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Introducing Physio Ergo services


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PHYSIO ERGO is a trusted Physiotherapy setup, located at Sohna Road,Gurgaon.Dr. Deepankar, the driving force at Physio Ergo, is a firm believer in the benefits of Ergonomics and it’s positive impact on one’s overall health and well being. He is on a mission to create awareness about correct posture, both at work and in everyday life, and its contribution towards an improved quality of life. He has conducted several effective Ergonomics workshops at companies such as Maruti, Daikin, Debbas Prime, Delhi Tourism, Galgotias University and White Studio Architects. As an Ergonomics expert, he has been invited at several prestigious Ergonomics Conferences as a keynote speaker.
Physio Ergo also takes Ante-natal and Post-natal group sessions and conducts health seminars focused on spreading awareness about Ergonomics and its benefits to long term health.

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Introducing Physio Ergo services

  1. 1. Dr. Deepankar (PT) the driving force at Physio Ergo is a firm believer in the benefits of Ergonomics and its positive impact on one's overall health and well being. - Bachelors of Physiotherapy - MPT (Cardio- Pulmonary) - Ergonomist & Posture Specialist - Certified Childbirth Educator (USA) - Trained in Mulligan Concept - Member of Delhi Council of Physiotherapy - Ergonomic advisor for Encore Office systems Pvt. Ltd, Manesar - Ergonomic advisor for Benchmark Lifestyle Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Ergonomic advisor for Kargo League Logistics Pvt.Ltd - Visiting at Doctors Hub, Cross Point Mall, DLF phase 4,Gurgaon.
  2. 2. Mulligan Technique
  3. 3. Ergonomic care for expecting mothers
  4. 4. Ask yourself…  Are you looking for simple and effective ways to improve Workplace Productivity? YOUR EFFICIENCY NEEDS ERGONOMICS
  5. 5. Your work posture is important The consequences of Bad posture are Back pain, Cervical and Wrist pain, Eye strain....and much more what you ignore... What practical steps you can take to make a difference?
  6. 6. To create awareness about Ergonomics & Correct Postures both at work and in everyday life so that one’s work DOESN’T hurt…
  7. 7. What are we trying to Prevent?
  8. 8. We also do Posture correction.
  9. 9. Dr.Deepankar Dass (PT) +91-75037-85206 Follow us on