WordCamp Europe 2018, Summertime Update on Gutenberg

Aug. 10, 2018

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WordCamp Europe 2018, Summertime Update on Gutenberg

  1. A Summertime Update WordCamp Europe 2018— Belgrade, Serbia / / @photomatt
  2. WordCamp US 2019-2020
  3. St. Louis!
  4. Core
  5. 6 core releases since WCUS
  6. Major Updates Customization
 • WP-CLI REST API Mobile Apps
  7. Gutenberg!
  8. Major Features
  9. 30 Gutenberg releases 12 since WCUS
  10. 1,764 issues opened 1,115 closed already
  11. So far… Open development, design-led testing, fast and iterative releases. Presentations across meetups and WordCamps. Wide awareness of Gutenberg. Awareness and planned support from all the major builders. Plugins and 3rd-party blocks being built. Major sites being built and launched using Gutenberg.
  12. 14,000+ sites actively using Gutenberg
  13. TK,000+ posts made using P2 + Gutenberg on .com
  14. Gutenberg Ramp
  15. Gutenbergification
  16. Roadmap — June / imminent 1.Opt-in for wp-admin users on 1.Key metrics tracked around number of sites and number of posts. 2.Other hosts invited to participate. 3.Freeze of new features into Gutenberg.
  17. Roadmap — July 1.Opt-out for wp-admin users on 1.Tracking for how many people opt-out and why. 2.4.9.x release with strong invitation to install Gutenberg plugin, or the Legacy Editor plugin. 3.Heavy triage and bug gardening work. 4.Customizer begins branch to integrate blocks.
  18. Roadmap — August 1.Opt-in Calypso users. 2.100k+ sites having made 250k+ posts using Gutenberg. 3.All non-critical issues resolved. 4.Core merge, with commit and review by Gutenberg developers. 5.Core upgrade disables and uninstalls the Gutenberg plugin. 6.5.0 beta release and translations completed.
  19. 5.0
  20. Q&A WordCamp Europe 2018— Belgrade, Serbia / / @photomatt