2012 Phoenix Pride Annual Report


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2012 Phoenix Pride Annual Report

  1. 1. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGrantsGrantsGrantsScholarshipsVolunteersScholarshipsCommuCommuCommunityCoCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualitEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersityibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHistooryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducationEducation EducationEducation2012 Annual Report
  2. 2. VolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommunityCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEquality EqualitEquality EquDiversityDiverersityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHistory HistoryHistoryHistoryEducationEducationVolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGrantsGrantsScholarshipsnteersCommCommunityCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityqualityEqualityEqualitEqualityDiversityDiverersityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHistoryHistorytoryHisEducationtionEducationEducationTable ofContentsYour Community..................................................... 3Your Organization Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values.................... 4 Our History....................................................... 5 Your Leaders Board of Directors........................................... 6 Letter from Chair and ED............................... 7Spirit of Giving Donors ............................................................. 9 Volunteers...................................................... 10Strengthening Our Community Pride Community Grants Program............. 12 Pride Partnership Program........................... 14Empowering Our Future Leaders Pride Scholarship Program........................... 16Making an Impact Financials....................................................... 18Nurturing Our Future Prosperity Rainbows Festival.......................................... 20 OUTdayPhx.................................................... 20 Junior Pageant............................................. 20 Miss & Mister Pageant.................................. 22 10 Days of Pride............................................ 23 Festival........................................................... 24 Parade........................................................... 25 Gala............................................................... 26Inspiring People Staff................................................................ 27 Event Committees........................................ 28
  4. 4. MISSIONPhoenix Pride celebrates and promotes the history, diversity andfuture prosperity of the metropolitan Phoenix LGBTQ community.VISIONIncrease public awareness of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual,Transgender and Queer) community to eliminate homophobia,transphobia and discrimination.PURPOSETo enhance the quality of life and ensure access to all opportunitiesfor the metro Phoenix LGBTQ community.VALUE STATEMENTS • Accept the differences in all individuals without bias. • Recognize the right of all individuals to mutual respect. • Create positive interaction through outreach and coalitionbuilding. • Foster environments for individuals and groups to learn aboutone another. • Create supportive environments and networks to empowerpositive change. • Recognize that a denial of equality for any one aspect of ourcommunity is a denial of equality for all.Phoenix Pride is a 501(c)(3 )non-profit educational organization based in metro Phoenix. Phoenix Pride is the dba for Phoenix Lesbian Gay Pride Committee, Inc. All donations tothe organization are tax deductible.YOURORGANIZATION4.4.
  5. 5. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducation YOUR ORGANIZATIONThe History of Phoenix PrideIn 1981, a group of gay lesbian activists organized the first Pride march thru the streets ofdowntown Phoenix to the state Capitol building. It was a politically focused march to bringawareness to gay rights issues in Phoenix.Nearly ten years later, a group of volunteers joined together to coordinate the annual Pridefestival. This committee, best known as the Phoenix Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee, Inc.helped establish a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization known today as Phoenix Pride.The organization was created as a non-profit to educate and promote issues that affect theLGBTQ community in metro Phoenix. Under the leadership of Phoenix Pride, there has been anannual march, festival, parade or celebration in metro Phoenix for more than 30 years.The organization sees itself as a leader in the metro Phoenix LGBTQ community. During thepast several years, the organization has been able to make significant contributions to otherLGBTQ focused non-profit organizations and has awarded scholarships to deserving LGBTQindividuals to continue their education. It is the goal of the organization to continue developingcommunity programs to benefit the LGBTQ focused non-profit community and to continueto raise public awareness about the LGBTQ community in hopes to eliminate homophobia,transphobia and discrimination still prevalent today.TimelineFirst Pride marchdowntown Phoenix.Phoenix Lesbianand Gay PrideCommittee, Inc.established non-profit organization.Festival moved toKiwanis Park. Parade heldsame day asfestival, movedto Margaret T.Hance DeckPark.Festival movedto Steele IndianSchool Park andParade runs up 3rdStreet from Thomasleading right intothe park.Phoenix PrideCommunityFoundationestablished.Awards 1st PrideScholarship. Pride celebrates30 years.Celebrationof Giving andawards 1stCommunityGrants.RainbowsFestival,JuniorPhoenix GayPride, 13ScholarshipsAwardedMarches, rallies andfestivals all aroundthe city and state.“The Yearof the Storm.”Phoenix Pride hiresfirst ExecutiveDirector.OUTdayPHX,Pride GALA,Summer Chill Royalty Pageants.Festival movedto Tempe DiabloStadium. 1995 dbaArizona CentralPride. First PrideParade in April 1997.1981 1982 1991 1992 1998 2001 2003 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 201215th AnnualPride Parade,Awarded 10Scholarships,Pride OfficeRelocation5.
