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PHXX at IPTV MEA - OTT Special Focus Day


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Offering a OTT Service Management Platform that Interfaces with an Agnostic Vendor Ecosystem

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PHXX at IPTV MEA - OTT Special Focus Day

  1. 1. Offering a OTT Service Management Platform that Interfaces with an Agnostic Vendor Ecosystem
  2. 2. Introduction and OverviewWe develop an End-to-End Telecom focused OTT/VOD technologydelivering to a multitude of web-connected media devices. Weempower Telecoms and Operators to compete with Direct toConsumer OTT technologies.Clients are empowered to• Securely deliver video on demand content to their consumer base• Revenue positive results from launch while reutilizing existing infrastructure• Recapture costs by delivering VOD on-net and not sending VOD to other networks 2
  3. 3. Challenges in Deploying a Commercial OTT ServiceIPTV vs. OTT - weight of capital deployments and infrastructurerequirementsWhat are our paths to deployment?• Path for OTT and IPTV convergence• Leveraging OTT to extend reach• Attacking new devices and markets in an unmanaged format.Deployment of a converged OTT experience, independent and insteadof a IPTV service. 3
  4. 4. Interfacing with Telco Operational ComponentsInterfacing with the OSS and BSS Platform• Integration of Support System• Handling Customer Care for a seemingly borderless service• Development and Enforcement of Business Rules 4
  5. 5. Billing IntegrationsIntegration of Billing Methods, Telco and User Enters Mobile NumberExternal• Singular and Recurring Billing• Interface with Telco Billing User Verifies • Mobile Capabilities Mobile Shortcode • Direct Bill (Post Pay) Capabilities• Interface with Credit Card Billing• Development of Wallet Capability, ability to Transaction recharge account Authorized 5
  6. 6. Ingesting of ContentHandling Ingest of Content• Ingest and Standardize content to ensure device compatibility• Setting content to DRM formats ensuring compatibility with diverse content specifications• Integration with existing Head-end encoding systems, or ingest of local catchup content provided by IPTV Head-end.• Ingest of live streaming from encoders and transcoders in both encrypted or clear variable bitrate formats 6
  7. 7. Content Sourcing with External DRMContent Sourcing, Handling External DRM• Ingest of Third Party Keys from Existing Systems and Content• Integration with External CAS for handling of high value content• Dynamics on content entitlement to ensure interfacing with multiple systems 7
  8. 8. Content Delivery NetworkFlexibility in content delivery,sourcing from multiple CDNs• OTT presents a service without walls, which means costs in region outside the control of the telco• CDN blending and distribution based on best available rates in specific regional hubs• Federated CDN efforts ongoing to offer blended bandwidth services 8
  9. 9. Productization and Packaging• Ability to deploy various business models. Dynamic adaption of models based on reporting and forecasting• Implementation of TVOD, SVOD, AVOD models - applicability of these models to the content• Telco ability to select and repackage content into custom packages that allow the user access to a rich selection of services from the telco 9
  10. 10. Social Integration within Applications• Including of Social Functionality such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social communication services within OTT• Expose customization, service customization to the user• Content recommendations and presentation that is based on recommendation while weighing business model for the telco. 10
  11. 11. Wide Distribution – Supporting Every Device Platform• Addressing Telco Controlled Devices - Traditional STB, offering hybrid integrations of OTT within an IPTV service and environment, integration with SoftatHome• Expanding Services to Living Room Devices exposed to consumers - Boxee, Roku, LG SmartTV, Samsung SmartTV 11
  12. 12. Reporting, Analytics and Heuristics• Recommendation Engine, Integration with recommendation software systems• Increase of ARPU by providing intelligent selections for each consumer• Enabling business analysts to review and react to service analytics and performance metrics 12
  13. 13. Final Thoughts in Closing• For the Telco, OpCo and Broadcaster - OTT is an absolutely critical service that needs to be closely evaluated• Implementation of the service, while requiring less overall CapEx and upfront costs does request a wealth of integrations and factors to be commercially viable• OTT allows telcos to break down the walls of their network and build regional and potentially global services 13
  14. 14. Questions and AnswersThank you for your time this afternoon!Tony BevilacquaPHXX• VP, Business Development• Phone: +1-407-754-8654• Email: 14