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Journal of brief ideas


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Journal of Brief Ideas demo presentation from Science Hack Day SF 2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Journal of brief ideas

  1. 1. Journal of Brief Ideas David Harris and Steven Kryskalla Science Hack Day SF 2013
  2. 2. The problem The quantum of publishable research is too large! Perhaps five years from concept to publication Lots of information doesn’t have a publication home (small results, negative/null results, germinal ideas) Too much science is tied up in people’s heads for too long How can we make science more efficient?
  3. 3. The solution More rapid, more open, briefer communication An open access Journal of Brief Ideas (CC-BY) Each idea limited to 200 words/one figure Each idea has a DOI and permanence, so is citable and attributable Not peer-reviewed but post-publication rated Like papers used to be 100 years ago!
  4. 4. The platform Build the functionality of a journal on top of the figshare platform, which provides permanence and DOIs. They have an API through which to operate. A minimal model involves submission, citation, search
  5. 5. Big issue: Discoverability Discoverability: How do you find good ideas among all the ideas in the journal? Multi-prong approach: Rating system, reputation system, recommendation engine
  6. 6. Watch for more! References: Journal of Brief Ideas concept. David Harris. figshare. Journal of Brief Ideas platform. David Harris. figshare.