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  1. 1. The Shard: All London Attractions At One Sight The inauguration of Western Europe's tallest skyscraper to date has received overwhelming reviews. Now that The Shard is formally introduced to the public, it's without a doubt that it will become the most sought-after tourist destination in the city of London. So, the big question is, "What can you actually see from the Shard that could not be seen from any other towering sights of London? " With its altitudinous height of 1016 ft., The Shard London is the highest vantage point from any establishment in West Europe plus it is twice as high as any other viewing point in London, even higher than the most popular London attraction and landmark, The London Eye. Given all that towering advantages, The Shard will provide you a 360 degree, 60 km (40 mile) panoramic view of the whole city and beyond. Imagine yourself getting an unobstructed view of the most legendary buildings and landmarks in London including the Tower of London, The Gherkin, and so much more. How's that for some upgraded sightseeing - literally? Many even claimed that they can see France from The View, The Shard's public viewing gallery. Renzo Piano, the architect behind The Shard said that he designed the building to become a virtual town, with residences, offices, and restaurants living together in one magnanimously extraordinary building. Of course, The Shard will never be complete without the Shard tours where guests will be riding highspeed lifts that will bring them to The Shard's 68th level. From there, they'll climb up to level 69 where they could get an exciting view of the triple - height level draped in light, revealing the full majesty of London. The moment you reach the 72nd floor, tourists and locals visiting The Shard will get to experience an encounter with the elements at 1, 000 ft. above London's cityscape. You'll get to take an up-close look at the best sites of the city and learn about their background and history through interactive telescopes that's available in 11 languages provided by The Shard to make your viewing more fun and enjoyable. Be mesmerized and witness the past, present, and future of London city like you've never seen before. The London Shard will put your sightseeing tour into a whole new level. The Shard Tours & Tickets will surely bring you the most exhilarating experience when you're in London. Look up and you're practically kissing the heavens - such an exquisite place to relax and take in all the beauty that London has to offer.