Peloton club pia erkinheimo june 13 2013


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"Crowds renewing value creation" June 13 2013 Peloton Club Helsinki - thoughts + examples by Pia Erkinheimo, TIVIT

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Peloton club pia erkinheimo june 13 2013

  1. 1. InnopinionPia’s handbag / Peloton Club June 13 ’13 (Peloton Camp’s FB)GrexFactor
  2. 2. There are no pure users or pure developersConsumers Enthusiasts Hobbyists Start ups Developers
  3. 3. Crowdsourcing – Crowdworking – Crowdfunding-CrowdEVERYTHING!Open InnovationUser Driven InnovationSocial Media CrowdworkingMobile microworkPaid crowdworking(Idea) crowdsourcing for R&D, marketresearch, product development, riskmanagement, marketing content, concepting..Cousins to crowdsourcingCrowdfundingEquity CrowdfundingPre-purchaseDonationMicro loans
  4. 4. Types of CrowdfundingForm of Contribution Form of Return Motivation of FunderDonation Crowdfunding Donation Intangible benefits. Intrinsic and socialmotivation.Reward Crowdfunding Donation / Pre-purchase Rewards but also intangiblebenefits.Combination of intrinsicand social motivation anddesire for reward.Crowdfunded Lending Loan Repayment of loan withinterest. Some sociallymotivated lending isinterest free.Combination of intrinsic,social and financialmotivation.Equity Crowdfunding Investment Return on investment intime if teh business doeswell. Rewards also offeredsometimes another factorfor many investors.Combination of intrinsic,social and financialmotivation.Source: The Venture Crowd, Nesta 2012
  5. 5. An example: Product development of a consumer electronicproduct: crowdsourcing (open) and harvesting ideas & decisions(closed) can be used for different stages of the productdevelopment process – when appropriate. There is no need to be“open” all the time.An example: Product development of a consumerelectronics goodDombowsky&Erkinheimo 2013: Open Innovation Yearbook 2013
  6. 6. Crowds Renewing Value CreationA Start-upEquityfundingBranding,visuals,audioIdeationConceptingMarketing,marketingcontentcreationRewardfunding– pre -purchaseParticipatinginproduction– co-workingSERENDIPITYMarketresearchTesting, userfeedback,customersservingeachother
  7. 7. A text book example of brand-based pre-purchase crowdfunding
  8. 8. - world’s biggest place to work with 7,6M employees
  9. 9. - disrupting business consultingearning logic
  10. 10. - disrupting businessconsulting earning logic
  11. 11. – a challenger to advertising andsocial media marketing agencies - NON American
  12. 12. – a challenger to advertising andsocial media marketing agencies
  13. 13. – THE place to work if you are atrue programmer
  14. 14. also )“ open innovation community site that enables Psion to work directly with customers andpartners to co-create new variants of the company’s mobile hardware, software and services.. “
  15. 15. also – a SW in the cloud for collaborative 3D modelling – hoewever nocommunity – yet )
  16. 16. * users participate in companys operation,e.g. sales, customer service and marketing.*ScottishEnglishmeaningmutualgiving
  17. 17. Four attributes of a wise crowd1. Diversity of opinion—eachcontributor/source has privateinformation or interpretation of the topic.2. Independence—contributors’ opinions arenot determined by those of others.3. Decentralization—contributors canspecialize by drawing on local knowledge.4. Aggregation—a mechanism is in place togather private judgements into a collectivedecisionSurowiecki, J. 2004
  18. 18. Thank you and let’s keep in touch!Pia Erkinheimohead of crowds & communitiesTIVIT Strategic Centre for technology, science and innovation in the fieldof ICTt: PiaErkinheimos: pia.erkinheimoe: pia.erkinheimo@tivit.fip: +358 50 487 1417