  6. 6. Angie GuerraChairStacey Jay CavaliereBoard Member at LargeTucker ParkinsonDirectorKevin GodfreyDirectorJaime DempseyDirectorDonald SmithDirectorMark MulsonDirectorMichael SotoDirectorRachel EvansDirectorMatt ThomasDirectorSamantha HerdDirectorLuisa ValdezVice ChairShannon LankSecretaryJohn PhebusTreasurerYOURLEADERS2012 Former Chair, Lawrence MooreFormer Treasurer, Bill MacDonaldFormer Directors: Matt Harris, Vincent Medina,Ken McKenzie, Katy June, Brenda Hackmanand Ron Lindblad6.
  7. 7. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationMessage from the Chair and Executive Director In 2012, we were touched by the brilliance and powerof our community as we moved forward united. Wediscovered individual and collective strengths as werealized we can indeed be a community movement ofsocial change and justice. We discovered that we canbe strong in the face of our opponents in media, politicsand religion. Our life touching power is strongest whenwe work together to build a unified community. PhoenixPride is crucial to building unity and is critical to the pulseand life-blood of both our LGBTQ community and themetropolitan Phoenix community as a whole. We defineour moments by challenging homophobia. We supportlegislation that will strengthen the rights of LGBTQ individuals and we embrace diversity byshowing greater respect and courtesy toward all human beings.Phoenix Pride builds on the willingness of the community to diversify the LGBTQ communityat large and welcome all who walk through its doors especially our volunteers. We celebratethose who spent countless hours volunteering. Since its inception, Phoenix Pride has reliedheavily on the support and generosity of volunteers. Volunteers are involved in all aspectsof Phoenix Pride operations. Currently the Phoenix Pride has more than 300 volunteers in atypical year. Our volunteers, donors, board members, staff and allies can all celebrate theaccomplishments of the past year. Thanks to you, 2012 has been a successful year, filledwith new opportunities and growth. We have made great strides toward educating andempowering the LGBTQ community and in our annual report we will outline and highlight ouraccomplishments.In 2012 we increased the number of scholarships awarded. We completed our first RainbowsFestival under the new ownership of Phoenix Pride. We took to the streets and listened to whatthe community had to say. We changed the dates of the Pride Festival in hope of coolertemperatures. We also asked the community for their input on the 2013 theme. With anoverwhelming response we heard your voice, and bring to you Phoenix Pride 2013 “Equality Justice for All”.As the leader in Phoenix’s LGBTQ community for the past 32 years, we know our future iswaiting to be created. We strive to engage the hearts and minds of the community andbeyond. Now we ask you to join us in looking ahead to 2013 and beyond. Phoenix Pride hasa creative, positive vision for our future, one that builds on existing programs, as well as somenew, exciting initiatives. We promise to empower, educate, implement and advocate for theservices and needs of the diverse LGBTQ community.In Pride,Brandi Sokolosky Angie GuerraExecutive Director ChairpersonYOUR LEADERS7.
  8. 8. SPIRIT OFGIVINGQ V E G A S . C O MPride Sponsors8.
  9. 9. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationDonorsPhoenix Pride thanks the individuals andcorporations who made a financialcontribution to support the programs andfundraisers of our organization.$3000 to $7500Alliance Beverage Distributing Co. LLCAmerican ExpressCastle MegastoreCity of PhoenixCommunity Tire Auto ServiceCox CommunicationsJohnny RocketsKaramba NightclubVerizon WirelessWells FargoGala Patrons $1000 to $2500Grecia Montes D’OccaMacy’s ManHunt.comUS BankThomas A. BledsoeArizona LotteryJensen DeanRed Bull North America, Inc.TC TaylorAdriana GallianoKenneth SniderTyler AllenGorman CompanyAndrew AllenKevin AxxShel-Don Legarrela $300 to $900Juan MoretimeLinda HoffmanBaron Von AusomeLil’ HomeoNikki StarrChantelle DouglasMasqueradeAZ FrontrunnersSWAY EventsRyan Bender Up to $250Brandi SokoloskyJeffrey DerrimCharlie CoppingerEdward MartinKira DanielsPatricia MasonDawn BowmanWinnie GoezinyaKhal KarnageTyler TerMeerSuper StereoVern JohnsonJosstyn RudellaBill MacDonaldRainbows Patrons2012 Art Auction PatronsQU Scholarship PatronsLewis GroveJohn OzimekSue Ellen BarnesGuillermo GastelumNicolas CapazTom SimplotRM Joe BushongWayne TriplettMark MattekChristopher BlackburnJames AboodJeremy RobbNatlaie TougasRandall OttowayJoshua Paul BarelliDarin OsborneEric IwersenEric FosterPeter ApolloChad RobertChristopher ParisAlan SchwertfegerRyan SpielmanMichael SmallcanyonDr. Thomas DurisekRyan JenkinsSPIRIT OF GIVING9.
