Project Semester III - FPT Greenwich (i10) - GC0602 - Group 2


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Project Semester III - FPT Greenwich (i10) - GC0602 - Group 2

  1. 1.  Class: GC0602 Semester: B/2012 Group: 2 [ FA.Team ] Members: 1. Dao Hong Phong (Leader) 2. Vu Van Phu Vuong 3. Dao The Nam 4. Nguyen Trong Dai Instructor : Mr. Pham Van Vung
  2. 2.  Introduction Problem Definition Customer Requirements Design Planning Checklist Screenshots Conclusion
  3. 3.  Our client is an institute by the name “Institute of Fine Arts”, which has been started by the two well- trained professionals who are one of the standard people in the field of animation and fine arts. The procedures that they follow are they first conduct classes on paintings, animation, etc.
  4. 4.  They are facing the problems in retrieving and fetching the records, for which it consumes too  They usually maintain the competition much of time, as when a student wants to change details through pen and paper. staff should first the painting submitted, etc. the search the records and then update the details accordingly.
  5. 5.  1. Admin  - Manage Manager - Manage Staff  - Manage Student
  6. 6.  2. Manager  - Manage Exhibitions - View user’s details  - View details of system  - Search information
  7. 7.  3. Staff  - Manage Exhibitions, Competitions… - View Student details  - View details of system  - Search information
  8. 8.  4. Student - Upload and edit painting. - View Painting details - View details of Exhibitions, Competitions… - Search information
  9. 9. System Architecture
  10. 10. StaffFacade AdminFacade SuperFacade +InsertFAQ() +InsertRole() +UpdateFAQDetails() +ViewRoleDetails() +UpdateRoleDetails() +DeleteFAQ() +ViewListAllRole() SuperStaff +DeleteRole() +InsertClass() +SearchRole() +InsertStudent() +UpdateClassDetails() +ViewFAQDetails() +UpdateStudentDetails() +DeleteClass() +ViewListAllFAQ() +ViewAwardDetails() +DeleteStudent() +InsertSubject() +SearchFAQ() +ViewListAllAward() +ViewStudentDetails() +UpdateSubjectDetails() +ViewClassDetails() +SearchAward() +ViewListAllStudent() +DeleteSubject() +ViewwListAllClass() +ViewProductDetails() +SearchStudent() +InsertAward() +SearchClass() +ViewListAllProduct() +InsertStaff() +UpdateAwardDetails() +ViewSubjectDetails() +SearchProduct() +UpdateStaffDetails() +DeleteAward() +ViewListAllSubject() +ViewBestProducts() +DeleteStaff() +InsertCompetition() +SearchSubject() +InsertExhibition() +ViewStaffDetails() +UpdateCompetittionDetails() +ViewCompetitionDetails() +UpdateExhibitionDetails() +ViewListAllStaff() +DeleteCompetition() +ViewListAllCompetition() +DeleteExhibition() +SearchStaff() +MarkProduct() +SearchCompetition() +ViewStudentDetails() +InsertRating() +ViewRemarkRegiterDetails() +ViewRatingDetails() +ViewListAllStudent() +UpdateRatingDetails() +ViewListAllRemarkRegister() +ViewListAllRating() +SearchStudent() +DeleteRating() +SearchRemarkRegister() +SearchRating() +UpdateCommentDetails() +InsertRemark() +InsertComment() +DeleteComment() +UpdateRemarkDetails() +ViewCommentDetails() +DeleteRemarkDetails() +ViewRemarkDetails() +InsertExhibitionList() +ViewListAllRemark() +UpdateExhibitionListDetails() +SearchRemark() 1 StudentFacade +DeleteExhibitionList() +ViewExhibitionDetails() +InsertFinance() +ViewListAllExhibition() +UpdateFinanceDetails() +ViewExhibitionListDetails() +InsertProduct() +DeleteFinance() +ViewListAllExhibitionList() +UpdateProductDetails() +ViewFinanceDetails() 1 +SearchExhibtionList() +ViewHisProductDetails() +ViewListAllFinance() +ViewBestProducts() +SearchFinance() +InsertRemarkRegister() +ViewListAllFinance() ManagerFacade 1 +ViewStaffDetails() 1 +ViewListAllStaff() +SearchStaff()Class Diagram Competition Student Finance ExhibitionListProduct Exhibition -Competition_ID -Student_ID -Finance_ID -ExhibitionListProduct_ID -Exhibition_ID -Competition_Name -Student_Name -Finance_EndPrice -ExhibitionListProduct_IntialPrice -Exhibition_Name -Competition_Description -Student_DOB 1 1 -Finance_IsOwe 1 -ExhibitionListProduct_IsSold -Exhibition_Description -Competition_StartDate -Student_Address 1 -Finance_TimeSubmit n -Exhibition_ID -Exhibition_StartDate n -ExhibitionListProduct_ID -Competition_EndDate -Student_Email 1 -Product_ID n1 -Exhibition_EndDate -Competition_ShowResultDate -Student_Acc +ExhibitionListProduct() +Exhibition() -Staff_ID -ClassSubject_ID n -Student_Pass FAMS_Entities +Product() +ExhibitionListProduct() -Staff_ID -Class_ID n n -Role n +Finances() +Staff() -Award_ID +Class() -FAQ_Liberary +Award() +Comments() 1 -Class +ClassSubject() +Products() -Subject +Staff() +RemarkRegisters() -ClassSubject 1 n -Award -Competition 1 n -Staff 1 RemarkRegister Award -Student Product -RemarkRegister_ID -Award_ID -Rating -Product_ID 11 1 -RemarkRegister_TimeSubmit -Award_Name n -Product 1 -Product_Photo Rating n -RemarkRegister_Reason -Award_Description -Comment -Product_Name -Student_ID -Award_Reward 1 -RemarkRegister -Rating_ID -Product_Description -Staff_ID -Staff_ID -Remark -Rating_Name -Product_TimeSubmit -Product_ID +Staff() -Exhibition n +Products() -Product_HasAward ClassSubject n -ExhibitionListProduct 11 1 +Product() -Product_Comment +Competitions() +Remarks() -ClassSubject_ID -Finance +Staff() -Product_TimeRating -Class_ID +Student() -Rating_ID n n +AddObject() -Subject_ID 1 +Remark() -Student_ID +SaveChange() -Staff_ID +Comments() FAQ_Liberary 1 +Class() +ExhibitionListProducts() -FAQ_ID +Staff() 1 n +Rating() 1 1 -FAQ_Question +Subject() +Students() -FAQ_Answer +Competitions() +RemarkRegisters() -Staff_ID n n +Staff() Staff -Staff_ID n Comment Remark -Staff_Name n -Staff_Email -Comment_ID -Remark_ID n -Staff_Address -Comment_Comment -Remark_Commet Role n n -Remark_TimeRating -Staff_Acc -Comment_TimeSubmit -Role_ID n 1 -Staff_Pass -Product_ID -Rating_ID -Role_Name 1 1 -Role_ID -Student_ID -Staff_ID +Staffs() +Awards() +Product() +Rating() n +ClassSubject() +Student() +Staff() Class Subject +Competitions() +RemarkRegister() -Class_ID -Subject_ID +Exhibitions() -Class_Name -Subject_Name +FAQ_Liberary() -Class_StartDate -Subject_Description +Remarks() -Class_EndDate +ClassSubject() +RemarkRegisters() +ClassSubjects() +Role() +Students()
  11. 11. Comment Product Rating Finance ExhibitionListProductPK Comment_ID PK Product_ID PK Rating_ID PK Finance_ID PK ExhibitionListProduct_ID Comment_Comment Product_Photo Rating_Name Finance_EndPrice ExhibitionListProduct_IntialPrice Comment_TimeSubmit Product_Name Finance_IsOwe ExhibitionListProduct_IsSoldFK1 Product_ID Product_Description Finance_TimeSubmit FK1 Exhibition_IDFK2 Student_ID Product_TimeSubmit FK1 ExhibitionListProduct_ID FK2 Product_ID Product_HasAward Product_Comment Product_TimeRating FK1 Rating_ID FK2 Student_ID Student Remark PK Student_ID PK Remark_ID Student_Name Remark_Comment Student_DOB Remark_TimeRating Student_Address FK1 Rating_ID Staff FK2 Staff_ID Student_Email RemarkRegister Student_Acc PK Staff_ID FK3 RemarkRegister_ID Student_Pass PK RemarkRegister_ID FK2 Class_ID Staff_Name RemarkRegister_TimeSubmit Staff_Email RemarkRegister_Reason Staff_Address FK1 Student_ID Staff_Acc Exhibition FK2 Staff_ID Staff_Pass Class FK3 Product_ID FK1 Role_ID PK Exhibition_IDPK Class_ID Exhibition_Name Class_Name Exhibition_Description Class_StartDate Exhibition_StartDate Class_EndDate Exhibition_EndDate FK1 Staff_ID ClassSubject Role PK ClassSubject_ID Subject PK Role_IDPK Subject_ID FK1 Class_ID FK2 Subject_ID Role_Name Subject_Name FK3 Staff_ID Subject_Description FAQ_Liberary PK FAQ_ID Competition PK Competition_ID Award FAQ_Question FAQ_Answer PK Award_ID FK1 Staff_ID Competition_Name Competition_Description Award_Name Competition_StartDate Award_Description Competition_EndDate Award_Reward Competition_ShowResultDate FK1 Staff_ID FK1 ClassSubject_ID FK2 Staff_ID FK3 Award_ID Entity Relationship Diagram
  12. 12. Database Design
  13. 13. Database Diagram
  14. 14. System Prototype
  15. 15. Project Planning
  16. 16. Task Sheet
  17. 17. Option ValidatedCan only admin can manage all information in system, Yeswebsite?Can a employee can view other employee’s profiles after Yeslogging in?Do all the links navigate to the correct Web pages? YesDoes the web site’s functionality resolve the staff Yesproblems, and satisfy his needs?Has the hardware and software been correctly chosen? Yes Check List of Validation
  18. 18. ID Particulars Yes No N/A Comments 1 Is the Admin able to enter the control x panel after validation is performed on the User-Name and Password? 2 Are the students able to view other x user’s profiles in system after validation is performed on the User-Name and Password? 3 System allow only administrator can x manage all information belong to the system?Submission Checklist 4 Students can’t login into the system or x registry? 5 System doesn’t provide function for x Students can’t update their information? (Only admin can do that) 6 Only have 1 Admin in system? x 7 Is the web site user-friendly? x Tested on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.
  19. 19. Home page
  20. 20. Login page
  21. 21. Register page
  22. 22. Upload page
  23. 23. Show list painting
  24. 24. We would like to give special thanks to Supervisor: Mr. Pham Van VungYou have contributed a great deal to the successful of our project. Wedeeply thank you for your kindness supports and thoughtfulrecommendations.Although the time for the project is not long, we manage to finish ontime. However, there is still room for improvement. Hence, we areappreciating for comments of teachers to make our project better.
  25. 25. ••••••