: personally believe in the cause, feel compassion towards people in need. **to make a contribution to the community 79% in 2010How do you find this out about people? You ask them – one-on-one, emails, facebook.
  • Too much for a small shop to manage? Creative fundraising that fits – know your organization
  • Hand’s up to each one. Flip back to donor cultivation cycle – how does that fit into this slide? How do you guys define Major Gifts? $500? $1,000? Are you asking for multi-year pledges? Because you should be.
  • Where to find them – ask front-line people.Need examples of donor is the hero – use CHEO examplesStory is NOT about the organization. It’s about the “end-user” that participates in your program.Story best practices handout.
  • Questions on storytelling, individual giving, coffee dates
  • – written CHEO foundation example – “feature patient”
  • Click on “support” – notice the levels of membership.Click “donate now” – notice the options, the specificity of the donations. Creative, engaging, ArtsCourt – “support us” doesn’t go anywhere.
  • One slide and one handout. That’s it!
  • Beware of speaking in general terms about “community “building community” “making a difference” “serving those in need” What makes you different, special, worthy of not only grant funding, but the time, treasure, and talent of your individual donors and volunteers?80% 20% rule – means that you can replicate the grant.
  • Volunteers - Dropbox,, google docs
  • One slide and one handout. That’s it!
  • Do you have clearly identified priorities? With that in mind what’s your financial goal?
  • Workshop – 20 minutes. Even if you don’t know your exact numbers, write down your “guesstimates.” and build strategies around each item. Pick THREE things that are new, or enhanced for next year.
  • One slide and one handout. That’s it!
  • AFP – Resource Center under “hot topics”AFP Ottawa – Fundraising Day May 2014
  • CHOO Fundraising 101 Sessions October 2013

    1. 1. Fundraising 101 Inspiring people to get behind your cause!
    2. 2. Jenny Mitchell Chavender Fundraising Consultant Professional Musician People-connector GCP: Generally Curious Person
    3. 3. Who are you? What keeps you up at night? What questions do we want to address today?
    4. 4. 1. People giving to people 2. What makes you unique? 3. Case for support (workshop) 4. Individual giving 5. Grant-writing best practices 6. The fundraising plan (workshop) 7. Resources and wrap-up Today’s Session
    5. 5. Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. -Hank Rosso Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe. -G.T. Smith In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs. -Kay Sprinkel Grace People giving to people
    6. 6. 1. Admission fees or Ticket Sales 2. Corporate Sponsorship 3. Government Funding 4. Foundations & Grantmaking 5. Individual Giving • Board Appeal • Online Giving • Annual Appeal • Major Gifts program • Planned Giving 6. Events? Know your revenue streams
    7. 7. Board Volunteers People giving to people Know your organizational structure and how your people interact Staff (programming, development, events)
    8. 8. What makes your organization unique? What’s your olinguito?
    9. 9. Olinguito Mammal Carnivore Two pounds Cute • First newly identified carnivore found in the Western Hemisphere in three decades • Newly Discovered Carnivore Looks Like a Teddy Bear
    10. 10. What makes your organization unique? What makes your organization unique? Talk amongst yourselves We are the only ________.
    11. 11. Case for Support Make a promise (workshop)
    12. 12. All cases, 3 things: Make a promise. Relate it to people. Celebrate the donor. A case is not a description of what you do. A case is a description of what you promise. Case For Support | Tom Ahern |
    13. 13. Case for support
    14. 14. Case for support
    15. 15. The Three B’s: • Be Brief • Be Brilliant • Be Gone Case for support
    16. 16. Ultimately, why do donors give? Pre-existing values, interests, emotions, and connections. Case for support
    17. 17. 1. Why us? 2. Why now? 3. Why you? Three big questions to be answered in a Case for Support Case for support
    18. 18. Boundless Possibilities – Case statement
    19. 19. Centrepointe Theatre
    20. 20. Work in teams? Remember the last few slides: • Be Brief, Brilliant, Gone! • Why us? Why Now? Why you? Case for support Workshop – My Case for Support
    21. 21. Any surprises? Anyone want to share?