  10. 10. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationTrade$18,000 and UpHensley BudweiserPro Em ECHO MagazineArizona RepublicInstinct Magazine $5,000 to $15,000Alliance Beverage CompanyManHunt.comBIG PrintingArizona Pride GuideION ARIZONA MAGAZINENew TimesCompete MagazineCultural SpongeFind Fred Family ApparelPMT Ambulance ServicePepsi Bottling CompanyThe State PressJohnny RocketsAIDS Walk/SavorLifeQvegas The SaguaroVerizon Wireless $1,000 to $5,000Carey LimousineRed Bull AmsterdamBarefoot WineQTalk AmericaEquality ArizonaOne CommunityN Touch ArizonaKaramba NightclubPop ChipsSonoran StudiosSouthwest Center for HIV/AIDSSWAY EventsHilton Garden Inn MidtownHilton Garden Inn AirportNorthLa Kalle 101.3Univision Elbow GreaseAlphagraphics on UniversityRadisson Hotel Phoenix CityCenterSheraton Phoenix Downtown Auction/Raffle DonorsRanging from $50-$1500AmsterdamApollos LoungeBliss/RebarBlu Sol SpaBudlight - Hensley BeverageCompanyCamelback Animal ClinicCash Inn CountryCharlie’s PhoenixCindy MorgansonCirque du Soleil PhoenixComerica TheaterCommunity Tire ProsCornelis Hollander JewelerEntebella Med SpaFez Ft. McDowell RadissonGammage TheaterJonathan BrierKaramba NightclubKobalt Los Olivos Car WashPetSmart Phoenix MercuryPhoenix PridePhoenix SunsSan Diego PrideSan Francisco PrideSheraton Downtown PhoenixSheraton Mission ValleySmelly DogSmirnoff VodkaSouthwest AestheticsSouthwest AirlinesSway EventsTan UnitedTicoz Verizon WirelessWag N WashWild Horse PassWillow Stream SpaZuma GrillSPIRIT OF GIVINGVolunteersAlan AceNawanda AdamsHannah AdamsonChui AguilarAdam AhrensAljero AlfonsoBrie AllportAlmy KayleneTonja AlvisTina AnguloKatherine AnsbouryYermi ArayaKiyahna ArazaGabriel AriasMiranda AshleySteven AvilaValarie BakerLeslie BaldwinKayla BaliusJessica BarajasKimberly BarnesJordan BartkowiakTazja BelknapStormy BentonJoseph BetancourtRita BirdsongCarlos BojorquezKara BontempoDevun BontempoVictoria BontempoSarah BreckaKailey BurnsMichael ButtsCarlos Calderon10.
  11. 11. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationVolunteersRenee CaldwellHolly CapelloVince CardenasPaul CarrollCylie CartterBeth CartwrightQuintero CaseJennier CastellanosJesus CastroTisha CorleoneAngela CortezMarcy CraigDan CraigRyan DanokoMichael DeSouzaDominique DetjensRichard DillworthLyndsey DoroughGlenn EiselinRebecca EltonBriceidy EsquivelMaryssa EstradaMark FarleyElizabeth FasoHeather FeagaStephenie FergusonCandace FernandezCecilia FernandezAbie FeuersteinAlbert FloresSavannah FosterCassaundra Fresquez Crystal GarciaJazmin GarciaKarla GermanAlexis GetscherSerina GissantanelNohely GomezLindsay GonzalesMichael GonzalezNatalie GossenCaroll GrantCharles GrisierMichael GuardadoMeagan GuestCristina GuglielmiTanika GutienezBriana GutierrezJesus GutierrezBrian HagenShaun HammonPatrick HamperHanh HanShelby HannahRandi HaranzoSamantha HardingTiger HartwigMartin HernandezVenessa HernandezChelsea HernandezJamilyn HinsonHayley HintonBob HitchcockBernadetteHoelscherDaniel HowellsJudy HuckinsAshley IannaconeBrian IngallsMiriam JinichJennifer JohnsonBrady JollyDean JonesCelestina JonesKane JordanCozi KoerberJamie LandgraffKonner LandrumMark LaraRichard LariveMurray LawrenceCharmarie LechugaAliya LeighSonya LewisBria LeyvaLisa LindroseThomas LindroseChristian LlumiquingaDani LoganAlejandro LopezJulian LopezChristie LovatoDean MaldonadoPaulina MangubatJarrell MartinCarmen MartinezLloyd MaysJen McAlonanDagen McAloonCatherine McCombBob McGimpseyGabriel MedellinKeelan MercerLiz MerrettPatricia MeyersonBrendan MillerGanesh MohanKameo MontevedeGarrett MootsJasmine MorenoLinda MoueryKarlee MuellerChisa MuhammadCynthia MurilloThomas NallJorge NavarroRichard NessBernadette NievesNicholas OleagaKathy Oliver Sophia OrozcoPaula OrtegaDaniel PalmaMartha ParedesPeter ParrAdriana PayanZachary PaytonRegina PearsonMark PhelpsRobert PicasoLora PirieBarbara PorterTodd PuhlmannLiliana RamirezDD RamirezRobert RanesMichael RangelNicole ReevesLinda (Alero)Ridley KatherineRinggenbergPaul RoarkSalvador RodriguezPaul RogersMadisonRosebrugh Tanner RosenthalMandee RowleyJesus RuizSharamie RussellIrene SalcedoCindy SavisDavid SchuberthVaiangina Sekona Jessica SerranoDanny SilvaniErnest SmithAmanda SmithKelvin Smith-MeyersMeg SneedJesse StaceyEdward StayerJames SteppCharlotte StrayhorneJanine TaylorTaylor Jacob TaylorBilly TempletonKate TheuneToni ThompsonKerry ThorntonKatrina TomlinsonDusty TracyMarisol UribeBill Van TassellSarah VargasJohn VoScott VreelandChrissy W. RawlesShena WalkerAshley WamplerAmy WamplerTabitha WasilioMelaney WellsEric WestoverRebecca WestoverAmy WilesRegina WilliamsAshley YohnGabriela ZamarronSandra Lyn VillaZamoranoSPIRIT OF GIVING11.
