Manual installation


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Manual installation

  1. 1. A.M (Abbreviated Messages) Installation ManualSoftwareFlashIt creates all the software visuals visible to the audience. Everything doneespecially events have to set to mouse events.WiimoteThe Wiimote is connected to the computer using Bluetooth. Make sure thatthe Bluetooth is available and it recognizes the Wiimonte. For computerswithout the bluetooth, Bluetooth dongles can be used.WiimotePresenterThis is a plug-in that is needed for the computer to recognize any emittinginfrared device. This always works after the Wiimote is surely connected,without the wiimote being connected then the plug-in wont work. When theplug-in is running there is a check box labeled "Enable IR" that needs to bechecked. This option will enable all emitting infrared devices preferably oneto act as a mouse.Set UpThe whole set up is this way, an area of 2.5 by 3 meters is needed, theinstallation area is supposed to be dark with only one source of light beingthe candle. The distance between the candle on the pedestal should not bemore than 5 meters as for the Bluetooth connection to be robust.
  2. 2. HardwareWiimoteThe Wiimote is needed of course and it should be a placed on top of thescreen or any projection on the wall. It should be placed tilting 45 degreesfacing the candle on the pedestal. It needs to be mounted on the wall for amore stable position. Make sure the wiimote is put upside down that is thebuttons have to face downwards for the WiimotePresenter to interpret the xand y coordinates on flash application to respond accordingly.ProjectionOverhead proection can be used but back projection looks to be suitablebecause it does not hinder or produce lights that might confuse the wiimoteinfrared camera.Screens.I used screen an LCD monitor, it works fine too especially if there are noprojectors. The bigger the screen the better. The Wiimote is to be then puton top on the screen, mounted, tilted at angle of 45 degrees.CandlesThere are placed on the pedestal and at a position which makes them visibleto the mounted Wiimote. The candle is supposed to be used as a mouse.
  3. 3. The Redbox (hacked Keyboard)This is used as a toggle button which toggles between pages on the screen/or projection.SoundSpeakers are hooked up, the subwoofer should be placed on the middlebelow the screen and other two speakers should be placed on the oppositesides to make the sound surround.Run.For the whole application to work, first the Wiimote is connected to thecomputer via Bluetooth then after following the steps of connection run theWiimotepresenter application and it will show the life span of the wiimotebattery and then check the box with a label "enable IR".The Wiimote is then to be placed in its position then run the swf appicationfile.