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Basic principles of Git


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Basic Principles of Git

Published in: Engineering, Technology
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Basic principles of Git

  1. 1. Basic Principles of Git Vo Huy Phuong
  2. 2. Basic Principles of Git • What is Git • Basic Operation with Git and How Git organize data. • What is Branch and basic operation with branch • Repository and Remote Branch
  3. 3. What is Git • What is Version Control System – System that record the changes of a file or set of file overtime. • How many kind of Version Control system: – Centralized Version Control System – Distributed Version Control System • Git and SourceTree
  4. 4. Centralize Version Controll System
  5. 5. Distributed Version Controll System
  6. 6. What is Git • Git is distributed Version Control System • Provide a rich, full command line for user to manipulate data. • SourceTree is application, provide a visual interface for user to do with Git system.
  7. 7. Basic Operation and How Git organize data • Organize data into a three State: – Git directory(repository) – Working Directory – Stage Area
  8. 8. How Git organize data
  9. 9. How Git organize data • How Repository organize data – Organize data into Tree – Has many leafs(commit object) that link together – Each commit has a snapshot of file/set of file that changed • An HEAD pointer to indicate the current status we are on • HEAD pointer will move forward if we commit
  10. 10. How Repository organize data
  11. 11. How Repository organize data
  12. 12. How Repository organize data
  13. 13. Basic Operation • Some basic operation – Git Add : add file to State area – Git Checkout : reset the changed file in Working area – Git Reset : reset HEAD to specific commit – Git Status : view the status of Working Area, and State Area
  14. 14. Basic Operation • Some basic operation – Git rm : deleted a file from repository – Git Commit: create the commit obj from the State Area..and update Tree – Git mv : move file from one location to another location – Git Log: show history in repository
  15. 15. What is Branch and basic Operation with Branch • Branch is one part of Git Tree • Permit User to work independently with another branch • Branch is actually a movable pointer, that can move forward or downward commit object in Git Tree
  16. 16. How Repository organize data
  17. 17. What is Branch and basic Operation with Branch
  18. 18. What is Branch and basic Operation with Branch • Basic Operation with branch – Git checkout : create or change branch – Git merge : merge one branch with another branch
  19. 19. Basic Merge in Branch
  20. 20. Basic Merge in Branch
  21. 21. Basic Merge Conflict
  22. 22. Repository • Basic Operation with repository – Git fetch : Synchronize local database with server database – Git clone : create new local database and create working copy for all file
  23. 23. Remote Branch • Remote Brach is movable pointer that represent the current status of this branch on server • Git has difference pointer for one branch:1 for remote branch and 1 for local branch • Operation in Branch: – Git merge : merge one branch with another branch – Git pull : fetch one branch and merge local branch with remote branch – Git Push : push branch data to remote repository
  24. 24. Remote Branch
  25. 25. Remote Branch
  26. 26. Basic Principles in Git • Reference :