  12. 12. STRENGTHENINGOUR COMMUNITYThe Phoenix Pride Community Grants Program is a charitable program which providesfinancial grants to nonprofit organizations serving Maricopa County’s lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. Funds for the program are administered by theArizona Community Foundation.At the end of 2011 Phoenix Pride awarded grants of varying amounts to four amazingorganizations: onenten, Greater Phoenix Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Chrysalisand Hospice of the Valley.At its August 2012 strategic planning retreat, the Phoenix Pride board of directors unanimouslyaffirmed its commitment to its 3-year old Community Grants program. Board member andTreasurer at the time, Bill MacDonald stated, “We are enormously proud of our ability to giveback to the Phoenix LGBTQ community, to utilize funds generated from Phoenix Pride eventsto support significant, impactful community programs.”Due to the 2011 acquisition of the Rainbows Festival and an internal realignment of PhoenixPride’s fiscal year, the Community Grants program was temporarily placed on hiatus. Followingthe successful completion of the Rainbows Festival in October 2012, the Phoenix Pride boarddetermined that the Community Grants program would remain on hiatus until such time thatRainbows Festival is paid in full, after May of 2014. At that time the board will re-evaluate thegrants cycle based on an evolving programmatic and fiscal calendar. At this time, the boarddoes not anticipate any major changes to the structure of the Community Grants programitself, outside of its schedule for application, review and delivery of funds. 12.
  13. 13. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationSTRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITYAwarded GrantsInthewinterof2011,PhoenixPrideCommunityFoundationandArizonaCommunityFoundationawarded grants to the following organizations:1 n 10 received a $12,500 grant to support the expansion of theirLGBTQ youth drop-in center in central Phoenix.Chrysalis Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence, Inc. wasawarded with a grant of $12,500 for the “Chrysalis LBGTQ ServiceCapacity Building Initiative.” It will provide training and resourcesacross all of their programs regarding domestic abuse that relatesto the LGBTQ community.The Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce(GPGLCC) received a grant for $5,000 to continue theircompilation of a Business Equality Index that evaluates businessesand valley government employers to measure their commitmentto equal treatment of their LGTBQ employees and provideguidelines for establishing an inclusive workplace.Hospice of the Valley received a grant of $5,000 for “GriefSupport Needs Assessment of the LGBTQ Community” program.The program will help with bereavement services for LGBTQindividuals and their families.13.
  14. 14. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducation2012 Beverage ProgramTotal Contribution: $40,6332012 Volunteer ProgramTotal Contribution: $2,314Phoenix Pride Partnership ProgramThe Phoenix Pride Partnership Program is a donation program to give financial support to variousLGBTQ focused non-profit organizations that are able to provide assistance by volunteering atvarious Phoenix Pride events and fundraisers. Every event and fundraiser requires a significantnumber of volunteers to ensure success. The program allows individual volunteers to select anon-profit organization to receive a donation from Phoenix Pride for the volunteer assistancethat is provided. There are two segments to this program: Phoenix Pride Volunteer Program andPhoenix Pride Beverage Program. Since 2008, Phoenix Pride has contributed over $210,000 tometropolitan Phoenix LGBTQ non-profit organizations through both of these programs.STRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITY14.
