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Alex Jeffries Photography Group is your number one source for corporate video production and videography in Dubai and UAE. We produce and post-produce corporate videos in Dubai. With our promotional and corporate video production in Dubai, you will receive the highest quality service.

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Corporate Video Dubai

  1. 1. Page 1 Alex Jeffries Photography Group :- Capture the Special Moments of Your Life.
  2. 2. About Us - Alex Jeffries Photography Group  We are a Photography provider in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  We have an unparalleled reputation as a creative, professional and reliable supplier of first class photography production services in Dubai.  Our professional photography solutions span products, people, fashion and food. We also shoot architectural interiors and exteriors, portraits, sports and corporate events.  We are working directly with Adobe and have access to program benefits and tools and can interact with Adobe teams who are working with the latest design and imaging technologies.
  3. 3. Why choose us? Alex Jeffries Photography Group  If you are looking for a professional Dubai Photographer, you need to look for a Alex Jeffries Photography Group who will be able to capture a photo that will suit all your needs. One photography shoot which your friend or relative do in 2-3 hours; we can do same photography task within 1 hour with better quality. We are Getty contributors and istockphoto contributors, we are also very pleased to have been invited to work directly with Adobe® As a member of the Adobe partner community. We charge on hourly basis of our work and try to compete with the client's expectations.
  4. 4. Services: Alex Jeffries Photography Group  Professional Photography Services  Fashion Photography Services  Wedding Photography Services  Beach Shoot Services  Adobe Photoshop Training  Corporate Photography Services  Professional Photography Classes
  5. 5. Services: Alex Jeffries Photography Group  Canvas Printing Services  Beach Photography Services  Model Shooting Services  Park Photography Services  Event Photography Services  Commercial Photography Services  Adobe Photoshop Light room Training Services
  6. 6. Our Work Successful Children Photography
  7. 7. Our Work Getting the most effective photographer for You and Your Location
  8. 8. Our Work Explore the new form of art in Fashion Photography
  9. 9. Our Work Taking Pictures and Creating Memories: Abu Dhabi Professional Photographer
  10. 10. Contact Us Alex Jeffries Dubai UAE Phone: 04-452-8803 Mobile: 050-857-2843 We are very happy to talk about anything at all. Photography is not smoke and mirrors. We want to make it a clear and transparent process, stress free for you and a smooth process for all involved.