    22. 22. Individual Giving Fundraising is inherently intimate People giving to people
    23. 23. Individual Giving
    24. 24. You want people involved in your organization that: • LOVE what your organization does • Are “sneezers” (thank you Gail Perry) • Are part of your organization's "inner circle” • Would be willing to make a gift if they were asked in the right way People are everywhere in your organization: • Your board • Your staff • Your volunteers • Your ticket-purchasers • Your event attendees • Your community where you are located
    25. 25. Why people give
    26. 26. Coffee dates Lunch dates Events Meaningful questions: Help me to understand… What is your passion…. Could I ask your advice on…? What other organizations interest and inspire you? Could I share something very exciting/important with you? Tim Kluke, Jennifer Van Noort Ottawa Hospital Foundation Major Gift in your organization?
    27. 27. Board Appeal Annual Appeal • Email appeal • Print appeal Online “donate” button (Canada Helps) Events Membership form donation click-box Major Gifts Individual giving in a small to mid-size organization
    28. 28. •Where to find them ? •How to write them? •How to communicate them (what tools do you have in place already?) Is your donor the hero in the story? Stories are a fundraiser’s BEST friend!
    29. 29. Grant-writing Best Practices …in 15 minutes or less
    30. 30. Get clear on why your services are needed in your community Get clear on the clients you exist to serve Get clear on your benefits to the community Get clear on what your project budget looks like GOOD Grant applications are: 80% planning 20% writing
    31. 31. Imagine Canada Grant Connect, Ajah Fund Tracker, BIG Online Grant application tracking in Excel Grant applications and volunteers
    32. 32. The Fundraising Plan Pick three things – right now!(workshop)
    33. 33. The Funding Priorities and the Goal The Mission/Your Message The People (SWOT Analysis) The Tactics and Strategies Individual Giving Major Donor Groups Events – Both large and small. Direct Mail Telemarketing Online Giving Grants - Foundations, Corporate, Government Corporate Giving Programs Walkathons, Chili bake-offs etc Annual Giving Planned Giving The Timeline Anatomy of a Fundraising Plan
    34. 34. Source of Revenue Last Year’s net (Gross – expenses) Current year Next Year Volunteers? Individual Donors Board Appeal Events – itemize them Ticket Sales Walkathons etc Memberships Online Giving Grants – Foundation etc. Corporate giving Direct Mail Fundraising Plan in numbers Identify Strategies! • What has worked with the sources of revenue? • What hasn’t worked? What can you modify or change for success? • What are new opportunities that you want to take advantage of – new Executive Director, special anniversary or new “urgency” to your plans?
    35. 35. Fundraising is about providing opportunities for your community to give. If you don’t create opportunities, there will be no giving. A fundraising plan should help you choose the RIGHT opportunities for your organization.
    36. 36. Resources and Wrap-up Find what YOU need in these resources
    37. 37. Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Fundraising Day is May 14th 2013 “Giving groups”
    38. 38. CHIMP Foundation
    39. 39. Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) resource center “hot topics” Tom Ahern - Case for Support /documents/Making_Your_Case_Presentation.pdf Kivi Leroux Miller - – Storytelling leroux-miller/ Gail Perry – Board Engagement Resources
    40. 40. Blogs to Follow Kivi Leroux Miller Fundraising 101 Future Fundraising Now Tom Ahern – donor communications/direct mail Marc A. Pitman – The Fundraising Coach Gail Perry – Fired up Fundraising to-say/
    41. 41. Use me as one of your resources! I am holding 10 one-hour sessions with individual organizations via skype after this workshop. Discounted rate is $60 per session. Skype: chavenderresearch
    42. 42. Let’s Connect! @JennyChavender 613-286-9336