  15. 15. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationSTRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITYGrand Total Contribution $49,912.5015.
  16. 16. EMPOWERING OURFUTURE LEADERSPhoenix Pride Scholarship ProgramThePhoenixPrideScholarshipProgramconsistsofthePRIDEScholarshipFund,anendowmentfund administered by Arizona Community Foundation. The fund, formally known as theRainbow Community Scholarship fund was established to award educational scholarshipsto Arizona students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer andplan to attend post-secondary educational institutions within the State of Arizona. Thisendowment fund was able to award the first two scholarships in 2008 to qualified localLGBTQ youth. For 2009 this fund allowed Phoenix Pride Community Foundation to award 5new scholarships in the amount of $1200.00 each to qualified local LGBTQ youth. In Aprilof 2010 we awarded a total of 7 scholarships, to 5 new applicants and 2 were renewedscholarships from 2009, each totally $1500.00 for a grand total contribution of $10,500.00. InApril 2011 we awarded a total of 10 scholarships, to 8 new applicants and 2 were renewedscholarships from 2010. In 2012, we awarded 12 scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each,three returning and nine new awardees. The announcement of award recipients for theacademic year of 2012-13 were made April 1, 2012 and all recipients were recognized atthe Pride Gala on June 9, 2012 at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix.16.16.
  17. 17. MelissaConradAndrewLopezCylanShafferCaseyClowesElizabethMartinSuzanneSteppMiloNeildMatthewWatsonTrudieJacksonJosethHermosilloEmilyJohnsonTristanFehrEMPOWERING OUR FUTURE LEADERS17.
  18. 18. In addition to the various programs and events produced by Phoenix Pride throughout the year,as we continue to help educate and create public awareness for the LGBTQ community, theorganization is proud to have contributed to the future prosperity of the metro Phoenix LGBTQcommunity. At the end of 2011 we transitioned from a midyear fiscal year to a calendar yearstarting in 2012. This report reflects some financial happenings during the last 4 months of 2011in our short fiscal year of September 1, 2011-December 31, 2011 and the full financials of 2012.Phoenix Pride has contributed over $100,000 to a host of community organizations, charitiesand individuals.Phoenix Pride Scholarship ProgramPRIDE Scholarship Fund $ 31,005.69 Total $ 31,005.69Scholarship paid out byArizona Community FoundationTristan Fehr $2000.00Milo Neild $2000.00Andrew Lopez $2000.00Joseth Hermosillo $2000.00Melissa Conrad $2000.00Elizabeth Martin $2000.00Mathew Watson $2000.00Jose Luis Gomez $2000.00Casey Clowes $2000.00Emily Johnson $2000.00Cylan Shaffer $2000.00Trudie Jackson $2000.00Sub-total $ 24,000.00Phoenix Pride Partnership ProgramAGRAMen of Charlies c/o AGRACommunity Church of HopeJoshua Tree Feeding Program, IncCactus Cities Softball LeaguePhoenix HellraisersPhoenix SunfishDesert OvertureGrand Canyon Performing Arts, Inc.Imperial Court of ArizonaSisters of Perpetual IndulgencePhoenix Storm RugbyH.E.R.O.Aunt Rita’s FoundationCasa de Cristo ChurchSub-total $ 49,912.50Phoenix Pride Community Grant ProgramDecember 2011Onenten $12,500.00Hospice of the Valley $5,000.00GPGLCC $5,000.00Chrysalis $12,500.00Sub-total $ 35,000.00Phoenix Pride Community Scholarship ProgramQU Scholarship donations toArizona Community FoundationArizona Community Foundation $12,664.87 Sub-total $ 12,664.87Phoenix Pride General Contributions2012 CAPI Scholarship $500.00Imperial Court of Arizona, Inc. $500.00Aunt Rita’s Foundation $1000.00One Community $600.00Onenten $400.00Sub-total $ 3,000.00Total $124,577.37Phoenix Pride In-Kind ContributionsFamily Apparel (Frontrunners T-shirts) $2,000.00CAPI - Exhibitor Space $400.00Flagstaff Pride - Exhibitor Space $400.00Sedona Pride – Exhibitor Space $400.00Phoenix Pride Alumni - 65 $1950.00SW Ctr for HIV/AIDS - Pride Tickets $5600.00Tucson Pride - Exhibitor Space $400.00Sub-total $ 11,150.00Total $ 11,150.00GRAND TOTAL $ 166,733.03CONTRIBUTED BY PRIDE IN END OF FISCAL YEAR 2011 CALENDER YEAR 2012MAKING ANIMPACT18.
  19. 19. Phoenix Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee, Inc.Statement of Financial PositionCalendar Year 2012Assets Cash and cash equivalents $120,686Phoenix Pride Community Grants Fund $14,747Property and equipment - net $5,443Prepaid expenses $9,182Investments $100,000Security deposits $2,395 Total Assets $252,452Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable $40,484 Notes Payable $60,000 Total Liabilities $100,484 Net Assets $152,069Total Liabilities and Net Assets $252,552 Statement of Activities and Change in Net AssetsCalendar Year 2012Income Program Revenue $1,138,183 Foundation Income $93,993 Other Contributions $550 Other Income $1,537Total Income $1,234,264 Expenses Foundation Expenses $121,467 Other Program Expenses $1,058,080 Fundraising Expenses $37,390 General Administration $84,472 Other Expenses $(711)Total Expenses $1,300,698 Change in Net Assets $(66,434) Net Assets, Beginning of Year $218,503 Net Assets, End of Year $152,069FINANCIALREPORTS19.
  21. 21. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationRAINBOWS, OUTDAY JUNIOR PAGEANT| 21The Miss Mister Junior Phoenix Gay Pridecompetition is a collaborative effort betweenPhoenix Pride and onenten, our valley LGBTQyouth organization. Throughout the summerof 2012 onenten held preliminary competitionswhere young people could vie for the title ofMiss Mister Junior Phoenix Gay Pride. All prelimwinners were paired with former Pride Royaltymentors to assist them in preparing for the finalcompetition. The final competition was heldon the OUTdayPHX stage at Rainbows Festival inOctober where we crowned our very first JuniorPride Royalty, Miss Halle O’Day and Mister JustinP. Case.PhoenixPrideisnowtheproudownerandproducerof the “Arizona’s Premier Street Fair”, the annualRainbows Festival. The annual Rainbows Festival Street Fair is a celebration of the diversity of theLGBTQ community. The event is located in historicHeritage Square Park in downtown Phoenix. Eachyear, the Rainbows Festival draws a crowd inexcess of 12,000 friends, families and allies. Theannual Rainbows Festival is a free event open tothe public. The Festival presented 150 exhibitorswith participation from government officials,government services, private corporations andnon-profit service groups that continued to makethe general public aware of their support for aprosperous LGBTQ community. Rainbows Festivalis the new home of OUTdayPHX, a Celebrationof National Coming OUT Day! This year weadded the OUTdayPHX Stage to RainbowsFestival offering a creative outlet for communitymembers to express their Coming Out Stories.We had dancers, poets, artists painting live andvocalists throughout the weekend offering a realcommunity involved creative expressions venue.OUTdayPHX is a program created to recognize,promote and celebrate “National Coming OUTDay,” an internationally-observed civil awarenessday for coming out and discussion about gay,lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues.It is observed on October 11 every year bymembers of the LGBTQ communities and theirsupporters.21.
  22. 22. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationThe 2012 Miss and Mister Phoenix Gay Pride Pageant washeld at the Tempe Center for Performing Arts and is acommunity event supported by local community barsand numerous female and male illusionists.As the recipient of the title of Miss or Mister Phoenix GayPride, the winners will become the faces of PhoenixPride during the reign. It is the duty of the titleholdersto promote pride in our community, state and country;portraying role model qualities with integrity, dignity andrespect at all times.As part of the competition process each contestant isrequired to hold fundraisers benefiting the programsof the Phoenix Pride Community Foundation. Theseprofessional performers are recognized for theirfundraising efforts throughout the entire year withcombined total of close to $100,000 for local Phoenixcharities. From October 2011 to February 2012, sixteencontestants raised over $8000.00 for the Phoenix PrideScholarship Program.Phoenix Pride would like to THANK our reigning King andQueen, Jensen Dean and Grecia Montes D’Occa fortheir outstanding work within the LBGTQ community andtheir spectacular support and representation of PhoenixPride. We are forever grateful to you both for yourservice to Phoenix Pride and to our community. We areproud to call you part of our Phoenix Pride family andwish you the very best of luck with your future endeavor. You will be greatly missed.Thank you to all the contestants who participated andspent countless hours rehearsing and hundreds of dollarson costumes: Kira Daniels, Grecia Montes D’Occa, TCTaylor, Chantelle Douglas, Patricia Mason, Nikki Starr,Kayla Krawford, Adrianna Galliano, Masquerade, WinnieGoezinya, Baron Von Ausome, Jensen Dean, Lil’ Homeo,Kahl Karnage, Juan Moretime and Crash Bandikok. Without all of you, this pageant would not be what it istoday. We remember the sudden loss of one of our own,Miss Charlie’s 2012, Chantelle Douglas. Your WhitneyHouston performance will forever live on in our hearts,We Will Always Love You, RIP dear friend.Additional thanks go out to our local Phoenix LGBTQ barsand their owners, your support is greatly appreciated:Apollos, Amsterdam, BS West, Charlie’s, Cash InnCountry, Cruisen 7th, Karamba, Kobalt, The Rock,Rainbow Cactus and Friends Again.NURTURING OUR FUTURE PROSPERITYPhotobyThompsonImagecourtesyIONAZ22.
