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How To Complete And Submit Assignments In Blackboard


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How to create and submit files in Blackboard for ITE 115 (Office 2007)

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How To Complete And Submit Assignments In Blackboard

  1. 1. How to Complete and Submit Assignments in Blackboard Marti Robertson Directions Chris Gladis flickr Where do I go from here?
  2. 2. How to View Assignments Click the Module 2 – Word 2007 link to view the Word modules
  3. 3. Word Module Assignments Click the assignment link to view more details about the assignments
  4. 4. Assignment Details Additional Word tutorial 1 assignments. Click here to view the tutorial readings and exercises, PowerPoint presentation, and optional resource materials.
  5. 5. Complete the Assignment Open the application you are using, in this case, Word 2007. Complete the document as instructed in the textbook and save your file(s). Close your document and return to the Blackboard assignment area.
  6. 6. How to Submit a file to Blackboard Click here to submit your assignment to Blackboard
  7. 7. How to Submit a File to Blackboard, Step 2 Type your name in the Comments area Click “Browse” to attach your file
  8. 8. Browse for your file Browse your folders to Locate your file. Click “Open”.
  9. 9. Submit Your File to Blackboard Click here to add another file Click “Submit” to submit your file(s) to Blackboard Warning: be sure you attach all of your files before you press “Submit”.
  10. 10. View Your Scores in the Gradebook You will see a green exclamation point until your instructor grades the assignment. After it is graded you will see your score and any comments. Click “Student Tools” and “My Grades” to see your scores.