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Human Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker


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Use this in your first day or first few days of class to get students talking and getting to know each other.

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Human Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker

  1. 1. ESL Commando EnglishICEBreaker!:“Human Scavenger Hunt”Mission: Students will mingle and practice their listening, speaking, and questioning skills while gettingto know each other.Instructions: Simply distribute the sheet from page 2, read instructions and allow students to increasetheir knowledge of each other and questioning structures in English. You may want to modify a bit foryour classes.More for students and teachers at
  2. 2. Human Scavenger HuntFor each question, your goal is to find someone in the class who has done that activity and get them to sign next tothe question. The point is to go around the room and find as many answers to questions as you can. In this way,you will increase your listening skills while getting to know your classmates better. 1. Find someone who likes animals– 2. Find someone who has been to Shanghai, China – 3. Find someone who speaks more than 2 languages – 4. Find someone who has completed their bachelor’s (4 year degree) – 5. Find someone who is married – 6. Find someone who has been to California – 7. Find someone who can whistle (blow your lips and make a loud sound) - 8. Find someone who can paint – 9. Find someone who can draw – 10. Find someone who can sing – 11. Find someone who can play an instrument- 12. Find someone who has gone skydiving – 13. Find someone who can dance very well – 14. Find someone who has a large family (+6 family members) – 15. Find someone who has a smaller family (3 or less family members) – 16. Find someone who likes to cook their own food – 17. Find someone who has been on a roller coaster ride – 18. Find someone who has won a contest – 19. Find someone who has swum in the Pacific Ocean – 20. Find someone who has been to the Empire State Building – 21. Find someone who has been in the Statue of Liberty – 22. Find someone who has been to Paris – 23. Find someone who has been to London -More for students and teachers at