  23. 23. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationNURTURING OUR FUTURE PROSPERITYFri., Mar. 30th Aunt Rita’s Foundation SAVORlife Soiree | Phoenix Art MuseumSat., Mar. 31st Phoenix Film Festival LGBTQ Weekend feat. Chely Wright’s Wish Me AwaySat., Apr. 14th Phoenix Pet Pride Event | Apollo’s LoungeThurs., Apr. 19th Echo Magazine Reader’s Choice AwardsFri., Apr. 20th GLSEN’s Day Of SilenceIONAZ’s Splash Bash|Radisson Center CityVIP Experience PRIDE Kick-Off Party|Bliss/ReBarSat. Apr. 21st Phoenix Pride ParadePhoenix Pride Festival Amsterdam’s PRIDE After Party VIP Experience After Party | AmsterdamSun., Apr. 22nd VIP Experience PRIDE Brunch | Ticoz’sPhoenix Pride AZ Frontrunners 5k run/ 3k walkPhoenix Pride FestivalThurs., Apr. 15th one n ten Gay Skate Night with DJ Tsunami Fri., Apr. 27th LGBT Boomers Beyond Statewide Conference Sat., Apr. 28th LGBT Boomers Beyond Statewide Conference23.
  24. 24. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationThis year’s 32nd annual 2-day Phoenix Pride Festivalcontinued to be a gathering created to educatethe public about the existence of a continuing civilrights battle of the metropolitan Phoenix LGBTQcommunity, as well as for the general public to createthe existence of its LGBTQ community. The Festivalhad approximately 24,000 attendees and presented286 sponsors/exhibitors and over 150 entertainmentperformances of 5 stages. Headliners this year wereChely Wright, Vanessa Carlton, Cazwell AmandaLapore, and the Village People. The festival bringsa variety of food vendors, Arts Expo, Kids Space,a Commitment Ceremony and unique exhibitors.Participation by government officials, governmentservices, private corporations and celebrities continuedto make the general public aware of their support for aprosperous Phoenix LGBTQ community.Festival program fees helped to fund almost $50,000in Phoenix Pride Partnership Grants for local non-profitorganizations, as well as $35,000 in additional programfunding for the Phoenix Pride Community Grant Fund.This year, the Grant Fund, administered by ArizonaCommunity Foundation, awarded 4 grants totaling(insert $ amount) to OneNTen, Hospice of the Valley,Chrysalis Phoenix, and the Greater Phoenix Gay andLesbian Chamber of Commerce.The Phoenix Pride Festival is designed to bring ourdiverse LGBTQ and allied communities together for aweekend of camaraderie and celebration of our past,present and future while raising monies for PhoenixPride and its community programs. This event bringsexposure and marketing opportunities for business’intent on creating relationships within the LGBTcommunity.NURTURING OUR FUTURE PROSPERITY24.
  25. 25. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationCelebrating its 16th year, the Phoenix Pride Paradeis the kick-off event of the two-day Pride festivaldesigned to bring our diverse LGBTQ and alliedcommunities together for a weekend of camaraderieand celebration of our past, present and future whileraising funds for Phoenix Pride and its communityprograms.The parade brings over 2000 individual participantswith decorated vehicles, colorful floats and hundredsof walkers with community organizations. With over10,000 spectators the Parade route sprawls thedistance of 3rd street from Thomas to Indian Schoolmaking a grand entrance into the festival at SteeleIndian School Park.The theme of the 2012 Phoenix Pride Parade wasBORN THIS WAY. The celebrity grand marshalsfeatured in this year’s event were notable radiopersonality Beth McDonald and country music superstar Chely Wright. Miss Afeelya Bunz and JamieHenderson-Mays represented our community as thisyear’s community grand marshals. As this year’s youthmarshal, Phoenix Pride was proud to have includedMax Janssen, an inspirational figure to today’s LGBTQyouth.Special thanks to our sponsors, judges and amazinghosts Katy June, Clayton McKee, Mia and LezbeinMcKenzie. Award winners for the annual paradeincluded Starbucks Coffee Company for the VerizonWireless Peoples Choice Award, Karamba Nightclubfor the Parade Spirit Award, Krazzy Latinos for BestFloat, Arizona Roller Derby for Best Vehicle Award, andGrand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for theBest Walking Group Award.NURTURING OUR FUTURE PROSPERITY25.
