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Anatomy of a Book Launch


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Getting ready to launch your first book? Follow these 29 steps to achieve maximal results. Download the full special report here:

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Anatomy of a Book Launch

  1. 1. , , Anat. omy lg ‘ of a. as , BOOK * LAUNCH . 3 - _, ' ‘ W ‘»‘‘i'il T 35' ' 75-4 “ -. ~. 5 "’= i}"; ’’~*. . . , All the Steps You Need to Take to Successfully by Laura Orsini
  2. 2. I book into the dole
  3. 3. Determine your budget ___‘ 3
  4. 4. 3 find 0 venue
  5. 5. 4 Congider porinering) with o nonprofit
  6. 6. 5 Befjfl b'0€fi"€)
  7. 7. *3“ 5"" Write the book; edit the book; print the book ond/ or formot it Q“) on eBook
  8. 8. 7 Get your cover degigjied
  9. 9. hymn: r rr. ,. ... ,.». tn-pr. tirr. ... trr: . I; -1|-aw: I; -gr. .. I. I. N~lO: trlK5(r, Vt3tJI tmetn: Jaw. ..» Available November 20 1 2 through the wxnairtg road or parenting, Exnrrptr from rin- Hmrt o/ a Jtlorrr otters a path tor rcttstng our children with honesty, confidence and character, Written from experi- ence Laurent provides a treasure trove or institution that win remind you to pcttertt with your heart and to cherish the iourrtev " - Stacy Mccmhy author or Yrunslolmahonot teochtng Waugh Yoga Aarmrrrrenrs and ptoducei/ stur oi BUSY Mum toga IL“-arm: [mm the Ilrarl n/ u Ma». ortgittully begun as a g-It ttom author fienmlet I mrrerrt to her snn amt quiuriy grew min 75 Curr— soous oorentng concepts that help parents Voslet their chidrervs innate and Dlolound wisdom and keen the cniaren connected In ttreir uuthenhc serve: Thzs back is meant to evoke the idea at two momt chatting over cottee. sharing the starter oi their cmctmg children Its goat ts to more nor (mt; to Upun ttrcrr ntmds and hearts nnrt be withng to explore ct dtNe'eI't| way to patent that can bring tuttitrrrrorrt ioy and peace Jemtrlet Louvent has a BA -n my Chutogy u Muslet 5 In ttitwcul social week, a reaching «:9 cute in yoga. carrots 0 can eo NLP Irte coach and hyonotheru ptst She wvilet lot itvemrmtgn TheHecm corn and resaes with her ton trt southern cqrrrorrriu
  10. 10. éUV"FT'* */ ’‘L“ F / lr_t, .,! ‘rt, &/ r. O= CO7r§ H01." Ft8E‘*: ’t=8
  11. 11. BAR: :ES : :0BLE OverDrive' kO'0O Se: -: t"~’) cry OYSTER H" Br‘-K: P. ow. , —fir-, iBooks t K. it frrronfie trrwrfit<: r~~r. » rdigiributiion tfrltrt Sma5hW9r$1$' more on the way! * ‘ “ __‘ Av __ "'l)0S ougtrc, rM1X'
  12. 12. 3 Arrlaznhmrr; Jul’trt| .cA: k£r an (- C‘ fl Owww. arrrazorr. corrtrJulrrr—tottur'a£r3u3ATr1rort-r'_r an'| azo|1_C0m N-«or u~r-- mm. We hays flummguaimms tuvvuu (MQLMJLIN) ‘ -ft Ahtr| AUtl-. p1lV 5 Mamrrs rtru. umr. cnrrr I rotrays Deals sutrtlr Hunks Advanced Search Bmwse Sttbrems New Rooms Best Salas the New ‘/ ark YIrles® Best sslrors Gills Lwislllisls am Cauls it E 3 I3 ' Black FnduyDen. ls Week Starts Tuduy " New fleets every day PresumedbvfimiiothcomfiewardsVlsaCavd YnurDlgltaHl2ms YuLlrAccuum Help }__Iran Llhmsertesnerinl Batganrrfiooks textbooks Wish I in l rromtmAumor l rom r r edla New York Times best selling author Juhn t_Dl: ke is the rrrtematrorrat post—sallrrrg author of eleven bunks rrr three dlffarerr! genres He rs the Elh author In hlsmry to have solo one mllltort ealmks on Klndle, and the first setf— pulalrshao author In rrrstory to hava done so Ll: t:kE has hao as marry as four bucks rh the top ton at the same trmo, rnoluorng an and «:2. Hrs Durruvarr craoo thrrlrar serles has SUM mare than l,2E| E|, E|E| U dlswnluads slnne January. zuur rhrs broiwpvhv was Dvwlded by the auurar arthsrr rewisemitlvir > in s| |19 mmsrm; > MLI_fl. I.u£l. fl.l1 @ John Locke has