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Photoservice Electa is an Italian image bank with a strong focus on art, paintings, sculpture and architecture. From Renaissance to present days, our website features more than 60.000 high quality scans of top quality Italian masterpieces.

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Photoservice Electa - Presentation

  1. 1. THE ART OF REPRESENTING ART Photoservice Electa: where art meets your imagination
  2. 2. PROFILE Half a million art images spanning over time and space Our expertise in the visual arts across Europe at your service. Fifty years of experience for an amazing collection of art shootings from the most respected photographers in the field. A top quality and user friendly archive, growing daily, which includes our unique body of imagery from over 1200 Mondadori Electa book titles. If you engage in an image-based research project you can count on us to provide the most suitable response. All your editorial, commercial and web projects will add the emotional power that only first class art imagery can provide. The great masterpieces of art. A broad range Search our ever growing digital archive for: - A word class documentation on Italian and European painting - A unique perspective on classic, modern and contemporary architecture imagery - Major sculpture masterpieces - Exclusive documentation on the world’s key archeological sites - The whole body of work from all major Museums in Italy - Uniquely extensive imagery on the “minor arts”: glass, tapestry, silver, musical instruments, illustrations... - Awe inspiring 1 to 1 details of hundreds of supreme masterpieces from Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and The Last Supper to Botticelli’s Venus and Mantegna’s Camera degli Sposi... and much more.
  3. 3. HE T IC M AT ARE AS A carefully selected range Masterpieces from all ages, celebrated or less-known works, highly specialized and far-reaching documentation, subdivided by major themes. And then: great collections of images of tapestries, jewelry and the applied arts, furniture, glass, ceramics, arms, ivory, coins and medals, theater, history, museology, travel, nature and urban lifestyle. Painting
  4. 4. Drawing and Engraving Jewelry Mosaic
  5. 5. Archaeology Sculpture
  6. 6. Architecture
  7. 7. SERVICES From your idea to our images You can easily search and download from our site: or take advantage of our competence and desire to search for you. You will get a prompt and personalized reply to all your requests: we’ll clear authors, location, usage rights to make your project reality. Let our team take care of your needs and develop together your ideas: we’ll find the right image for you, the top quality one, the unique one. From art books to series and magazines, from advertising to merchandising, from websites to events: we are here to make your concept and your business stand out. And now you can also profit from our exclusive photo assignment service: our top art, architecture and design photographers at your disposal to shoot exactly the concept you have in mind.
  8. 8. 24 Ore Motta Cultura Bassetti Battello a vapore – Piemme Castorama De Agostini Periodici Edizioni San Paolo Edizioni White Star Einaudi Gruner & Jahr Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso Il Sole 24 Ore Jazz Graphic Studio La Stampa Loescher Lowe Pirella Mediaset Mondadori Libri Mondadori Periodici Piemme Rai Education Rai Sat RCS Sperling & Kupfer Sprint Production Ultreya CLIENTS
  9. 9. A Service with a global reach We have made every effort to guarantee you the most competitive, complete and professional service in our field; this is why Photoservice Electa has partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious players in art imagery. Electa Photoservice, thanks to an agreement with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, can license for publication all the reproductions of artworks in Italian state museums. AKG, Berlin A specialized photo library, one of the most widely recognized iconographic sources for history, geography, architecture, art, daily life, literature, media, music, religion, economics and the sciences. Leemage, Paris A refined, elite agency: art photographs, reportage, ancient documents (manuscripts, incunabula, engravings), portraits of the great personalities of the twentieth century (especially in the literary world), historical, artistic and religious illustrations. Bridgeman Art Library, London The leading photographic archive specialized in world art history. AISA, Barcelona A renowned 2 million image-rich picture library specializing in the fine arts, travel, history, literature, music. They represent and manage funds and collections from major cultural institutions like the Prado Museum, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the Louvre.
  10. 10. w. ce ww r vi se eb to w ho cta p e .el .it
  11. 11. CONTACT US Photoservice Electa Via Trentacoste, 7 20134 Milan, Italy tel: +39 02 21563474 +39 02 21563409 +39 02 21563485 fax: +39 02 21563350 e-mail: