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  • Adding music and a colourful Intro to your game can grab peoples attention. It can be the difference between holding attention and falling asleep. You Can put any MP3 or WAV sound clip into PowerPoint and then insert it into your game. (INSERT>SOUND>SOUND FROM FILE…)
  • This slide and many others are created using the custom animation tool. You can then sequence the sounds and pictures like the speech bubble, spider and Indy character.
  • Grabbing pictures from Google and putting them into your background can really make your game look and feel fun. Remember you might need to adjust the order of images on your screen to make the large background picture go to the back. (RIGHT-CLICK IMAGE > SEND TO BACK or BRING TO FRONT)
  • Multiple choice?Create multiple slides of the same thing by duplicating the slide (RIGHT-CLICK, DUPLICATE SLIDE) Then change the text to suit what is happening.
  • This page was created using the drawing (located in Format for PP 2007) tool to make the black hole. Then I added some shading by RIGHT-CLICK shape > FORMAT SHAPE > FILL> GRADIENT FILL.
  • Power point games

    1. 1. Paul H. Smith See this presentation online at www.innovativelearning.com.au
    2. 2. Welcome to my adventure! We are going to discover lots on our journey together but look out for danger every step of the way.
    3. 3. Ahhh, the lost temple! There is some sort of puzzle on the door. Let’s check it out.
    4. 4. There are three stone tablets here. I think in need to press each one in order from lowest to highest. 1.62 1.062 1.621
    5. 5. Yes, we must be on the right track. Keep going! 1.62 1.062 1.621
    6. 6. Great! Only one more…. 1.62 1.062 1.621
    7. 7. Yahoo! You did it. Now we can both retire!
    8. 8. Types of Games  Whole class teacher led games  Millionaire  Student created adventure games  Gold Game
    9. 9. Benefits  Student engagement  Reviewing Topics  Test knowledge of Topic  Topic Introduction  Topic Conclusion  Teamwork  ICT Skills  Planning a project
    10. 10. The Food Chain Small Shark Seal Fish Shrimp Plant
    11. 11. Student Games  Students enjoy making their own PowerPoint games because they have control of the outcomes (ownership)  They enjoy using PowerPoints’ features such as sound, animation and timing to create a truly interactive experience.  Students are required to plan out a game before beginning to create it (using storyboarding)  Students gain key ICT Skills which can be transferred to other projects. (E.G. Marine Life )  They can demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of a topic by incorporating it into a game. (Gold Games)
    12. 12. Teacher Led Games  Students are engaged with the use of technology.  Students enjoy working as a team.  Games can be customised to suit topics being studied.  Students like playing games and learning becomes fun.
    13. 13. How To..  Hyperlink  Duplicate Slides  Animation  Add Sound  Sequence Events, custom animations  Contact Me  Web Resources
    14. 14. Hyperlinks  Hyperlinks are what makes your game ‘Interactive’. It lets you decide where to take the player when they click something on your game  In this example if the player clicks the right answer  Or the wrong answer
    15. 15. Animation  This is what makes things interesting by objects moving on the screen  Click the object or words you want to animate  Go to menu ‘Animations’ then select ‘Custom Animations’ (PC) or for Mac Right-Click > Custom animation
    16. 16. Animation  Select and Entrance effect and even an Exit Effect Entrance Exit  You can change preferences like direction, speed and more!
    17. 17. Hyperlinks  Right –Click the object you want to make a button.  Edit Hyperlink  Choose >PLACE IN THIS DOCUMENT then select the slide you want to be transported to.
    18. 18. Duplicate Slides  Duplicating slides can save you HEAPS of time. You can use this to change a slide slightly from the previous version.  Design your slide  Duplicate the slide as many times as you need to by..  Right-Click the slide in NORMAL VIEW  Duplicate Slide
    19. 19. Add Sound  For a musical background you will need to have your own source of sound files  Insert > Sound > Sound From a File...  Locate your sound..  Choose Automatically  Adjust settings in the custom Animation area.
    20. 20. Sequencing Events  Sequencing events makes things happen when you want them to happen. E.G. You want a speech bubble to appear when a character arrives on the screen.  Go to Custom animation Window  You can reorder by dragging items  Change the way they start  With previous – begins with the last animation  After previous – starts after last animation  On click – it waits until you click the screen
    21. 21. Contact Me  Need some extra help?  Contact me at phsmith@netconnect.com.au
    22. 22. Web Resources  Google Images  http://www.123ppt.com/newsletter/edition-006/presentation- tutorial.asp -Make those back grounds transparent  http://www.sounddogs.com/results.asp?Type=1&CategoryID=1021&S ubcategoryID=98 Sound effects  http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/ppt-games/ Lots of PowerPoint games to play with your class.  http://www.actden.com/pp/ How to use PowerPoint (basics, older version)