answered ;3_ul¢mm. l:s from readers. ztulltor Books by John Locke (5 ll bnakx) Alt Forums :42 at 13 Krnotlesttrtron Hardcnver Paperback Emmett is Gantry (arr Emmett Lave western) Krhulo Edttlntl W 99 Sehterrlber 1 2011 Be the trrsrto ask Juhrt mate a ausstrah abauuhts bunk v See Bunk Detarls Yhe Love van Crave (A Dnnnvan Creel! Novel) Krnole Eorrrorr W 99 my 2011 Readers have asked one ouestroh ahnulthts bank a 529 Bank Detarts Sam Retevaalz at nine M (as) LE(se)tEnu Latest Tweet Dnnnvancresd HlKatlelHrClauder11'ran| <sfnr holprho mo Drlzrr-r1um"CaI| Me| “ httv’/ /trco/ as-wrosh rukatroshoaoosroh @c22|: e23EIE vou guys are great- sbuutstraurc lrjf a wag. Most Recent Blog Posts Need Your Advice E Wasted 2 rm usr r: rshs. ,r, t , m Vuu know 1 have the utmost respect fur your true, rrgrrtr That's why 1 unty pubhsh a few posts a year and keep thorn short 1 usually toll you apoot things We roar-hoo or people i Iuve. g u rr , _tr't’ET rm : rr: Tradlllnrrat puprrshars am even some suoosssrul rrrdle authors are puhrrory saying haw haro rt rs fur sampuplrshao authors to succeadr They say most wltl navar salt mu ehnuks, and only a small . Read more Why I Persnnnlly Respond to My Readers 92: , t 1 r. rr var V311 _L1l root thrs all the (lrrler peopte remind mot unty oat 25 cents for Each bunk 1 ssh, and want to krrnw why I take the Irma tn personally rospoho to emails and website cummerttsr My answer rs always the gag & Customers Also Bought Items By Mrotrasl Connolly stove Hamrltoh your I OAp mozon outhor poge timize
  13. 13. Make 0 [51 of advance reader)
  14. 14. Take your +ime and do your researoh when hirin a Web designer. Evorluofie + air skills, 96+ reFerml5, and T EH51’ your gu+! N21/W/ H NlJéI>|2"v‘H >+oog %% 9. W G3 ‘S 7V
  15. 15. A media H0 is A or-iflool spend +oo| If you plan lo get radio, mg mane, TV. newspaper, or‘ lnier-nol and/ on oovcr-Ago ‘For your book. . +ol: e +he time +o do a 4009 job with ‘this. L gemember. haw . llrlln-lsu-es1h». aiius. -r 4 4 many o+her~ ‘ au+| 'Iora are vying for +he some airtime and pfwg mam dinedorb’ orfionfion. _: Q Q 7? 3'. J>~ “(V3 3% j Z .9 K 3>~ < V“ Z >l702lé1 2l73Vll
  16. 16. Offer bulk pricing)
  17. 17. Decide if your f . Iounch ~ ‘ Will hove O iheme
  18. 18. A media release is oi tonoluif lvefwoen you, Hi: media, and +l'ie viewer‘/ rveoolen. You noooln’+ hire A PR firm io gel your info +o moolio oufleis. MU Narmo iru ’~na«'s bwb r. at DUI! D TFWW orahiow. .. Use +l1e zsr-oi person. even if you're wr-Hing obou-i yourself. Us-e +he proper‘ formm, gel your release +o +he proper peraon, and gei 6+ iherc in plenly of lime. The media relic: on people like you for H9 oonfenf. Dc br-owe ~ and cliligenl ~ oilvou+ senoling oul your- news releases. N2/ii/ ii ? l~l| J,3>ld’i‘ll mg #7029 awzivii i 7.4:, "-19;. “ an ff. "
  19. 19. ll ; ll lllllw Ell QWI l ~ " u «'3 . I . ’ V iTv“ClC: l , Y, , { s Rix
  20. 20. r I! er oiori doing) public gpooking) ll - I, l_! l.
  21. 21. '35 ‘kg Implomoni 4, o drip omoil is‘ COmpO| {ji Q. @
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  23. 23. Book Preview, Exhibit & Signing Cocktail Reception JUNE FITZPATRICK V; if GALLERY g 3 112 High Street Portland. Maine Sponsored by:
  24. 24. . lfji your 00 lroller
  25. 25. (gall) Book o bloglour
  26. 26. 25 Invite gomeone to be your MC
  27. 27. ii-i $3’ Decide ' if you will /1» — B B = d0 0 i . ,‘ _e. ,_. ;g~t_'. »‘_; »,. T“. *;', . 7 . -,. “’; jl": .‘ reoding? ~ 1 T T . 0i J éigi boo
  28. 28. s27Pbn who will hondle the money
  29. 29. fifyre out ' where you '* - will Qil for the élfjllllfy :7 l
  30. 30. me n b e e c more e M o we
  31. 31. DOWNLOAD T E FUl. l. SPECIAL EPORT hllp: //billy/ Anolomy_lounoh wr1terl l