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This presentation base on internet communities.
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  1. 1. Internet Communities The Evolution to Societies Group Members Muhammad Haris Zuberi Hafiz Ansar Azmat Ullah Arif basheer
  2. 2. Overview Internet communities Affiliation Diffusion of the users Internet societies Internet Passport Private World
  3. 3. Ask A Ninja Linux Deviant Art Youtube Yahoo Ebay Microsoft The Pirate bay IMDB Rapid Share Mega Upload C Net MadDox YAOI Orkut Dream Spark What we mean by Internet Communities
  4. 4. What is an internet community ? A group of people having one or more common characteristics with internet networking. A product, a messenger application, a chat room, any kind of forums, social networking sites, etc
  5. 5. G eneral C ommunity S tructure OLD This structure is ineffective due to the local politics of the society. People started to switch Admin Moderators Assistant Loyal Users New Users
  6. 6. Affiliation and social merger Facebook eRepublik Tweeter Skype WLM
  7. 7. Affiliation and social merger The administration of smaller communities then realize the lack of users hence started the Affiliation programs and social mergers. Affiliation and mergers are normally signed between communities belonging to different concepts. Like Skype and Facebook Effective but it was not the future of Internet Communities And a new structure was derived.
  8. 8. Affiliation and social merger Fusion of users cause the creation of smaller societies.
  9. 9. internet communities Every NON Black dot is an internet community
  10. 10. Diffusion of the users The old structure it was observed that most users completely switched to different and rival community .
  11. 11. G eneral C ommunity S tructure New This new structure gave birth to the concept of Internet Societies. Admin Moderators Users
  12. 12. The evolution towards internet societies The birth of internet societies was not possible because of many reasons which result in the mass conversion of users and ultimately destruction of one community then the other. A trial to create an internet society could lead to the destruction of community with out resulting a society. But two things made it possible.
  13. 13. The Internet Passport
  14. 14. The evolution towards internet societies The Internet Passport One Account per user for all the Communities of the world. It was first proposed by Microsoft. But was then rejected because of the fear that Microsoft will end owning the internet. In recent years Google has implement it. Today, Microsoft and Google both are uses this Idea. But there focus members are different, Google believes in today, and Microsoft prepare itself for the future.
  15. 15. A Private World
  16. 16. The evolution towards internet societies A Private World The Greek myth of the lotus eaters, who lure people into their traps. Facebook was the first to truly implement this theory into the cyber world to a great extend. A World which has everything embed inside it, never letting the user see THE DOOR OUT . In other words, Many ways to get into a society, and only one well hidden way to get out.
  17. 17. Facebook is in itself big while Google and Microsoft own multiple islands on the map. Internet Communities 2010
  18. 18. Any Questions ?