  26. 26. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationPhoenix Pride hosts the annual Phoenix Pride AwardsGala every June just following the Phoenix Pride Festivaland Parade. This event focuses on recognizing andawarding key individuals from metropolitan Phoenixwho have made a significant positive impact in theLBGTQ community. This is a very special evening tohonor and celebrate the contribution of individuals,organizations, businesses and political leadership fromthe LGBTQ community of metro Phoenix. We honorthe past, celebrate the present and look into thefuture. It’s an evening of entertainment, awards andspecial presentations. At the Gala we recognize ourprogram beneficiaries by awarding scholarships andannouncing contributions to community partners. Weuse this opportunity to raise funds for the Phoenix PrideScholarship Program by hosting various fundraisingactivities throughout the night.The evening features the presentation of thePhoenix Pride Community Spirit Awards along withthe presentation of our Pride Parade winners, PrideScholarship winners, Pride Partnership recipients anda special video presentation from the Pride Festivaland Parade. The night opened with a special encoreperformance from Kenyata White who organizedthe Born This Way flash mob, which became a viralYouTube sensation, to mask the oppressive presenceof the protesters at the end of the 2012 Phoenix PrideParade route. Keynote speaker, Mayor Greg Stantongave an inspirational speech addressing his continuedsupport of the LGBTQ community. Entertainmentauctioneer, Leticia Fry worked her magic and helpedraise money for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program.Heartfelt thanks must go out to all of our generousdonors, table hosts, sponsors, everyone who donatedto the silent and live auctions, our host ClaytonMcKee, our award presenters and last but not least,the volunteers who helped Phoenix Pride create anamazing Gala!NURTURING OUR FUTURE PROSPERITYBJ Bud Spirit Award - 1n10Kirk Baxter Spirit Award -TERROSHoward Patricia FleischmannSpirit Award -One CommunityJohn Bircumshaw Spirit Award -Stacey Jay CavaliereLinda Hoffman Spirit Award -Heather BoardwellMayor Phil Gordon Spirit Award -Nicole StantonBrandon Packer Spirit Award -Freddie Prinze CharmingTish Tanner Spirit Award -Olivia Gardens26.
  27. 27. Jimmie MunozProject ManagerJan. 2012 - Mar. 2012Dani LoganProject ManagerNov. 2012 - PresentBrandi SokoloskyExecutive DirectorJonathan BrierProject ManagerMar. 2012 - Dec. 2012StaffINSPIRINGPEOPLE27.
  28. 28. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGraGrantsGrantsVolunteersScholarshipsCommunityCommunityCommCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualiEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersitylityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHiststoryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducatiEducationEducationEducationINSPIRING PEOPLEFestival CommitteeManagers 2012Bill GemmillBrian HansenCarol ShipmanChristopher LaurellaDawn BowmanGregg EdelmannHeather BrownJoseph CasadosJonathan HarrisJonathon TomJustin OwenKela CalkinsLinda HoffmanLloyd MaysMic MixxerMichael SciaccaMicheal WeakleyNatalie CianciolaPhilip MeechamRiley WatsonRon DangelKellyann BonnellBecca DaltroffTambra WilliamsTed KirbyTim BentleyParade CommitteeManagers 2012Chris BoozerChris O’NeillDani LoganDJ McMurrayHeather SnodgresJamie Henderson-MaysKeith WestendorfLinda HoffmanLloyd MaysMark HillyardMichael SciaccaPaul PilardRobin HillyardRonda KelsoRoni KeetonStaci SimmonsSpecial Thanks to Randy Bingham for providingmany of the wonderful photographs in thisannual report. For more information aboutRandy’s work, visit his website at:www.facebook.com/randysvisionphotography28.
  30. 30. VolunteersVolunteersVolunteersGrantsGrantsGrantsGrantsGrantsScholarshipsVolunteersScholarshipsCommuCommuCommunityCoCelebrationCelebrationCelebrationEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualityEqualitEqualityEqualityEquDiversityDiverersityibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityVisibilityHistooryHistoryHistoryHistoryEducationEducation EducationEducation2012 Annual ReportHOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCEDonation opportunities are available online at www.phoenixpride.org,click on the DONATE BUTTON TODAY.Make a tax deductible donation and help fund scholarships and grants for deservingLGBTQ individuals and non-profit organizations. You can also support your communityby volunteering, become a Pride Volunteer today.P.O. Box 16847Phoenix, Arizona 850113819 N. 3rd St., Suite APhoenix, Arizona 85012602-277-7433480-247-4899info@phoenixpride.orgphoenixpride.orgfacebook.com/phoenixprideaztwitter.com/phoenixprideazMailing Address:Office Address:Telephone:Fax:E-mail:Website: